Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Short one again, sorry. (Rhys)

Hi everybody, I have to be short again (at least you get a picture of me, depending on which one I put in) but I want to share very quickly, the story of the R... family as I type one handed. One day last month, me and Elder Ware were doing some contacts, cuz what else are we going to do with our spare time? We went up to a group of teenagers all sitting out in front of their house talking and drinking mate. Not too far in, we could tell that they had very little interest, so nothing left to do but share our testimonies and ask for references. They surprised us by gesturing to the pink house right by them, to which a small boy of the group (whom I hadn´t even noticed at first due to his small three year-old boyishness) immediately walked to after handing off the mate cup to one of the teenagers. We talked to a nice lady at the door (the mom of the little  boy) and fijamos a cita for a few days later. That was the first cita that we ended up having with this awesome family who has since come a long way and their two kids (Sebastian- age 6 and the funniest kid in Argentina, and Tisiano- age 3 who apparently sometimes drinks matte with a group of teenage friends, not even kidding, the weird thing was how normal it all seemed to them). We are currently helping the parents get married and the best experience that we´ve had so far was a cita we had after them telling us that they hadn´t planned to be married for like a year. . . .or two. Well, we left THAT cita with a commitment to pray and be open to what it was that God wanted them to do. Three days later we had the cita in question (the awesome one) that started out with them letting us know that they had prayed and though they didn´t quite think that they had received an answer, they now had more ganas to get married. We quickly explained that that was their answer and then later partied in the pensh before planning. Basically, even though it´s likely that I´ll leave before they get baptized next month, I can´t wait to go through the temple with them (something that they´re super excited for) in a year. 

Elder Enright

  Something that I did to the inside of my Libro De Mormon over the past week (sorry Bayley, I´ll skip some drawing this week and get writing on P-day)

 Me eating at a nice ice cream place in Reconquista called Damevin, totally hitting it up, Kegan, when we tour Sud America.

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