Monday, June 16, 2014

First full week of being a 'Dad' (Kegan)

 (totally using mission terms, which I actually try not to do outside of email it seems like a weird thing I guess)

How convenient that it was Fathers day! (For those of you unfamiliar with what many people call mission terms trainers would be Dads to their trainees, in case that wasn´t simple enough, I´m still training)

This week was actually abruptly different for a spread of reasons (Is that a phrase I can actually use in English?)
Reason number 1, it has been pouring rain, I haven´t taken a picture to help you imagine what it has been like here so I will assume you have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and invite you to imagine rivers and rivers of that chocolate waterfall goodness running down a hill.  That is what half of my sector has been like for the majority of the week, making it hugely interesting to hike up to a family of investigators we are still trying to get married. At least I have gotten to put some rain gear to the test.

The second reason, I am training a new missionary, meaning I am in the pension for more time in the mornings than usual making sure we get a lot of practices in, that was all of reason two...

Reason number three.  Danilo, the miracle investigator who showed up to church this past Sunday due to our hunger-strike-for-blessings (see. Fasting) has been rocketing towards a baptism date we put for the 29th.
We invited him to be Baptised and he was a little shaky until two days later when he told us the story of how he had found himself looking for the chapter we had left him and turned straight to ¨Nacer de Nuevo¨ in the back of the Book of Mormon, he then pretty much taught himself all about baptism on his own...yup, I didn´t really have to do much of that.

Reason number 4 and the last and I feel best reason for the Different week I have had is that Elder Lynn G Robbins came Tuesday to the stake center in Viña.  All of us missionaries got to meet with him early in the morning during which time Elder Robbins answered questions and cut some missionaries for not being so obediente.  He also tended to speak pure doctrine, it was priceless but I am not going to be able to dictate all of my notes in email, as much as I wish I could.

I apologize for the haste of my email, but I shouldn´t finish until I say just how much I love the fact that God calls prophets an revelators today during my time and that I have had the opportunity to listen to them and to serve God, it really is the best that I could be doing in the moment, Elder Robbins said that the Mission is God's university and that nowhere else in the world will we ever receive the education we are receiving and will receive while we are edifying the Kingdom of God.  I can only add on my personal testimony that he spoke the truth, because I have changed so much for the better while I have been here that it is not even possible without aid from God.

Love Elder Enright

P.S.I won´t have time to write a letter to just my family but I do want to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Dad and my condolences to the rest of you who could not be raised by the best Dad in the world, I love you Dad.

  Elder Yorgansen!!

 Elder Wadman!!

The whole mission! 

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