Monday, June 30, 2014

Super Baptism Savers and Losers (Rhys)

Hi Everybody!  

       Due to the title of this week's email, you may already be thinking that that means we baptized some investigators this week, YAY!!!

       Unfortunately, you´d be wrong, but I´ll get to that soon. Let´s see, we started this week out with the expectation of helping two of our beloved investigators get baptized, una pareja, Sara y Adolfo. As such, we passed by many times and had lots of plans to help make it the best fetchin´ baptism that they´ve ever had, having been baptized before in algunas otras iglesias in their twenty something years of being married. The biggest obstaculo was the fact the actual date of the baptism came way faster than we had anticipated and the small fact that due to a certain kind of cancer, Adolfo has a hole in his abdomen that gets used to clean out fluids every morning at the hospital (due to completely free medical care, everybody goes to the hospital for even the smallest thing, like a headache) and even though he believes that the baptism can heal him of said cancer/hole, it´s super peligroso for him to get completely wet. So not that we doubt the current day priesthood power of healing (see the John Tanner church video), but we´d rather not have the actual baptismal ordinance kill the poor guy. Luckily, one morning during comp study, Elder Smith and I put our scientific minds together to come up with "the second skin". an advanced strip of plastic with duct tape reinforcement designed to keep dry air in and water out. We had the second skin, the cake ready to be made, and all we had left to do was the interview, which we overviewed with them the night before just to make sure that they haven´t like, killed anyone in the past (you think I´m joking. . .)

Next night, I pass by With Elder Exstrom (Líder de Zona) to get the interview done, which they pass with flying colours. Unfotunately, they inform us that they personally don't feel quite ready and would like to wait, or some combination of words that mean that same thing. Well great. I´m fine with people wanting to wait even though they´re actually 100% ready (though I guess not, cuz the 100% also includes 100% willing to do it, so wanting to wait counts against the 100% ready), but a fetchin´ ward member had volunteered to make the cake and as far as I knew, already made it!! That was what stressed me out the whole ghatla, but luckily after the charla, I was able to call the member who let me know that she was just about to start it, so good thing that I called her. Whew!!

Even though they weren't going to get baptised they still wanted to see how the baptism was, so they committed to come to a baptism of the sister missionaries the next night. Me and my comp ran to get there on time (in the rain and the cold in my big three quarters coat, just to help with the imagery). When we got there exactly at 6, there was no one there. The sisters got there 15 minutes later and then they didn't even have anything ready! Elder Smith and I got them Baptismal clothes, fixed it so it would fit the guy that was going to baptize, got a coke for the refreshments, and basically helped everyone stop looking so depressed because it was, after all, a fetchin´baptism!! And in the end, Adolfo y Sara no pudieron venir because they were unable to charge their bus card thingy, but we stayed, because we were also the testigos!! At least it was fun.

Well that´s all I got, here´s a picture of me being pensive on the way here by train, you´re welcome.

Elder Enright

Also, tomorrow is the day that we get a new prezzy and Prez Heyman se va *sob*, so here's a picture of Prez and Sister Heyman with baldy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Conferencia de la Mision (Rhys)

Hi, didn't get to write yesterday due to the mission conference that we had that took all day and now I'm really short on time (like always recently, I should explain, we're writing in a place that limits us to thirty minutes and cuts when those minutes are up, so yeah). Basically, really going to miss our mission prez, sorry I don't have time for many pics, but don't worry, I am alive. . .  and bald. I'll find a way to write for longer next week, new place.

Elder Enright

The planner that we all got from President Heyman a as a going away thing.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Shouldn´t ¨1st¨ be pronounced ¨wunst¨? (Kegan)

That´s not exactly  a title, just a thought.
I should probably start this off in some way but at this point I am all out of ideas... 

Seeing as sports was never really a very big thing in my house I have been surprised this week by how pumped I can get by sports game that I am not even seeing.  For those of you not within sight of a monitor (what a stupid specification that was, you have to have a computer to even be reading this)  el Mundial has taken my whole sector by storm meanwhile I have still been hoping to get as much work done as I would during any other week.
(My comp made the startling realization that I know more about the rules of a game of Quidditch than of a game of Football, he has spent a good deal of the rest of the week filling me in on the rules and highlights of many other sports).

I hadn´t really gotten an Idea of how the Mundial would affect the missionary efforts here until last week when we were the only human beings standing in the street and NOT at home yelling and screaming, something very similar happened just this past week and today, but today was less affecting seeing as it is our P-day.  My heart goes out to those Elders in Brazil who at the moment must have a job at least 10 times harder than I do, unless of course, as I have heard they have been allowed to watch the games, in that case, you can just deal with it.

Regardless of the atmosphere of on and off tension and some grown men acting actually very childish on their front porches, Elder Marsh and I have been happily working with Danilo in preparation for his baptism this Sunday, you are all invited of course, but you are also not exactly expected. 

Danilo has been the most miraculous result of a fast I have yet had in the mission.  He is teaching himself more than we are teaching him.  He was literally grabbing for the pamphlets on the commandments I had in my hands Thursday night.

We began teaching just a little while ago a nine-year old boy Named Italo who I found out in our first lesson has ADHD, almost without a doubt.  We are moving strategically with him towards his baptism the 6th of July. Our effort will have to also be present in the complete and total reactivation of his mother.

Very basic information this week, other than the fact that Our Ward Mission Leader has been an absolute superhero this week and has worked an official, okay estimated, 11 hours with us.  My comp has been making his ¨Agast face¨  for 50% of the week I feel like.

Remember once again you are all invited to come this Sunday at around 2:00 when Danilo will be Baptized, if you can´t make it, try spending that time doing something for your missionaries.  My sister always has the right Idea and says make them cookies, but if you can make a shrimp and cheese empanada for them as well, all the better.

Love Elder Enright

 P-Day with the District Elders !  (From right to left, Elder Kulu, Elder Marsh, Elder Faught, Stud)

 Interchanges with Elder Ethington

Temple week :D (Bayley)

Why hello there everybody.

This week was random and crazy and weird and long and short and wonderful and just all the way around your basic missionary week.

To start it off on the greatest note possible - we went to the temple this week, not once, but TWICE.  As a matter of fact, we went two days in a row.  For reals, people.  Our zone temple trip was on Wednesday, and then the following day Sister Killian and I received permission to go with our recent convert, little Mary, on the youth temple trip to do baptisms.  And you know what I've decided?  I think I need to just live in the temple, because when you are there you seriously feel the love of your Heavenly Father in a way completely different from anywhere else.  It is so powerful, and so special.  And I love going to the temple with missionaries, because being in a room full of missionaries in the temple is just another level of special power.  Sometimes I still have to remind myself that *I'm* a missionary now - like just the other day we were driving to the church and we saw our elders on bikes coming down the road, and Sister Killian and I were both "hey look - missionaries!" and then we sort of looked at each other and were all "oh yeah - us too."  Haha.  And as for the temple trip with goodness, it was so amazing to see her there.  When we first saw the temple, she expressed how beautiful it was, and said that she felt like she was at a castle, and she was a princess.  Which I assured her was 1200% accurate.  Mary is seriously so close to my heart as I cannot explain, and since her baptism, in just the past few weeks, we have seen such a transformation come over her that is just a miracle.  She is so happy, she smiles all the time, she is far more comfortable and outgoing, she even makes comments in church and Book of Mormon class now.  And just the other day we went out to lunch with her and her new visiting teacher (who she is SO excited to have - seriously, her reaction to finding out she would have a sister to always look out for her completely put visiting teaching in a new light for me) and she told us she is so happy she became Mormon, because "being Mormon helps teach you to do right and always be happy."  What a powerful testimony.  

On a less spiritual but more entertaining note, I have this thing where I like to make disobedient missionary jokes - you know, like when our district leaders calls at night we'll tell him we spent the day shopping or going to the movies or I'll randomly ask my companion what she thinks about going and taking a roadtrip across Texas.  It's hilarious because it's ridiculous.  And with my last district leader, who I've served around a lot, he would just joke back, but my new district leader isn't as familiar with this.  So anyways, the other night he was asking us about our numbers and we told him that we had randomly stopped this person on the street and called a member on the phone so that was our member present lesson (member present lessons are, just as the name implies, lessons with a member present, and are one of those key indicators we keep track of on a daily and weekly basis) and that we had stopped and petted a kitten and gave it a pass-along card, so "Snowball" was our new investigator, and also we told him we threw a Book of Mormon at some guy driving away and since he had drove off *with* the Book of Mormon he was progressing (people we are teaching who are like actively progressing towards baptism).  At the end of hearing all of this, our district leader was silent for a very long time on the other end of the phone, and finally was like "okay goodnight sisters" and hung up.  Haha!  So yeah, now I'm probably going to get an awkward phone call from President about our new investigator, Snowball.  And people don't think missionaries have any fun.

Last story.

So remember a few weeks ago where we met Sister Hines?  This super awesome lost sheep who has been a member but has completely lost touch with the church?  Maybe not, but basically she's a super awesome lost sheep who has been a member a long time but has completely lost touch with the church after moving here.  True story.  Anyways, this past week we went over to teach her and invited for all her grandkids to sit in on the lesson (grandkids and grand-nephews and nieces and all that jazz - basically everyone just calls her grandma whether or not they're actually related) and her grandson, Daniel, who is 9 years old, was seriously SO INTO the lesson.  He sat there with his eyes wide and mouth open as we talked about Joseph Smith, and when we started talking about how people could be baptized like Jesus was he exclaimed "I want to get baptized!  Please can I get baptized?!"  and we told him that we would love for him to get baptized, but it would be up to his mom (who is also a less active member) and he goes "I'll go ask her right now!" and rushes out the door and comes running back in out of breath a few minutes later and exclaims "she says she'll think about it - so I think so!"  Haha, it was wonderful.  I love teaching children, and I honestly wish that all our investigators were just like children, and would just marvel of the incredible truths we share and just feel the Spirit so perfectly and have such amazing faith.

And then to make that whole lesson even better (if that's even possible) I got to hold their pet python afterwards.

Basically, life is good.

Love yall so much.  Always remember to pray, to GO THE FLIP TO CHURCH, to share cookies with the missionaries, and to always be awesome.

Sister Bayley Enright

Me and my sistahs - Sis Mills, Sis Mcqueen, Sis Killian

​Our "bi-district" (they split our district into two lamer districts, so we all just pretend we're still one, shh!) back row Elders Six, Hobbs, and Henrie, middle row sisters Killian, me, Mills, and Mcqueen, bottom row Elders Nonu, Wilder, and Griffiths

Monday, June 16, 2014


First of all, last night in a lesson I pulled out 2 Nephi 31:21 (once again) And now, behold, my beloved brethren, this is the way; and there is none other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved in the kingdom of God. And now, behold, this is the doctrine of Christ, and the only and true doctrine of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which is one God, without end. Amen. and realized that that particular scripture is something I've come close to overusing on my mission, and it got me thinking about other things that my mission has me using excessively, such as the following:

1) Sticky notes
2) Tide-to-go (LIFESAVER)
3) 3 Nephi 11
4) Packing tape (used to missionary-laminate everything under the sun)
5) This quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf: "Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we stand up, dust ourselves off, and stride forward"
6) The introduction page to the Book of Mormon
7) After-bite itch eraser cream. Stinkin' mosquitos
8) Every Jeffrey R. Holland Mormon Message in existence
9) Red pens
10) And last but certainly not least, pictures of the first vision.  Spirit bomb.
So yeah.  There really was no point to that except that I wanted to make a list.  I have no regrets.

In case you were wondering, last Monday's nerf war was a total success.  Having some experience in the art of Nerf war thanks to my siblings, I led us in the game of zombies versus survivors, which required some missionaries to set aside the Nerf guns and be zombies instead - and let me tell you, we had a couple of elders who went so full out in their zombie characters that I was a little terrified for my life.
The one downside of the Nerf war was that my dear companion was feeling a bit out of sorts, and sure enough the next day she was horribly sick and couldn't get out of bed.  Now let me tell you, there are really few things that are as difficult for a missionary than having a sick companion, but being in perfectly good health yourself.  So I made a few phone calls and worked things out so that Sister Killian would go rest in a members' home while I would go on member splits for the day to teach those lessons we had scheduled.  Poor Sister Killian, I'm pretty sure I'm THE worst companion to have when you're sick.  But hey, we have top notch members here willing to be our companions for a couple of days, so that was definitely a blessing.
Other than that, here a few highlights of the week:
1) torrential Texas thunderstorms that make you wonder if you missed the "hey there's a hurricane" text I'm certain we would receive in such circumstances.
2) teaching young children about the Plan of Salvation, and trying to tell them that no, you don't want to go to the star you want to go to the sun, even if the star is their favorite shape.  They'll get it eventually.
3) Watching the Restoration video with our recent convert, Mary (who is basically my favorite ever) while her sister goes back and forth from the kitchen bringing our more and more snacks with every trip.
4) Helping a member family move and watching the elders try and maneuver a couch out the door while they ignored my advice to turn it around the other way, which - when they eventually decided for themselves that maybe they should turn it the other way - turned out to be the only way the couch would fit out the door (fact - nobody here thinks sisters are at all capable of helping lift heavy boxes or furniture or really help move at all, except to stand around and offer the guys water, which, in case you're wondering, isn't really a philosophy I agree with.  I love all the elders here, but I know that with the exception of maybe one or two, I have more experience in moving than all of them, and am more than capable of lifting as much as they can, if not more - so service opportunities like that are always a great opportunity for me to remember and practice Christlike attributes).  But seriously, we may wear skirts instead of ties, but we can help too.
But honestly the best part of the week was when, on Saturday, we got to go with Brother and Sister Paris to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  Sister Paris was baptized for her grandmother, and Brother Paris for his wife's father and grandfather.  It was a truly amazing experience, and the Spirit that was felt there was so strong.  And it was such a testament of the inextricable connection between temple work and missionary work - they really are one and the same, and the work we do here enables so many other people - not just on this side of the veil - to discover the happiness of this gospel, and it enables families to be linked together for time and all eternity.  What a blessing.
Moral of the story - GET TO THE TEMPLE.  Greatest place on earth.
Love yall,
Sister Bayley Enright

 My district that was so rudely torn apart this last transfer - back row Elders Henrie, Six, Brewer, Yeates, Sarchet, Nonu, front row Sisters McQueen, Kidd, Killian and me

Houston temple, SO BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT?

First full week of being a 'Dad' (Kegan)

 (totally using mission terms, which I actually try not to do outside of email it seems like a weird thing I guess)

How convenient that it was Fathers day! (For those of you unfamiliar with what many people call mission terms trainers would be Dads to their trainees, in case that wasn´t simple enough, I´m still training)

This week was actually abruptly different for a spread of reasons (Is that a phrase I can actually use in English?)
Reason number 1, it has been pouring rain, I haven´t taken a picture to help you imagine what it has been like here so I will assume you have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and invite you to imagine rivers and rivers of that chocolate waterfall goodness running down a hill.  That is what half of my sector has been like for the majority of the week, making it hugely interesting to hike up to a family of investigators we are still trying to get married. At least I have gotten to put some rain gear to the test.

The second reason, I am training a new missionary, meaning I am in the pension for more time in the mornings than usual making sure we get a lot of practices in, that was all of reason two...

Reason number three.  Danilo, the miracle investigator who showed up to church this past Sunday due to our hunger-strike-for-blessings (see. Fasting) has been rocketing towards a baptism date we put for the 29th.
We invited him to be Baptised and he was a little shaky until two days later when he told us the story of how he had found himself looking for the chapter we had left him and turned straight to ¨Nacer de Nuevo¨ in the back of the Book of Mormon, he then pretty much taught himself all about baptism on his own...yup, I didn´t really have to do much of that.

Reason number 4 and the last and I feel best reason for the Different week I have had is that Elder Lynn G Robbins came Tuesday to the stake center in Viña.  All of us missionaries got to meet with him early in the morning during which time Elder Robbins answered questions and cut some missionaries for not being so obediente.  He also tended to speak pure doctrine, it was priceless but I am not going to be able to dictate all of my notes in email, as much as I wish I could.

I apologize for the haste of my email, but I shouldn´t finish until I say just how much I love the fact that God calls prophets an revelators today during my time and that I have had the opportunity to listen to them and to serve God, it really is the best that I could be doing in the moment, Elder Robbins said that the Mission is God's university and that nowhere else in the world will we ever receive the education we are receiving and will receive while we are edifying the Kingdom of God.  I can only add on my personal testimony that he spoke the truth, because I have changed so much for the better while I have been here that it is not even possible without aid from God.

Love Elder Enright

P.S.I won´t have time to write a letter to just my family but I do want to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Dad and my condolences to the rest of you who could not be raised by the best Dad in the world, I love you Dad.

  Elder Yorgansen!!

 Elder Wadman!!

The whole mission! 

Hi (Rhys)

Hi everyone, really not a lot of time to do anything, but quick things that happened this week. We had four of our investigators come to church (two of whom should be getting baptized in about two weeks) and then we had a weird schedule because of Mundial and had to leave early to work and arrive back early to be in by time when the Game between Argentina and someone who obviously lost started. We heard our neighbors yelling and screaming at the game and made popcorn.

Oh and also, last p-day, after writing, my ZL offered to cut our hair and I foolishly accepted, I´m bald again.

Elder ENright

Me and my shaved head, see if you can find the deep emotional meaning behind this pensive photo. . .  or the TMNT cup, you can look for that too.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cambios (Kegan)

Hola hermanos, hermanas, primos, abuelos, amigos, fellow missionaries, Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else who happens to find themselves reading in this very moment a very well written email from a very handsome Mormon missionary, that would be me I´m talking about, not my twin.

This week saw an end to my companionship with Elder Ramirez, as you may have guessed by the title it was due to la reunión de cambios que tuvimos at the beginning of the week, o sea, Wednesday.

However, there has been one more slight change due to the fact that I also received a call that same Wednesday morning from the AP´s who told me (direct quote) ¨Oh, well just so you know you´re going to be training.¨ 


So we had to show up early to receive a little bit of a training as trainers and since then I have been companions with Elder Marsh who already came super prepared to the mission in almost every sense ( < I literally had to respell that from SINCE, what is happening to me?).  

So back up a little bit and we go to Tuesday when Elder Ramirez had his birthday and un hermano made us barbecue to celebrate. (I so wish I could back up.... it was REEEEEEALY good barbecue).


The best story of the week has to do with the first miracle we have seen this week as a companionship, I´ll describe it as well as I can.

We have these two families of investigators, one of them are not married (Marco and Jocelyn), haven´t come to church before and this week we have been basically just exciting them to come to church and pray and the other family (Marisol and her sons Javier and Julio Cesar) has come to church before, well without the dad for now who is out on work, but they haven´t come again, but, we taught the plan of salvation at the beginning of the week and invited them to be baptized, to which hey didn´t give a straight response, we´ll be working on that. 

However, we really wanted them to come to church and after we taught Marisol on Saturday we promised her that if she really wanted to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not she would have to come to church.  Making a promise like that we immediately began a fast afterwards so that these families and all of our investigators who had promised to come would come.

AAAAAAAAAAAnd you know what happened Sunday morning, even though it was raining and super cold? (Oh, yeah, weather has changed dramatically) THEY CAME, we also had an investigator come who for a long time has said that he never wanted to come to church.  Even though we didn´t commit him and hadn´t even seen him in forever, he totally came and said he was going to start coming regularly.  I think that we have to baptize all of them.  

Well, even though I have a lot more to say the time that I do have is not letting me do that exactly, and neither apparently the is fetching keyboard.

But I just wanted to say that I want to thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy the fact that you don´t have to be here in chile at 8 in the morning when your apartment feels like the inside of a freezer (Unless of course you happen to actually be serving en Concepción)

Love Elder Enright

 Me and my new baby!!!!!, they grow up so fast and eventually already have 5 o´clock shadow, oh well

 Saying goodbye to Milovan

 Elder Kulu, intercambios, also a new elder to my district and the mission

Shaving by candlelight makes me feel like Colonel Sanders (Rhys)

well, okay, real fast

Transfers happened and I got the call that i was getting moved, yelled no and definitely did not cry. The next Morning, Danilo came to see me off and that was real depressing because he was real mad that I was going and was sure it was some scheme of someone in the branch that must hate me, but I assured him that I´ll see him again and that this was not a scheme. Then, when I got to the terminal, the Familia Rolon came to see me off and that was super cool. Then we all missed our colectivo and had to take one that was a few hours later so I had some chill time with Elders Ware, Thomas and Clemons and played the best game of Stratego ever.

Finally arrived at Resistencia and took a remis to my new pensh (which is super nice btw) and my new comp Elder Smith (yes all the members comment on how his last name is the same as that of a certain prophet) from Washington and I left to work in our new area . It´s a whitewash btw, meaning that two new missionaries arrive to an area rather than one already being there (AAARRGH, English!) Unfortunately, the two missionaries that were here before us didn´t keep very good track of. .. . well. . . .  anything. No registros de Enseñanzas for one iluminado, a not recently updated one for another. no MLS, etc. And, to top that off, we arrived the first night after work to discover that we also lost our electricity, hence me shaving the next morning by candlelight. I love the new area (we got the light back, by the way, just the next afternoon) and it´s huge and I really miss Reconquista and basically here´s a pic of me shaving because why not?

Whew, I hopefully have more time next week.


Elder Enright

Transfer Surprise (Bayley)

So this week was transfer week, and Saturday night I was preparing myself for the worst, curled up with my ice cream and General Conference Ensigns (seriously my favorite things in the world) when the phone rang and I received some very unexpected news.

I'm staying in Pasadena.

Woot woot!

Seriously like the greatest surprise EVER, especially since President told me on Tuesday that I'd be leaving...guess he changed his mind.  But yup, I get a fifth transfer here, which means I will pass my year mark (except not really cause I've only been out like 4 months right? Right) with all of 2 areas.  Seriously the greatest blessing I could've hoped for.  I love Pasadena SO MUCH, and to have been so blessed as to get 6 months here - and now to get a whole transfer more - seriously, God is so good.

That said, transfers are always sad still because even if you are staying, missionaries you have served with and come to love are leaving, and though me and Sister Killian get to party hardy for 6 more weeks, Elders Brewer, Sarchet, Yeates, and Sister Kidd are leaving us.  Which is why this email will be shorter than usual, because we are going to bid them farewell with an all out Nerf war at the church.  And people think missionaries don't have fun.

But a quick miracle (because I am on a mission, after all, and they are seriously EVERYWHERE).  So yesterday we went to go check up on this less active sister in our ward (who I love to go see partly because her young teenage boy reminds me EXACTLY of my younger brothers.  He answered the door yesterday wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and holding about five plastic swords and a giant staff, and after fetching his mother he went outside to engage his neighbor in an intense sword/staff/lightsaber duel, complete with sound effects.  Greatest thing ever) and after talking to her for a little bit and scheduling a time we could come back, we decided to go the long way out of the complex so as to talk to everyone sitting outside.  At one door, there were a few ladies who we got to talking to, only to learn that one of them had a sister who was Mormon.  She told us that her sister had only just moved to Pasadena like 3 months ago, and she gave us her name, but we had never heard of her.  So we got her address and headed off to go meet Sister Rosalyn.  She is a convert of many years, with the most amazing conversion story, who had recently suffered a severe heart attack amongst other health problems that are keeping her housebound until she is stronger.  She is seriously SO AMAZING As we shared a message with her she expressed how grateful she was to Heavenly Father for sending us, because she was beginning to worry she had been forgotten. She then asked if we could somehow get her some hymns, because she really missed those the most. As she was saying this, I remembered that I had, for some reason, brought my little hymnbook with me that I usually left at home. I pulled it out and asked Sister Rosalyn if she'd like us to sing her a hymn. As Sister Killian and I sang "Because I Have Been Given Much," she began to sing along and the Spirit filled the room so strongly. How incredible that our awkward determination to "let's be missionaries and talk to everyone" led us to this woman, to be the answer to her prayers. I loved that she asked us to sing that particular hymn, because it summed up exactly how I was feeling.

Anyways, so, told yall that it would be short.  

Keep saying your prayers, reading your scriptures, sharing the gospel, and giving the missionaries free food.  Trust me on that one.

Sister Bayley Enright
P.S. Points to my momma for sending me a talk - I really would love for yall to send me your favorite (or *a* favorite if, like me and my mother, you are bad at favorites).  And since I'm staying in Pasadena for hopefully forever, my address is still
1000 Curtis St Apt 503
Pasadena TX 77506

Monday, June 2, 2014

"I feel like there's a rainbow in my head." (Bayley)

I'll get to that in a minute.

But first, yeesh, let me try and get my brain to function so I can actually write a relatively logical email. Seriously, sometimes I finally get into bed at night and am lying there and I realize that my brain has been turned into some sort of scrambled mess of scriptures and gospel analogies and exhaustion and sugar and inspirational quotes and Mexican music.  True story.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just sometimes makes it difficult to write coherently.

But anyways.

So this past week we saw more miracles, obviously, and also lots of Texas thunderstorms and dead birds.  As for that last one, I have no explanation, but seriously we saw so many dead birds this week.  But as for the miracles and thunderstorms, I do have an explanation: God is great.  I'm 478% sure that he gave us thunderstorms because he knows how much I love them.  Also, the funniest thing, everyone here was like "oh good thing we got rain, we've been in the worst drought!"  Which came as a surprise to me - apparently southern Texas droughts are different than Colorado droughts, because things are still and have always been quite green here, even before the rain.  So...yeah.  

Coolest miracle story though.

Earlier this week, one of our appointments fell through, and we had just like 45 minutes until the next one, and so we were wanting to make those 45 minutes THE MOST productive we could, of course, and so we prayed and asked Heavenly Father specifically to guide us towards a new investigator - since finding is something we struggled a bit with this past week.  As we sat there with our heads bowed, Alejandra's name came to mind.  Alejandra is a woman I found my very first transfer here while out tracting with Sister Boam, and though we thought she was absolutely amazing, she was never there when we went back and tried her multiple times after that, so we were never able to teach her.  It has been a long time since we've been over there, but her name came to mind so to her home we went.  And guess what?  She was totally home, and she let us right in and we sat down and were finally able to teach her about the Restoration.  As we left her home, I turned to Sister Killian and was like "ISN'T GOD AMAZING?!"  Moral of the story: God answers prayers.  I don't know if I have ever had him answer so quickly and so accurately as he did sending us to Alejandra, but he ALWAYS answers, and it is by being patient and trusting Him when his answers are not so immediate that we qualify for those kind of answers like Alejandra was for us.

Another story.  And this is where the title comes in.

So just last night we went to see this less active family with six kids that I positively LOVE.  We shared with them the Joseph Smith story, and before Sister Killian recited it we told them all to really pay attention to how they felt, even if they didn't understand all the words.  So Sister Killian recites it like the boss that she is, and afterwards I ask all the kids how they felt, and this one little girl who is seven, Gloria, says quietly "I feel like there's a rainbow in my head."

Hahaha!  Hands down, best way of describing how the Holy Ghost feels.

Ok, last thing.

So something that I've been thinking about a lot is something my daddy used to say to me quite a bit: that "all evil needs is for good to stand by and do nothing."  Now, when I was younger I thought that this had to do with like how you should say something when someone is being mean - you know, stand up for the kid being bullied, tell someone not to say a bad word, stuff like that.  And while that is all true, and you should do all of that, I've learned that that saying means so much more.  God's plan for His children is a plan of progression.  It is a plan about us becoming who we can become - reaching our full and divine potential.  As such, this plan requires for us to be always progressing.  And progression comes from action.  You cannot sit around and do nothing, and still progress.  You must be working, and learning, and changing.  And since God's whole work and glory is for us to reach our divine potential and BECOME...obviously what Satan is out to do is to keep us from reaching our potential - to keep us from becoming who we can become.  A lot of the time, we think Satan is out there trying to get us to do something really bad - he's trying to make us kill and steal and work evil in the world.  But the truth is, Satan doesn't have to get us to murder someone else in order for his plan to be successful.  If he can just get us to *not* do anything, just chill, then he is successful.  That is why "all evil needs is for good to stand by and do nothing" - because if we are standing by and doing nothing - *not* going to church, *not* reading our scriptures, *not* serving others - then we are not only not living up to our potential, but we are wasting Christ's entire sacrifice for us.  The Atonement of Jesus Christ wasn't just about cleansing us from sin, it was about *enabling* us to become.  Christ made a huge investment in us with his sacrifice - he suffered that much for us because he knew it was worth it because of who we could become through the Atonement.  And so if we just do *nothing*, we are not using his Atonement to the full extent that we could.

That is something I love about being a missionary.  Being a missionary is all about not only progressing and changing and refining yourself, but helping others begin that same process.

Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful week.  Thanks for your prayers and for all your faithful service to the Lord - it makes a difference, you better believe it does.

Sister Bayley Enright

Partida de Nacimiento and Palabra de Sabiduría (Rhys)

Alright, we´re going to make this fast. to start off, for those of you that don´t know, a Partida de Nacimiento is a birth certificate, and la Palabra de Sabiduría is the Word of Wisdom.

Remember Oscar? the really cool one-legged man that I´ve been teaching? The reason that he hasn´t gotten baptized yet, is because he needs to be married in order to fulfill with the law of Chastity, something a little bit bigger than just an awkward youth Sunday School lesson. But the problem for over two months now has been the little issue that Oscar, was born in Buenos Aires (that´s where he lost his leg. . . to a train, I´ve yet to hear the whole story, but I´m sure it´s good). Not knowing too much about the Argentinian Government, I can´t and shouldn´t judge it too much, so I´ll just make it quick and about a small suggestion that I´m sure has been made to them by thousands of missionaries and investigators. IT´S STUPIDLY DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE TO GET A LITTLE PIECE OF PAPER FROM ONE PROVINCE TO ANOTHER JUST SO THAT TWO PEOPLE CAN GET MARRIED. We had all that we would have to do to acquire this particular partida laid out in front of us, but it was going to cost, and as much as I would have loved to pay for it myself, we technically aren´t allowed to do that. But our awesome and brave little toaster . . . I mean Oscar, was willing to start saving up money to pay for it to get to us, which was going to take a while, he doesn´t make much and already goes without food often enough to make sure that his kids eat. But our Super Ward Misionary Danilo (also Recent Convert), came to the rescue. What´s that in Buenos Aires? It´s a Bird! It´s a Plane! No. . . it´s Danilo´s cousin that lives four blocks away from the Registro Civil in Buenos Aires, the exact location where we need to get this partida, and it´s also way stupid cheaper for her to get it out there and send it by normal mail!!! Does our Heavenly Father perform miracles or does he perform miracles? Just last week, we finally got the partida in the mail and were able to hand it over to Oscar in what may have been the very last lesson that I ever have with that amazing man. I actually realized it could very well be the last one while walking away, due to transfers this coming Wednesday, and it did not make me happy. But there´s a picture attached of the Studly Missionary, even more studly one legged Argentiniam child of God, and his wife, who we´re working on getting excited for baptism as well.

Speaking of transfers and lessons, remember the family we were teaching? Yeah, had an awesome lesson with them too in which they committed to live and fulfill the Word of Wisdom (the only issues being a little bit of drinking and some tea, the latter of which they shook there heads in a disgusted manner when we asked if it would be a problem or difficulty to give up, apparently tea´s not as great as the British think, I guess that´s why we threw it all over board at a party years ago.) One thing that´s always funny is that every Word of Wisdom lesson sees the topic of mate come up. And we always rush to assure people that it´s alright (even though we do teach that other addictive substances are prohibited, for some reason the heavily addictive mate did not get nixed by that commandment). My favorite thing that happened in that lesson was the final prayer, where the dad prayed that if one or both of us leaves due to transfers, that we´ll be safe and that they´ll be able to get along with any new elders, and that all the better if we stay anyway. jajajajaja, I´ll send a picture after this email with a photo of the whole family, so you can all see them.

Other than that, keep calm, and DFTBA!

Elder Enright


 Our 'serious' photo.

Reasons (Kegan)

I am super happy this week but have very little time to explain why for... Reasons

The 10th of this month Lynn G. Robbins is going to visit us here in Chile, That was reason number 1

The other reason is that this Saturday Milovan was Baptised !!!!!!

We have been working hard with him and it has been hard, but he is super intelligent and super excited.  I got to baptize the 31st (literally end of the month) even though there were members who were, and are, worried about him because of the past inactivity of his family, however we are going to keep working with all of them and the Bishopric already had an interview with his mother.

If all goes as planned we will begin teaching his mother's boyfriend who is actually Jewish, well born Jewish, but from what  know doesn´t really live according to the laws of his religion, he did however come to the baptism and I got to know him a little more, Simpatico.

I really don´t have much time, like I said, but in other news this coming Wednesday is changes and it is almost certain that my comp will be going, It has been awesome to serve with him and I swear I will take pictures today before he leaves to send next Monday.

Since I don´t have too much more time I should say that the Taco salad here is amazing, you should all give food and references to the missionaries and know that I love you.

Love (repeated ) Elder Enright