Monday, June 2, 2014

"I feel like there's a rainbow in my head." (Bayley)

I'll get to that in a minute.

But first, yeesh, let me try and get my brain to function so I can actually write a relatively logical email. Seriously, sometimes I finally get into bed at night and am lying there and I realize that my brain has been turned into some sort of scrambled mess of scriptures and gospel analogies and exhaustion and sugar and inspirational quotes and Mexican music.  True story.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just sometimes makes it difficult to write coherently.

But anyways.

So this past week we saw more miracles, obviously, and also lots of Texas thunderstorms and dead birds.  As for that last one, I have no explanation, but seriously we saw so many dead birds this week.  But as for the miracles and thunderstorms, I do have an explanation: God is great.  I'm 478% sure that he gave us thunderstorms because he knows how much I love them.  Also, the funniest thing, everyone here was like "oh good thing we got rain, we've been in the worst drought!"  Which came as a surprise to me - apparently southern Texas droughts are different than Colorado droughts, because things are still and have always been quite green here, even before the rain.  So...yeah.  

Coolest miracle story though.

Earlier this week, one of our appointments fell through, and we had just like 45 minutes until the next one, and so we were wanting to make those 45 minutes THE MOST productive we could, of course, and so we prayed and asked Heavenly Father specifically to guide us towards a new investigator - since finding is something we struggled a bit with this past week.  As we sat there with our heads bowed, Alejandra's name came to mind.  Alejandra is a woman I found my very first transfer here while out tracting with Sister Boam, and though we thought she was absolutely amazing, she was never there when we went back and tried her multiple times after that, so we were never able to teach her.  It has been a long time since we've been over there, but her name came to mind so to her home we went.  And guess what?  She was totally home, and she let us right in and we sat down and were finally able to teach her about the Restoration.  As we left her home, I turned to Sister Killian and was like "ISN'T GOD AMAZING?!"  Moral of the story: God answers prayers.  I don't know if I have ever had him answer so quickly and so accurately as he did sending us to Alejandra, but he ALWAYS answers, and it is by being patient and trusting Him when his answers are not so immediate that we qualify for those kind of answers like Alejandra was for us.

Another story.  And this is where the title comes in.

So just last night we went to see this less active family with six kids that I positively LOVE.  We shared with them the Joseph Smith story, and before Sister Killian recited it we told them all to really pay attention to how they felt, even if they didn't understand all the words.  So Sister Killian recites it like the boss that she is, and afterwards I ask all the kids how they felt, and this one little girl who is seven, Gloria, says quietly "I feel like there's a rainbow in my head."

Hahaha!  Hands down, best way of describing how the Holy Ghost feels.

Ok, last thing.

So something that I've been thinking about a lot is something my daddy used to say to me quite a bit: that "all evil needs is for good to stand by and do nothing."  Now, when I was younger I thought that this had to do with like how you should say something when someone is being mean - you know, stand up for the kid being bullied, tell someone not to say a bad word, stuff like that.  And while that is all true, and you should do all of that, I've learned that that saying means so much more.  God's plan for His children is a plan of progression.  It is a plan about us becoming who we can become - reaching our full and divine potential.  As such, this plan requires for us to be always progressing.  And progression comes from action.  You cannot sit around and do nothing, and still progress.  You must be working, and learning, and changing.  And since God's whole work and glory is for us to reach our divine potential and BECOME...obviously what Satan is out to do is to keep us from reaching our potential - to keep us from becoming who we can become.  A lot of the time, we think Satan is out there trying to get us to do something really bad - he's trying to make us kill and steal and work evil in the world.  But the truth is, Satan doesn't have to get us to murder someone else in order for his plan to be successful.  If he can just get us to *not* do anything, just chill, then he is successful.  That is why "all evil needs is for good to stand by and do nothing" - because if we are standing by and doing nothing - *not* going to church, *not* reading our scriptures, *not* serving others - then we are not only not living up to our potential, but we are wasting Christ's entire sacrifice for us.  The Atonement of Jesus Christ wasn't just about cleansing us from sin, it was about *enabling* us to become.  Christ made a huge investment in us with his sacrifice - he suffered that much for us because he knew it was worth it because of who we could become through the Atonement.  And so if we just do *nothing*, we are not using his Atonement to the full extent that we could.

That is something I love about being a missionary.  Being a missionary is all about not only progressing and changing and refining yourself, but helping others begin that same process.

Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful week.  Thanks for your prayers and for all your faithful service to the Lord - it makes a difference, you better believe it does.

Sister Bayley Enright

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