Monday, June 23, 2014

Shouldn´t ¨1st¨ be pronounced ¨wunst¨? (Kegan)

That´s not exactly  a title, just a thought.
I should probably start this off in some way but at this point I am all out of ideas... 

Seeing as sports was never really a very big thing in my house I have been surprised this week by how pumped I can get by sports game that I am not even seeing.  For those of you not within sight of a monitor (what a stupid specification that was, you have to have a computer to even be reading this)  el Mundial has taken my whole sector by storm meanwhile I have still been hoping to get as much work done as I would during any other week.
(My comp made the startling realization that I know more about the rules of a game of Quidditch than of a game of Football, he has spent a good deal of the rest of the week filling me in on the rules and highlights of many other sports).

I hadn´t really gotten an Idea of how the Mundial would affect the missionary efforts here until last week when we were the only human beings standing in the street and NOT at home yelling and screaming, something very similar happened just this past week and today, but today was less affecting seeing as it is our P-day.  My heart goes out to those Elders in Brazil who at the moment must have a job at least 10 times harder than I do, unless of course, as I have heard they have been allowed to watch the games, in that case, you can just deal with it.

Regardless of the atmosphere of on and off tension and some grown men acting actually very childish on their front porches, Elder Marsh and I have been happily working with Danilo in preparation for his baptism this Sunday, you are all invited of course, but you are also not exactly expected. 

Danilo has been the most miraculous result of a fast I have yet had in the mission.  He is teaching himself more than we are teaching him.  He was literally grabbing for the pamphlets on the commandments I had in my hands Thursday night.

We began teaching just a little while ago a nine-year old boy Named Italo who I found out in our first lesson has ADHD, almost without a doubt.  We are moving strategically with him towards his baptism the 6th of July. Our effort will have to also be present in the complete and total reactivation of his mother.

Very basic information this week, other than the fact that Our Ward Mission Leader has been an absolute superhero this week and has worked an official, okay estimated, 11 hours with us.  My comp has been making his ¨Agast face¨  for 50% of the week I feel like.

Remember once again you are all invited to come this Sunday at around 2:00 when Danilo will be Baptized, if you can´t make it, try spending that time doing something for your missionaries.  My sister always has the right Idea and says make them cookies, but if you can make a shrimp and cheese empanada for them as well, all the better.

Love Elder Enright

 P-Day with the District Elders !  (From right to left, Elder Kulu, Elder Marsh, Elder Faught, Stud)

 Interchanges with Elder Ethington

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