Monday, June 2, 2014

Partida de Nacimiento and Palabra de Sabiduría (Rhys)

Alright, we´re going to make this fast. to start off, for those of you that don´t know, a Partida de Nacimiento is a birth certificate, and la Palabra de Sabiduría is the Word of Wisdom.

Remember Oscar? the really cool one-legged man that I´ve been teaching? The reason that he hasn´t gotten baptized yet, is because he needs to be married in order to fulfill with the law of Chastity, something a little bit bigger than just an awkward youth Sunday School lesson. But the problem for over two months now has been the little issue that Oscar, was born in Buenos Aires (that´s where he lost his leg. . . to a train, I´ve yet to hear the whole story, but I´m sure it´s good). Not knowing too much about the Argentinian Government, I can´t and shouldn´t judge it too much, so I´ll just make it quick and about a small suggestion that I´m sure has been made to them by thousands of missionaries and investigators. IT´S STUPIDLY DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE TO GET A LITTLE PIECE OF PAPER FROM ONE PROVINCE TO ANOTHER JUST SO THAT TWO PEOPLE CAN GET MARRIED. We had all that we would have to do to acquire this particular partida laid out in front of us, but it was going to cost, and as much as I would have loved to pay for it myself, we technically aren´t allowed to do that. But our awesome and brave little toaster . . . I mean Oscar, was willing to start saving up money to pay for it to get to us, which was going to take a while, he doesn´t make much and already goes without food often enough to make sure that his kids eat. But our Super Ward Misionary Danilo (also Recent Convert), came to the rescue. What´s that in Buenos Aires? It´s a Bird! It´s a Plane! No. . . it´s Danilo´s cousin that lives four blocks away from the Registro Civil in Buenos Aires, the exact location where we need to get this partida, and it´s also way stupid cheaper for her to get it out there and send it by normal mail!!! Does our Heavenly Father perform miracles or does he perform miracles? Just last week, we finally got the partida in the mail and were able to hand it over to Oscar in what may have been the very last lesson that I ever have with that amazing man. I actually realized it could very well be the last one while walking away, due to transfers this coming Wednesday, and it did not make me happy. But there´s a picture attached of the Studly Missionary, even more studly one legged Argentiniam child of God, and his wife, who we´re working on getting excited for baptism as well.

Speaking of transfers and lessons, remember the family we were teaching? Yeah, had an awesome lesson with them too in which they committed to live and fulfill the Word of Wisdom (the only issues being a little bit of drinking and some tea, the latter of which they shook there heads in a disgusted manner when we asked if it would be a problem or difficulty to give up, apparently tea´s not as great as the British think, I guess that´s why we threw it all over board at a party years ago.) One thing that´s always funny is that every Word of Wisdom lesson sees the topic of mate come up. And we always rush to assure people that it´s alright (even though we do teach that other addictive substances are prohibited, for some reason the heavily addictive mate did not get nixed by that commandment). My favorite thing that happened in that lesson was the final prayer, where the dad prayed that if one or both of us leaves due to transfers, that we´ll be safe and that they´ll be able to get along with any new elders, and that all the better if we stay anyway. jajajajaja, I´ll send a picture after this email with a photo of the whole family, so you can all see them.

Other than that, keep calm, and DFTBA!

Elder Enright


 Our 'serious' photo.

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