Monday, May 5, 2014

Pasadena Happiness (Bayley)

Obviously, every missionary thinks wherever they serve is the best, but I am here to tell you something you may or may not have heard before - my mission is the greatest.  What's more - my areas are the greatest.  I consider myself 400% blessed that I've had just 2 areas my whole mission, and lemme tell you - Lake Charles, LA and Pasadena, TX will always and forever be two of the most important places in the world to me.

That said, allow me to introduce you to my new companion - Sister Killian!  She is from Ritzville (spelling?) Washington, is one of nine children, is 6 feet tall, and spends most of the time laughing at me and all my ridiculousness.  I love her to death.  I have been so blessed with each and every one of my companions.  I have loved them all, and I have learned from them all, and I am excited to see what it is that Sis Killian has in store for me.

Now, remember how I'm still here in Pasadena?  Whelp, at transfer meeting this past week, President Crawford in his little transfer meeting schpiel talked all about how, in arranging this transfer, he had been woken up by the Spirit multiple times after the transfer had been arranged, telling him that something wasn't right and he needed to go by and rework it.  Well, anyways, after we've all been companion-ed up, he came up to me and goes "Sister Enright, you know - it was you that kept waking me up.  You were leaving Pasadena, did you know that?  But then I just couldn't do it - something wasn't right.  So you get to stay."


So here's a couple of things that taught me:
1) Transfers are inspired.  Wherever we are, that is where we are supposed to be. End of story.
2) Obviously, there is SOMETHING I'm supposed to do here in Pasadena that I either haven't figured out yet, or that I have yet to discover.  So let's get cracking.

Some stories for you though.

First of all, one last one about my dear baby Crump who I am still so sad has left me.  (I forgot to tell you this story last week, and it's a winner).  So we were fasting, right? and it's like 8pm and we went to go check on this potential that ended up letting us in and sit down and talk with them.  And as we are sitting there, they offer us Coke. NOTE: Sister Crump is basically addicted to Coke.  She seriously downed so much of that stuff I couldn't believe it.  So I say "no thanks" because we're fasting, right? but that little fact has obviously slipped my baby's mind because she goes "oh, sure!" at which point I turn to her and whisper "we're fasting!"  Now, obviously, there were a few different ways she could've handled this situation at this point, since the guy was already up and getting her Coke.  Here's how to she chose to do so: by yelling out "oh, no!  No I can't."  The guy and his wife kinda look at each other oddly and back at us and are all "um, why not?  Is it against your religion?"  I just turn to Sister Crump, letting her figure this one out.  Now, before I tell you her response, let me tell you what her reasons for this particular response are: 1) she didn't want to tell them that no, we can't drink Coke, because that's a lie and also would scare them off.  2) she didn't want to tell them about fasting, because she felt like throwing Law of the Fast out in the first lesson would be a little bit of a throw off as well. And 3) she didn't want to offend them by turning down their Coke.  So here's what she went with: "I can't drink anything after a certain hour or else I have to go to the bathroom all night."


At which, I basically died of laughter and couldn't stop.  Which required quite the spiritual transition when it came time to teach them all about the gospel and prophets and whatnot, but with God, all things are possible.

Other stories.

So yesterday we went and stopped by one of our investigator's apartments, someone we hadn't seen in some time and were worried about.  So we knocked on his door, and he comes out and hurriedly shuts the door behind him.  He then proceeded to tell us that we should probably come back at a different time, since right now he and his wife are currently hiding an escaped mental hospital patient in their room.

Yup.  Only in Pasadena.

Also, this past week we had FHE with a family in our ward and were teaching them about Lehi's Dream, and they have a six year old boy who just isn't getting it.  So I look at him and said "Chi (his name is Malachi, or "Chi" for short) in Lehi's dream, the fruit on the tree makes you happier than anything else.  What is something that makes you the happiest?" he sits there thoughtfully for a minute, as his mother and grandmother give him such suggestions as "Jesus, your family, church" and finally he announces "I know!  It's WAFFLES!"  

I can respect that.

Little kids' interpretations of the tree of life are my favorite.

And now, some closing thoughts on one of my favorite topics: OBEDIENCE.

As missionaries, we talk about obedience all the time.  Obedience to the missionary schedule, obedience to the White Handbook, obedience to your mission president.  And we work with people who aren't exactly being obedient to all of God's commandments.  So obedience is kind of a big deal for me, as it should be for every missionary - actually, for every person.  And something I've learned on my mission is how much obedience gives you POWER.  Seriously, just think about it.  When we are simply obedient, God can trust us.  He can trust us with miracles, he can trust us with blessings, he can trust us with responsibility, he can trust us with his work, he can trust us with his children.  Richard G. Scott said it nicely - "through the application of correct principles and eternal truths and the consistent, appropriate use of moral agency, you will begin to convert [your divine] potential into reality...You can qualify through that divine power to be an instrument in the hands of God an can accomplish what alone would be impossible."  

There is nothing that breaks my heart more than to see someone suffering because of their disobedience, and to see them refuse to give up that one little streak of rebelliousness that, when surrendered, would grant unto them solutions to all their problems and happiness beyond their imagination.  Disobedience to God's commandments doesn't mean just killing people and breaking the law of chastity.  It could be ditching church for sports games, it could be skipping your scripture reading every other day, it could be wearing two pairs of earrings instead of one, or dating before you're sixteen.  The commandments of God are many, but they are given as opportunities for us to be filled with God's power.

Just be obedient, people.  Just do it.  I can promise that obedience brings more happiness and more confidence and more spirituality and more of basically everything.  It just does.

I love you all!  Thanks for your prayers, for your faith, for all your awesomeness.  I love you, Christ loves you, God loves you.

Sister Enright

And now, for pictures!  I looks like I finally figured out how to upload them right!  (And by that I mean the computers finally decided to start working with me)

Me and Sister Killian

One of the best things about transfer meetings: getting to see all your ol' mission pals: Elder Gilbert, me, Elder Poplin, and Hermana Duffin

One of my favoritest families - from the left over, Angela (with her son Malachi) Sistah Crump, Andrea, me, Alma, and Zach (who has decided I am his best friend, and I'm 200% okay with that)

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