Monday, June 2, 2014

Reasons (Kegan)

I am super happy this week but have very little time to explain why for... Reasons

The 10th of this month Lynn G. Robbins is going to visit us here in Chile, That was reason number 1

The other reason is that this Saturday Milovan was Baptised !!!!!!

We have been working hard with him and it has been hard, but he is super intelligent and super excited.  I got to baptize the 31st (literally end of the month) even though there were members who were, and are, worried about him because of the past inactivity of his family, however we are going to keep working with all of them and the Bishopric already had an interview with his mother.

If all goes as planned we will begin teaching his mother's boyfriend who is actually Jewish, well born Jewish, but from what  know doesn´t really live according to the laws of his religion, he did however come to the baptism and I got to know him a little more, Simpatico.

I really don´t have much time, like I said, but in other news this coming Wednesday is changes and it is almost certain that my comp will be going, It has been awesome to serve with him and I swear I will take pictures today before he leaves to send next Monday.

Since I don´t have too much more time I should say that the Taco salad here is amazing, you should all give food and references to the missionaries and know that I love you.

Love (repeated ) Elder Enright

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