Monday, June 9, 2014

Cambios (Kegan)

Hola hermanos, hermanas, primos, abuelos, amigos, fellow missionaries, Mommy, Daddy, and everyone else who happens to find themselves reading in this very moment a very well written email from a very handsome Mormon missionary, that would be me I´m talking about, not my twin.

This week saw an end to my companionship with Elder Ramirez, as you may have guessed by the title it was due to la reunión de cambios que tuvimos at the beginning of the week, o sea, Wednesday.

However, there has been one more slight change due to the fact that I also received a call that same Wednesday morning from the AP´s who told me (direct quote) ¨Oh, well just so you know you´re going to be training.¨ 


So we had to show up early to receive a little bit of a training as trainers and since then I have been companions with Elder Marsh who already came super prepared to the mission in almost every sense ( < I literally had to respell that from SINCE, what is happening to me?).  

So back up a little bit and we go to Tuesday when Elder Ramirez had his birthday and un hermano made us barbecue to celebrate. (I so wish I could back up.... it was REEEEEEALY good barbecue).


The best story of the week has to do with the first miracle we have seen this week as a companionship, I´ll describe it as well as I can.

We have these two families of investigators, one of them are not married (Marco and Jocelyn), haven´t come to church before and this week we have been basically just exciting them to come to church and pray and the other family (Marisol and her sons Javier and Julio Cesar) has come to church before, well without the dad for now who is out on work, but they haven´t come again, but, we taught the plan of salvation at the beginning of the week and invited them to be baptized, to which hey didn´t give a straight response, we´ll be working on that. 

However, we really wanted them to come to church and after we taught Marisol on Saturday we promised her that if she really wanted to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet or not she would have to come to church.  Making a promise like that we immediately began a fast afterwards so that these families and all of our investigators who had promised to come would come.

AAAAAAAAAAAnd you know what happened Sunday morning, even though it was raining and super cold? (Oh, yeah, weather has changed dramatically) THEY CAME, we also had an investigator come who for a long time has said that he never wanted to come to church.  Even though we didn´t commit him and hadn´t even seen him in forever, he totally came and said he was going to start coming regularly.  I think that we have to baptize all of them.  

Well, even though I have a lot more to say the time that I do have is not letting me do that exactly, and neither apparently the is fetching keyboard.

But I just wanted to say that I want to thank you all for your support and hope you enjoy the fact that you don´t have to be here in chile at 8 in the morning when your apartment feels like the inside of a freezer (Unless of course you happen to actually be serving en Concepción)

Love Elder Enright

 Me and my new baby!!!!!, they grow up so fast and eventually already have 5 o´clock shadow, oh well

 Saying goodbye to Milovan

 Elder Kulu, intercambios, also a new elder to my district and the mission

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