Monday, June 30, 2014

Super Baptism Savers and Losers (Rhys)

Hi Everybody!  

       Due to the title of this week's email, you may already be thinking that that means we baptized some investigators this week, YAY!!!

       Unfortunately, you´d be wrong, but I´ll get to that soon. Let´s see, we started this week out with the expectation of helping two of our beloved investigators get baptized, una pareja, Sara y Adolfo. As such, we passed by many times and had lots of plans to help make it the best fetchin´ baptism that they´ve ever had, having been baptized before in algunas otras iglesias in their twenty something years of being married. The biggest obstaculo was the fact the actual date of the baptism came way faster than we had anticipated and the small fact that due to a certain kind of cancer, Adolfo has a hole in his abdomen that gets used to clean out fluids every morning at the hospital (due to completely free medical care, everybody goes to the hospital for even the smallest thing, like a headache) and even though he believes that the baptism can heal him of said cancer/hole, it´s super peligroso for him to get completely wet. So not that we doubt the current day priesthood power of healing (see the John Tanner church video), but we´d rather not have the actual baptismal ordinance kill the poor guy. Luckily, one morning during comp study, Elder Smith and I put our scientific minds together to come up with "the second skin". an advanced strip of plastic with duct tape reinforcement designed to keep dry air in and water out. We had the second skin, the cake ready to be made, and all we had left to do was the interview, which we overviewed with them the night before just to make sure that they haven´t like, killed anyone in the past (you think I´m joking. . .)

Next night, I pass by With Elder Exstrom (Líder de Zona) to get the interview done, which they pass with flying colours. Unfotunately, they inform us that they personally don't feel quite ready and would like to wait, or some combination of words that mean that same thing. Well great. I´m fine with people wanting to wait even though they´re actually 100% ready (though I guess not, cuz the 100% also includes 100% willing to do it, so wanting to wait counts against the 100% ready), but a fetchin´ ward member had volunteered to make the cake and as far as I knew, already made it!! That was what stressed me out the whole ghatla, but luckily after the charla, I was able to call the member who let me know that she was just about to start it, so good thing that I called her. Whew!!

Even though they weren't going to get baptised they still wanted to see how the baptism was, so they committed to come to a baptism of the sister missionaries the next night. Me and my comp ran to get there on time (in the rain and the cold in my big three quarters coat, just to help with the imagery). When we got there exactly at 6, there was no one there. The sisters got there 15 minutes later and then they didn't even have anything ready! Elder Smith and I got them Baptismal clothes, fixed it so it would fit the guy that was going to baptize, got a coke for the refreshments, and basically helped everyone stop looking so depressed because it was, after all, a fetchin´baptism!! And in the end, Adolfo y Sara no pudieron venir because they were unable to charge their bus card thingy, but we stayed, because we were also the testigos!! At least it was fun.

Well that´s all I got, here´s a picture of me being pensive on the way here by train, you´re welcome.

Elder Enright

Also, tomorrow is the day that we get a new prezzy and Prez Heyman se va *sob*, so here's a picture of Prez and Sister Heyman with baldy.

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