Monday, June 9, 2014

Shaving by candlelight makes me feel like Colonel Sanders (Rhys)

well, okay, real fast

Transfers happened and I got the call that i was getting moved, yelled no and definitely did not cry. The next Morning, Danilo came to see me off and that was real depressing because he was real mad that I was going and was sure it was some scheme of someone in the branch that must hate me, but I assured him that I´ll see him again and that this was not a scheme. Then, when I got to the terminal, the Familia Rolon came to see me off and that was super cool. Then we all missed our colectivo and had to take one that was a few hours later so I had some chill time with Elders Ware, Thomas and Clemons and played the best game of Stratego ever.

Finally arrived at Resistencia and took a remis to my new pensh (which is super nice btw) and my new comp Elder Smith (yes all the members comment on how his last name is the same as that of a certain prophet) from Washington and I left to work in our new area . It´s a whitewash btw, meaning that two new missionaries arrive to an area rather than one already being there (AAARRGH, English!) Unfortunately, the two missionaries that were here before us didn´t keep very good track of. .. . well. . . .  anything. No registros de Enseñanzas for one iluminado, a not recently updated one for another. no MLS, etc. And, to top that off, we arrived the first night after work to discover that we also lost our electricity, hence me shaving the next morning by candlelight. I love the new area (we got the light back, by the way, just the next afternoon) and it´s huge and I really miss Reconquista and basically here´s a pic of me shaving because why not?

Whew, I hopefully have more time next week.


Elder Enright

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