Monday, June 9, 2014

Transfer Surprise (Bayley)

So this week was transfer week, and Saturday night I was preparing myself for the worst, curled up with my ice cream and General Conference Ensigns (seriously my favorite things in the world) when the phone rang and I received some very unexpected news.

I'm staying in Pasadena.

Woot woot!

Seriously like the greatest surprise EVER, especially since President told me on Tuesday that I'd be leaving...guess he changed his mind.  But yup, I get a fifth transfer here, which means I will pass my year mark (except not really cause I've only been out like 4 months right? Right) with all of 2 areas.  Seriously the greatest blessing I could've hoped for.  I love Pasadena SO MUCH, and to have been so blessed as to get 6 months here - and now to get a whole transfer more - seriously, God is so good.

That said, transfers are always sad still because even if you are staying, missionaries you have served with and come to love are leaving, and though me and Sister Killian get to party hardy for 6 more weeks, Elders Brewer, Sarchet, Yeates, and Sister Kidd are leaving us.  Which is why this email will be shorter than usual, because we are going to bid them farewell with an all out Nerf war at the church.  And people think missionaries don't have fun.

But a quick miracle (because I am on a mission, after all, and they are seriously EVERYWHERE).  So yesterday we went to go check up on this less active sister in our ward (who I love to go see partly because her young teenage boy reminds me EXACTLY of my younger brothers.  He answered the door yesterday wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and holding about five plastic swords and a giant staff, and after fetching his mother he went outside to engage his neighbor in an intense sword/staff/lightsaber duel, complete with sound effects.  Greatest thing ever) and after talking to her for a little bit and scheduling a time we could come back, we decided to go the long way out of the complex so as to talk to everyone sitting outside.  At one door, there were a few ladies who we got to talking to, only to learn that one of them had a sister who was Mormon.  She told us that her sister had only just moved to Pasadena like 3 months ago, and she gave us her name, but we had never heard of her.  So we got her address and headed off to go meet Sister Rosalyn.  She is a convert of many years, with the most amazing conversion story, who had recently suffered a severe heart attack amongst other health problems that are keeping her housebound until she is stronger.  She is seriously SO AMAZING As we shared a message with her she expressed how grateful she was to Heavenly Father for sending us, because she was beginning to worry she had been forgotten. She then asked if we could somehow get her some hymns, because she really missed those the most. As she was saying this, I remembered that I had, for some reason, brought my little hymnbook with me that I usually left at home. I pulled it out and asked Sister Rosalyn if she'd like us to sing her a hymn. As Sister Killian and I sang "Because I Have Been Given Much," she began to sing along and the Spirit filled the room so strongly. How incredible that our awkward determination to "let's be missionaries and talk to everyone" led us to this woman, to be the answer to her prayers. I loved that she asked us to sing that particular hymn, because it summed up exactly how I was feeling.

Anyways, so, told yall that it would be short.  

Keep saying your prayers, reading your scriptures, sharing the gospel, and giving the missionaries free food.  Trust me on that one.

Sister Bayley Enright
P.S. Points to my momma for sending me a talk - I really would love for yall to send me your favorite (or *a* favorite if, like me and my mother, you are bad at favorites).  And since I'm staying in Pasadena for hopefully forever, my address is still
1000 Curtis St Apt 503
Pasadena TX 77506

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