Monday, June 23, 2014

Temple week :D (Bayley)

Why hello there everybody.

This week was random and crazy and weird and long and short and wonderful and just all the way around your basic missionary week.

To start it off on the greatest note possible - we went to the temple this week, not once, but TWICE.  As a matter of fact, we went two days in a row.  For reals, people.  Our zone temple trip was on Wednesday, and then the following day Sister Killian and I received permission to go with our recent convert, little Mary, on the youth temple trip to do baptisms.  And you know what I've decided?  I think I need to just live in the temple, because when you are there you seriously feel the love of your Heavenly Father in a way completely different from anywhere else.  It is so powerful, and so special.  And I love going to the temple with missionaries, because being in a room full of missionaries in the temple is just another level of special power.  Sometimes I still have to remind myself that *I'm* a missionary now - like just the other day we were driving to the church and we saw our elders on bikes coming down the road, and Sister Killian and I were both "hey look - missionaries!" and then we sort of looked at each other and were all "oh yeah - us too."  Haha.  And as for the temple trip with goodness, it was so amazing to see her there.  When we first saw the temple, she expressed how beautiful it was, and said that she felt like she was at a castle, and she was a princess.  Which I assured her was 1200% accurate.  Mary is seriously so close to my heart as I cannot explain, and since her baptism, in just the past few weeks, we have seen such a transformation come over her that is just a miracle.  She is so happy, she smiles all the time, she is far more comfortable and outgoing, she even makes comments in church and Book of Mormon class now.  And just the other day we went out to lunch with her and her new visiting teacher (who she is SO excited to have - seriously, her reaction to finding out she would have a sister to always look out for her completely put visiting teaching in a new light for me) and she told us she is so happy she became Mormon, because "being Mormon helps teach you to do right and always be happy."  What a powerful testimony.  

On a less spiritual but more entertaining note, I have this thing where I like to make disobedient missionary jokes - you know, like when our district leaders calls at night we'll tell him we spent the day shopping or going to the movies or I'll randomly ask my companion what she thinks about going and taking a roadtrip across Texas.  It's hilarious because it's ridiculous.  And with my last district leader, who I've served around a lot, he would just joke back, but my new district leader isn't as familiar with this.  So anyways, the other night he was asking us about our numbers and we told him that we had randomly stopped this person on the street and called a member on the phone so that was our member present lesson (member present lessons are, just as the name implies, lessons with a member present, and are one of those key indicators we keep track of on a daily and weekly basis) and that we had stopped and petted a kitten and gave it a pass-along card, so "Snowball" was our new investigator, and also we told him we threw a Book of Mormon at some guy driving away and since he had drove off *with* the Book of Mormon he was progressing (people we are teaching who are like actively progressing towards baptism).  At the end of hearing all of this, our district leader was silent for a very long time on the other end of the phone, and finally was like "okay goodnight sisters" and hung up.  Haha!  So yeah, now I'm probably going to get an awkward phone call from President about our new investigator, Snowball.  And people don't think missionaries have any fun.

Last story.

So remember a few weeks ago where we met Sister Hines?  This super awesome lost sheep who has been a member but has completely lost touch with the church?  Maybe not, but basically she's a super awesome lost sheep who has been a member a long time but has completely lost touch with the church after moving here.  True story.  Anyways, this past week we went over to teach her and invited for all her grandkids to sit in on the lesson (grandkids and grand-nephews and nieces and all that jazz - basically everyone just calls her grandma whether or not they're actually related) and her grandson, Daniel, who is 9 years old, was seriously SO INTO the lesson.  He sat there with his eyes wide and mouth open as we talked about Joseph Smith, and when we started talking about how people could be baptized like Jesus was he exclaimed "I want to get baptized!  Please can I get baptized?!"  and we told him that we would love for him to get baptized, but it would be up to his mom (who is also a less active member) and he goes "I'll go ask her right now!" and rushes out the door and comes running back in out of breath a few minutes later and exclaims "she says she'll think about it - so I think so!"  Haha, it was wonderful.  I love teaching children, and I honestly wish that all our investigators were just like children, and would just marvel of the incredible truths we share and just feel the Spirit so perfectly and have such amazing faith.

And then to make that whole lesson even better (if that's even possible) I got to hold their pet python afterwards.

Basically, life is good.

Love yall so much.  Always remember to pray, to GO THE FLIP TO CHURCH, to share cookies with the missionaries, and to always be awesome.

Sister Bayley Enright

Me and my sistahs - Sis Mills, Sis Mcqueen, Sis Killian

​Our "bi-district" (they split our district into two lamer districts, so we all just pretend we're still one, shh!) back row Elders Six, Hobbs, and Henrie, middle row sisters Killian, me, Mills, and Mcqueen, bottom row Elders Nonu, Wilder, and Griffiths

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