Monday, May 26, 2014

Reunion de Lideres de Distrito y mucho más (Kegan)

Hello beloved fans

This week has not been quite as full of work as I would have desired.  However we were able to have an awesome Noche de Hogar Miercoles en la noche.  The two families present got along super well and the investigator family were able to really open up to the member family (funny thing about Chile I haven´t mentioned, everyone has Two last names).  The investigator family accepted the invitation to be baptized but seeing as they are not yet married we will first need to get them married before they have a date for their Baptism.

Milovan, the 9 year old grandson of an inactive former bishop who lives literally right next to us, is going to be baptized this coming Saturday!!!!! Whooohooo!!!  We went through the commandments teaching them with accompanying hand signals to remember the number and subject of the commandment.  My favorite was the tenth, thou shalt not covet, at which point Milovan made up his own hand signal, making Gollum-like hand movements to signal the sin of coveting.  In related news, I have adopted a new form of teaching the 10 commandments (at least the tenth).

This Friday I went to the center of Viña to be present in a meeting of District Leaders (Or as I would prefer, The Elite Super Soldiers of Zion) to receive training from our president.  It was during that meeting that I realized how much better I could be as an Elite Super Soldier of Zion.  We also got to do a lot of practices, and you know what? You can invite someone to be Baptized in less than 5 minutes!!!

Afterwards I was able to Sacar fotos with some of my former district members and one awesome trainer ELDER CALL!!!!!

The photos of my beautiful face along with those of my conocidos are included below (You're welcome Fans!!)

Just remember that for every missionary you give a reference to complete with a commandment of GOD, yeah, kind of important.

Love Elder Enright

 Elder Choque!!!

 Elder Nash!!!

 ELDER CALL!!!!!!!!! (Plus awkward straight arm)

Elder McDaniel!!!

 District leader training.

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