Monday, May 26, 2014

Really-kind-of-somewhat-crappy-week to not-too-bad (Rhys)

Hola, Teachers, missionaries, siblings who are missionaries, parents, sibling in college, Awesome people from Vegas, cousin, and the rest of my siblings who are living what sounds like a vacation at home.

       I think that covers everyone.  .  .

       As for those of you at home that fall into that last category, congratulations. But no matter which  of those categories you fall into, I have a very quick story to tell you all. This past week started with what me and my comp agreed to be our best P-day of the mish. not for any particular reason other than the fact that we got a lot done--got music from my family off of email, bought speakers to plug into my MP3 player (thanks  Bro. Hurtado! - speaking of which, if anybody knows how Hno. Hurtado´s doing or has his email, is it alright if I ask for an update on the awesome man or his email??) and then we just ended up having lots of success with the little time that we had, so all around just a good day. But past experiences in the mission have taught me that if I have a really awesome P-day, then I can expect it to mean that I am being allowed to enjoy my P-day a little bit extra, because the week is going to be tough. I don´t want that to sound like I´m putting doctrine out there, but it´s something that I´ve noticed happens with me. SO I prepared myself for a tough week.

          And it was tough.

       We worked (we felt) just as hard as we had been the last week, but fewer and fewer people were wanting to talk to us. Fewer investigators came through with their citas, and fewer hours were actually spent sleeping (just a side effect I guess, I won´t say that normally sleep is easy, it just got worse. oh, and all my dreams were of missionary work, so that was actually a lot of fun, I would be dreaming of me and Elder Ware contacting and then random things would happen like one time it turned out that we were teaching a duck. In a completely other dream, we left a cita and just kind of teleported to the next one - a skill that would be stupendously fantastic.). But we started to kind of get down for the bad week we had had (Dumb english moment) and started trying to be even better. More obedient, more diligent, better at praying, better at contacting, better at exercise in the morning (usually pretty good at this one, but with the cold, getting up and running has been less probable every morning and the other option of exercising on cold tile floor is only a bit more appealing, but I usually pick that one). The message is, that if anything, the Mission has made me realize how real and rapid the pride cycle is (if you´re reading this and are Mormon, you understand. If you are reading this and are not a Mormon, just ask your friendly neighborhood Mormon what the pride cycle is and that may help to clear things up), I feel like I go through the whole thing at least once every two weeks, it´s crazy. Back to the story. Just this past Saturday, an hour and a half before we needed to be in our suits and in the chapel for a session of Stake Conference (llamamientos only). We were talking to a kind of dead investigator who sells torta frita and we like to help her when we can so we bought one with the two pesos we had, and while we were talking, I saw a group of seven adults sitting in a circle, drinking mate, who had stopped talking to watch us. What immediately jumped into my mind was to go and talk to them, but the second thing immediately followed, "yeah right, they´ll probably just say no." What made up my mind is that this week had already been awful, couldn´t get worse and why the fetch not? a half hour later, Elder Ware and I walked away with three citas to visit them in their respective groups that week and all had accepted to be baptized in this coming month of June. I knew immediately after that that we had been given a good P-day for the bad week that was sure to come and we were given the bad week to push us into making sure that we talked to Gustavo, Macarena, Rosio, Julia, otro Gustavo, Hugo, and Loralee. It was awesome.

Oh, than that night had a depressing lesson with the  Familia R....  where we pretty much told them that all the stuff that they had read online about Joseph Smith and the church was a lie and if they really want to be sure, they have to really read the Book of Mormon, that kind of stunk. Mostly because of all the doubts that the stupid internet caused the dad to have. I never hated the internet so much in my life. I´ll keep you guys updated on them, they didn´t come to church this week but we´re going to see them this Tuesday, cross your fingers.

Well, I´m out, certain members of my family may or may not understand the reference of the following photo.

Elder Enright

 This week's cup photo has guest stars Elder Thomas and Elder Clemons, both from Utah, in  a series of photos called 'think fast.'

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