Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Read the Book of Mormon (Kegan)

For any of you who have seen the District (that immediately includes all of you missionaries) You´ll know what I´m talking about, for those of you who haven´t, it is basically a documentary on missionary work and there is one part where an Hermana missionary says that not All of the mission will be super fun, meaning you will feel sad, and frustrated sometimes, but it really is the best experience to have (Don´t cite me on that, it´s not exact, sue me, actually please don´t do that).  Well, she is absolutely right. The mission is the best place to be whenever and wherever you serve.  But, she most definitely spoke the truth in saying that frustration will be a part of the mission. 

However, just because this week has been frustrating doesn´t exactly mean it hasn´t been enjoyable

This week we contacted a super old man who we were able to contact because he doesn´t move as fast as the rest of the residential Chileans here.  However, quickly after we had begun I couldn´t decide what would be the best thing to do as he bagan to ask us to tell God to punish the robber that lives beside the Evangelical church on his street.

You gotta enjoy the little things I guess.

In other news we have begun to work more with the members, to help them read the Book of Mormon and be active in the church, we may also be trying to trick them into giving us references.  It has gone super well as of now, but I should just say that it is very important to actually be reading the Book of Mormon (really whether you are a member or not READ IT) 

As a missionary I am able to share the Book of Mormon with a whole lot of people every day, but there are still so many out there who, for some reason or another, do not get an opportunity to discover the Book of Mormon for a long time, maybe never.  We had Ward Conference a week ago and the Stake President told the story of a new member of his own ward who bore his testimony at his baptism, (he also said it in spanish, I´ll translate) He said that he had lived with neighbors who were members for ten years before he was introduced to the gospel and then he simply said ¨open your mouths.¨  If we really Do believe in the Restoration of the Gospel it means we believe that this is the Only church on the Earth that possesses the power God, which is necessary for all of our salvation, You´d have to really hate someone to be keeping them from the opportunity to discover the truth of this church and of the Book of Mormon.

That is all I really have time for, but seriously if you are a member, Share it, if you are not, Search it
So with that said I should log out very soon, and not just because the guy who runs this place seems to also enjoy movies absolutely FULL of bad language, *sigh* oh Babylon

Love Elder Enright

Thuh Zoooone!!

 Just peeling paint that happens to be Santa Claus (Intercambios with Elder Shiflet)

 The garden decorations here are literally the best in the world

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