Monday, July 28, 2014

Marshmallow!!!! (Kegan)

The title just happens to be the unofficial nickname of my padawan Elder Marsh and also one of the three highlights of this week.  

The first of these three highlights was just exactly a week ago when we spent our P-day playing soccer and football with a few kids and taking pictures with cool graffiti all in a court a few blocks from our apartment.

Second highlight would be the awesome Zone conference we had Elder Zeballos of the Seventy, during which President finally revealed our next study topics for our third time reading the Book of mormon as a mission, (We will be marking any mention of the heart, might, mind, strength, christlike atributes, and we were able to choose a final topic which I filled with Diligence, the study is based upon DyC section 4).  I do not have with me the Notes I took that day, but I can tell you that I learned (once again) a boatload of how to be a better missionary.

The third mentioned Highlight was Interchanges with Elder Montaño (from Colombia) this friday.  We ended up asking everyone in the street for references because of our fallen citas and finally teaching a super spiritual lesson to Hernan Madaryaga, the agnostic investigator we have been teaching (who IS progressing) and happens to be married to a less active and recently re-activatING member named Catalina.  (They also have a baby daughter named Catalina who seems very bothered by the fact that I have a fetching mole on my neck, what the heck is wrong with this world? IT¨S A MOLE, PEOPLE!!)

Padawan Marshmallow and I have begun to run every other day bright (actually it is very dark) and early in the morning.

To finish things up I should apologize for the absurdly short amount of time I ended up with, however, next week should be good seeing as we have seemed to discover an unknown part of our sector.

Please send Help I am trapped here in Chile... 

Love Elder Enright

Interchanges con Elder Montaño

Conferencia con el elder Zeballos

Hello from Humble! (Bayley)

So I am officially all settled in and mostly unpacked in my new area - HUMBLE TX!  Which, just to clarify, is pronounced "Umble."  The H is silent.  Welcome to Texas.

My new companion is Sister Michelle Bolton - she has been out for approximately forever and will actually be going home at the end of this transfer, which means...I get to kill her!  (*mission kill)  I didn't know if I'd get to kill anyone on my mission, so I'm kinda excited about that.  She is from Utah, has super curly hair, smiles ALL THE TIME, and is an incredible missionary.  We are an STL companionship, which is pretty exciting, and that means that we work with all the sisters in the Kingwood Zone, so we'll get to go on lots of exchanges!

Humble is wonderful, I've been here less than a week and already love it - for many reasons, such as the following:
- We get meals like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  True story.
- Our bishop has a Captain America case for his phone.
- There are SO MANY TREES - enough to keep the Lorax happy.
- There are at least two Coldstones and a Culvers just on the way to the church.
- Bush Intercontinental Airport is like RIGHT HERE, in our boundaries (ward boundaries, the elders' area though) which means there are GIGANTIC AIRPLANES flying like two feet above my head at all times. Basically.
- We've already had a baptism!

And of course many many more, and that list is only going to continue growing.

But that last little point - let me do some explaining there.

Booney (yup, Booney) is a gator the sisters found just a couple weeks ago (fun fact - the sister who I replaced here was none other than my mom - Sister Barton!) and who has been keeping all his commitments (reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, all that good stuff) but just hasn't been willing to make a solid baptismal commitment.  So Sister Bolton and I, in preparation for his lesson earlier this week, sat down and planned out a whole real deal lesson - one of those lessons where you whip out 2 Nephi 31:21 and give them the its-true-or-its-not all in schpiel.  And we get in there are start talking and he tells us that thinks he got an answer from God telling him to stick it out, that he is never going to be satisfied with a single church.  So we whip out some inspired questions and some silent help-me-discern prayers, and eventually he tells us that yes, he believes that this is all true, and yes, he agrees that maybe not being satisfied with the church doesn't mean it's not true, but that he will continue to learn forever - which is God's plan anyways - and yes, he believes this dream was an answer from God that this is the way.  So we asked him what the next step is, and with the help of some scriptures he admitted that it was baptism.  And so initially he was like "yeah sure" to a way far out date, but we were like "well Booney, you know this is true, right?" and he was all "yeah" so we asked him what he was waiting for, and he said "well this weekend works for me." 

So Booney got baptized on Saturday.

He is really so awesome - has SUCH an incredible testimony.  For example, he runs a custom guitar shop (I know pretty great right?) and after we taught him Sabbath Day (there was some crash-course-teaching to be done after the date was agreed on) he was like "so you mean I can't work like on repairs on Sunday?" and we were like "yup" and so then after his baptism he was like "ok I gotta go home and work" and we were all "work this late?" and he said "well yeah, I've only got four hours to the Sabbath don't I?"  And then also he called us randomly one evening and was like "can guys wear earrings?" and we told him no, and he said why not, and we said "because the prophet said so" and went "oh ok. Thanks."  Like I said, he's incredible.  So much faith and trust in the Lord, and desire to come closer to Him.

So that was definitely a wonderful way to start off a new area!  I am so excited for all the work that awaits me here.  God is always so good about putting us exactly where we are needed - not just regarding missionaries and their missions and their transfers, but regarding EVERYONE and their life and their friends and their circumstances - there is always a purpose greater than we think.

Love yall!
Sister Bayley Enright

​Some of my favorites - Sistah Killian, McQueen, me Sister Green, Sister Mills, and Rebecca

 ​Last pday! Sis Killian, me, Sis McQueen, Sis Mills, Elders Wilder and Nonu

 ​LaVenia in her new apartment (see last email)

 Moss Bluff District reunion at transfers!  My first district ever, and still my favorite - Elders Roundy, Gilbert, Brewer, and Weeks, Sistah Barton and me

 ​Me and Sis Christensen

 Me 'n Elder Wilder

 ​Me and my new comp - Sis Bolton!

 ​At Booney's baptism! Sis Bolton, Booney, Sis Barton (who came back for his baptism) and moi

Change, Trains, and (Rhys)

Hey hey hey hey, I want to tell you guys something. . . but that´l wait to the end.

First off, this past Sunday, (e.g. yesterday) Hno. Soto and Claudio recieved the Holy Ghost!!!!  Meaning that I can finally stop worrying about something going horribly wrong and having to do the baptismal service again. They were fairly warmly accepted into the branch and I´m proud to say that they are two of the coolest members of our little Rama Fontana.

       Something that I really realized through out the whole process (helping Claudio and Hno. Soto learn about the gospel and getting them through the whoel baptised-without-having-the-holy-ghost-thing) is that the people that we really need to be looking for are the people open to change. ready to change, expecting change, needing change, wanting change (all of this using the word change outside of the definition of currency, actual change). Change and progress is at the heart of everything in the gospel. The plan of Salvation, Repentance (especially repentance), and getting baptized/promising to do your best to live the commandments the rest of your LIVES (oops, that was on accident and looks a little appalling). A broken heart and a contrite spirit means ready and accepting of the Change that the Lord requires of you, and it´s not something that he requires of just the people we teach, but everyone involved. We as missionaries need to change the way that we teach to help them learn, change the way we teach, not the doctrine (duh). The Barrio o Rama that is going to accept and fellowship your investigator needs to be ready and accepting of the change that that´s going to make. I recently realized that before the mission, I was never a huge fan of change and I liked to be comfortable with the way things were, but things are going to come and go and we need to be ready for that.

       Speaking of change, last night we experienced a little change to our normal proselyting routine by helping a drunk man find his barrio and house again. Not what we expected to be doing, but when he asked us to helpo him, it seemed like the right thing to do, even after about a half hour. . . and a stop on the side of the road when the guy threw down his bike, announced that he had to pee, and did just that. we helped him cross the tracks just after the train sped by and eventually found his house with the help of a neighbour. Me and Elder Smith were laughing about the whole thing afterward, speculating on if we had actually just wasted time. Upon hitting the house of a part member family, the neighbours told us that they had gone to see the accident and weren{t at home while geturing to the train tracks where we saw police sirend and crowds of people. We found the family and also found out that the train had hit a fairly well known member of the barrio, cutting off his arm and apparently ony knocking him unconcious because he was still breathing. We were a little appalled by the huge number of people that just wanted to get a close look and by the police´s lack of power to keep the people back. Didn´t even occur to us until after we had ducked out that maybe we fetchin´ saved that drunk guys life!

       Well, that´s the thing that I wanted to tell you guys at the beginning to the email, we helped a drunk man home and almost witnessed another man get hit by a train. I´m out.

Elder Enright

Monday, July 21, 2014

Traslados (Rhys)

Well, traslados officially have come and gone, and I´m personally grateful to be able to stay another transfer with Elder Smith. Among other news. . . Claudio and Hno. Soto both got baptized last night

Yep, met with our mission president this week on the day of transfers and got that interview done! After which Pte. Franco let us know that Hno. Soto was very ready for Baptism and could be baptized whenever was convenient. Meanwhile, Hno. became best buddish with our president and afterwards was talking about how he was literally the greatest man he had ever met and that he had felt the spirit the whole time that he was in his presence.
And yes, when I say last night I mean that they got baptized last night, Sunday night, which is attached to an interesting story. Friday, after pretty much all of our plans had already been set and confirmed for the baptism, we received a call form our Branch President informing us that the baptism had to be cancelled and if we wanted to know why we had to come and talk to him in the chapel/rented-current-replacement-for-a-chapel. Kind of upset and wondering what the heck was going on, we headed at a faster pace to the chapel, wanting to get there and out and to the pensh before our absolute 9:30 curfew (9:00 is the curfew, but if absolutely necessary, 9:30). We got to the chapel at 9, having also received a call from our Ward Mission Leader that he had gotten a call from our BP cancelling the baptism with him as well. We waited while our BP was on the phone and he eventually let us in. He wanted to let us know that we had to cancel because he basically hadn´t been informed soon enough about the baptism (it is true that I was never really able to get a hold of him, even though I had called almost every day of the week so I had just let his family members know to remind him of something that we had been planning since Sunday. . .)   He also said that he thought that the member who was going to do the cake was unable but I had verified that that very morning. We settled with him for a baptism on Sunday. He wants to wait to the next sacrament meeting to give the Holy Ghost. There was more drama about that including Elder Smith and I having to be the middle men between our ZLs and our  BP, but I won´t go into that.
The Baptsim service went well, but we forgot to bring emergency towels and Claudio forgot to bring his towel so he was a little wet throughout the second half, poor Claudio. Basically it was little bit too much of a hassle and I'm just really glad that it all left well.
And I guess that´s all??
Elder ENright
 Photo. Me, Claudio, Hno. Gutierez/ex misionero, Hno. Soto, Elder Smith

 Me, Hermano Soto, Elder Smith

La pension

Yes I am literally still writing to ALL of you (Kegan)

I am not going to extend too much the introduccion.

Hi yáll

This week has been the varied results of many, but what I feel like are not enough, efforts on my part and that of Elder Marsh.

At the end of this week we had the baptismal service of Italo which was simple but spiritual.  My favorite part (okay parts) were first when Elder Bessay, an Elder who has finished and is now "touring" his old sectors with his family, showed up at the door and agreed to attend the baptismal service, prolonging some planned member visits.  What was better, he plays the piano, so that was an extra perk.  Secondly, Italo, being a 9 year-old little kid with ADHD, wasn´t exactly expected to want to bear his testimony after his baptism, Sin Embargo, he totally did, and only got nervous and asked for his mom´s help halfway through.  Seriously though, it was super adorable and I have come to absolutely love Italo for everything he is and the most honest and simple desire he has had to become Baptized and receive the Preisthood (in a couple years more, but he is still jealous of his older brother).

Immediately after the baptismal service, we had to pass by Nicolas´s house to wish him a happy birthday (And ask him once more when he will turn his mission papers in, all of course in very good humor, QUE SE VAYA!) 

Thursday night (to jump backwards a little bit) We had a super spiritual lesson with Danilo. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I really cannot seem to find the words nor think of the way to describe the Spirit that was present in that room, guess you had to be there...

One weird quirk about Chile, we´ve been searching for service opportunities and recently found one with a young couple of members, we´ll be cutting their grass and throwing trash away, but it made me realize that they cut grass a lot differently in Chile, at least THIS part of Chile. Because in our service project as well as in past service projects, we cut the grass with a hoe and with a shovel making it a little bit messier and less relaxing.


Thank you all so much for your support and prayers

Love Elder Enright

  Nico Y Elder Enright

  Italo´s Baptism!  It was cold and dark outside, that explains the indoor photo

Italo´s twin baby nieces, Izidora y Catalina, they are fetching hilarious

My Last Pasadena Miracle (Bayley)

So, it's official.  I'm leaving Pasadena.

I have truly been so very blessed to have gotten to stay here for 5 transfers - to get to spend so much time among all these people that I love so much!  Truly, I've been spoiled - 6 months in Lake Charles and 7 months in Pasadena?  Livin' the dream.  Except it kind of is earth shatteringly horrible when suddenly that dream ends and you have to pack all your bags say your goodbyes and take five million pictures.  However, I did handle this transfer call much better than the last.  Considering that my reaction last time was to lock myself in the closet, however, that bar was pretty low.  But seriously, to have been out on your mission for over a year and only been transferred once?  That's a blessing.  So I guess it's time I get with the program and move onto my third (and possibly last?  That's alarming - let's not go there) area.

But before then, let's talk about one last Pasadena miracle - and it's a biggie.

Remember LaVenia Wilson?  LaVenia-golden-Lavenia-gonna-get-baptized-LaVenia who was also LaVenia's-gotta-move-out-LIKE-RIGHT-NOW-LaVenia?  Yeah - that LaVenia.  Well, anyways, so her baptismal date was set for this past weekend (the 19th) but the week started out with our only prospective housing solution for her falling through.  So to say I was "mildly stressed" is being awfully polite.  But we're missionaries!  So we had faith that SOMETHING was going to work out.  We had been in close contact with the RS President trying to find someone with a spare room and some Christlike charity, and she had given us some names to try and most of those had fallen through, and days were passing by and we were praying and fasting and so was LaVenia, and THEN - we get a phone call from Hermana Rios - a sister in our ward who moved over from the Spanish ward and who I can't bring myself to call "sister" instead of "hermana" (because let's be honest - "hermana" is a lot more fun to say than "sister").  Hermana Rios is one of those members who is just like five seconds from being translated, and we answer the phone and she goes "Hermanas, I just heard from Sister Hayden that you have a sister needing somewhere to live.  Didn't you know I have an apartment in the back of my house?"  Uh, no, we didn't, but that certainly would've spared me an ulcer or two to have known that just a week or so earlier.  But nevertheless - she offered us the apartment as a place for LaVenia to stay!  When we went and told LaVenia, she started crying and told us that she had just been praying so hard that morning, telling Heavenly Father that all she wanted was to be baptized, but if she couldn't find somewhere to live, to please help her be okay with waiting.

Yes.  Yes indeed.  This is real life, people.

With her baptismal date for Saturday, the move had to be pretty fast - which was easy considering that all LaVenia owns is in two suitcases, and as soon as we left after telling her we'd found a place she apparently went and packed everything.  But then there were still a few kinks to work out - like for instance, the apartment didn't have an air conditioner - which just doesn't fly in Texas - and LaVenia didn't have any household items like towels or a pillow or anything, and she didn't even have clothes or food or a bed or any form of transportation.  But this was when we got to see the Relief Society of the Fairmont Ward come together like nobody's business.  Memebrs rallied together to provide her with items she lacked, including an a/c unit, and provided meals for her at their homes.  They gave her rides, they gave her clothes, they came together in ways I have never before seen a ward come together to support this sister so that she could be baptized.  By Friday night, she was officially moved in to her new home, and on Saturday evening she was baptized.

At her baptism, LaVenia bore her testimony.  She told us all that she was eternally grateful not just for us the missionaries, and not just for all the members who had helped her, but to her Heavenly Father for finally guiding her towards the truth.  She started crying, telling us that she knew that this church was true and this gospel was what she needed.  *That* is what this work is all about.

And on that note, I can leave Pasadena.  To have seen the members here reach out with such Christlike love towards a sister they didn't even know until a couple weeks ago.  To see the joy LaVenia has found and continues to find in this church and in this gospel.  She's so excited to go to the temple and to receive a calling.  And because she fought so hard to get here, and because she gave up so much, her faith is so strong - I know she's here to stay.

Pasadena has taught me a lot - a lot of the same things Lake Charles taught me, and a lot different.  It's taught me how to love everyone.  It's taught me to never doubt.  It's taught me what kinda Mexican food I really shouldn't eat if I don't want to die.  It's taught me to trust in the Lord even more, to trust in His timing, and to surrender my will to His.  It's even taught me a little Spanish - muy poquito - and it's taught me that anti-material is the worst thing ever.  But mostly, it has taught me that this work is the MOST IMPORTANT.  And I'm not just talking missionary work like full time missionary work.  I'm talking about the work of salvation. I'm talking about the work in which we should all be anxiously engaged - living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and helping others do the same.  If that is not your number one priority - fix that.  Make God your first priority, not just on Sundays, not just for Christmas, but in everything you do, every day you have.

I love y'all!  Keep living the gospel, feeding the missionaries, and saying those prayers.

Sister Bayley Enright

 English district (except not really - just my adopted district) Elder Nonu, me, Sis McQueen, Sis Mills,Sis Killian, Elder Wilder, with Elder Henrie looking cool in the back

Ray, Alazne, me, and Mary :)

 Us and LaVenia :)

 Ethan, me, and Ty - these guys are my favorite. funniest lessons EVER.

 Alma, LaVenia, me, and Sis Taylor, with Bishop Christensen creeping in the back

 Me and my Spanish missionaries - me, Hna Stiles, Hna Hansen, Hna Snow, Hna Shannon, with Elders Owen and Sully in the front

Our morning exercise tennis team :) best hermanas ever. I obviously don't know the difference between holding a lightsaber and a tennis racket...we can't all be winners


Monday, July 14, 2014

Suddenly it is Raining (Kegan)

Well once again I am lost for thought of a greeting, oh well.

This week has been absolutely filled with very many opportunities to observe Chile and it´s people (I´ll explain in a sec)  and I have realized that I do not recall the last time I saw a street WITHOUT 2 to dozens of dogs roaming around,  plus the culture shock that my comp seems to be experiencing on a weekly basis has produced a couple comments on the cleanliness of streets in the U.S. in comparison to the "evidence" which these same dogs tend to leave literally everywhere.  Yes I just wrote a sentence about dogs and their poop.

The reason for which I say I have spent a larger amount of time observing Chile this week is because my comp and I have been blessed (or cursed, I am trying to decide which it was) to try a new form of proselyting here in Chile.  It is called the Stand, and consists of nylon "Questions of the Soul" (Like "Why am I here on the Earth?") that we can essentially (and painfuly) turn into a six-foot rectangular and colorful cube and stand next to, waiting for those who are searching for the answers to the questions we prayerfully decide to use that day.  It has been very interesting (and cold) every day to get to know the typre of people who DO come up to us, usually, however, their motives include much more humiliating us or "Bible bashing" with us than anything else, but there have been a few sincere and interested people who just happen to have contacted my comp and Elder Hall while I was in Interchanges.  It really has put a spin on the form of contacts we can do during those hours, however the Stand left our posession a few days ago and has been entrusted to two of the hardest working sisters in the mission for eight days before it once again rotates to another companionship.

As for investigators, this week we´ve only been able to retain two it seems like.  But one is the husband of a less active (which is basically just a waiting game) and the other is Italo, I´m going to focus on him to finish because we had one of the funniest lessons yesterday.

Italo is now planned to be baptized the 19th of this month, we will see him everyday to teach super short lessons because of his inability to pay attention.  Yesterday he was able to sit down for about five to ten seconds at a time before he would begin once again to run around, or, one time, lie on his back waving his arms and legs around, clearly very entertained, and saying "Hey look everybody,   I´m a Turtle!" It´s impossible not to love the kid.

Other than that I am not sure what else I could say to soak up your good time, so I will just explain the title (As if it were needed) and say that all our activities for today were basically cancelled as soon as it started to rain 

Okay Not really

Elder Enright

  Lame Exercise equipment that is literally all over Chile

Somebody´s birthday, from Right ( Victor, Hno Barraza, Hna Solange, Elder Marsh, The Birthday MAN!)

My Birthday cake, Thanks ELder Marsh!!!!

Elder Faught

Alma 53:20 (Bayley)

"And they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity; but behold, this was not all—they were men who were true at all times in whatsoever thing they were entrusted."

Mostly because I've just been on an Army-of-Helaman kick and that's one of my favorite descriptions of our incredibly awesome they are.

But let's talk about LaVenia.

This lady is incredible.

We found her just like two weeks ago, met her at the library and asked her to be baptized, and since then she has taken off as the most prepared and solid person I think I've ever worked with.  She has such an incredibly solid testimony of the restored gospel, and repeatedly tells us all about how much she knows that this is what she has been looking for her whole life, this is where she is meant to be, and she also has shared her testimony with so many people already, telling them all about how the Mormon church has enriched her life just in a few short weeks.  Basically, she's my favorite.  She's also hilarious.  Like for example, the other day we went over the 10 Commandments, and we kinda joked around about the whole "thou shalt not kill" commandment because obviously that isn't something we're super concerned about with LaVenia right now, and she was joking because she isn't getting along with her roommate and so was like "ok, well I guess I can't kill him."  And then the next day we texted her to see how everything was going, and she texted back: "Good. I continue to pray for guidance regarding Mosiah 13:21."  

LaVenia is supposed to be getting baptized on Saturday (correction - she IS getting baptized on Saturday, faith - right?) permitted she moves out before then, since her current living situation is that she is staying with a friend who is leasing her a room until she can get going on her own, but that friend happens to be a guy, which doesn't quite fly with the baptismal qualifications.  But we are confident that everything will work out. Especially since this weekend is the last weekend of this transfer and our new president has just changed the rules that we are no longer allowed to go back to old areas for baptisms (old rule was that we could go back if it was within one transfer of our leaving) and also I've been here for 7 yeah.  She's getting baptized.  It's gonna happen.  So if yall could add her to your prayers that this all works out, that would be wonderful.

This week we also went by to see our gator Cece, who has been preparing for her baptism but who was really nervous about telling her parents about it.  So she finally told them, and the next day we went by to see how it went, and this is how our conversation went:
Us: (not necessarily in unison) "So Cece, did you tell your mom about your baptism?"
Cece: "Yeeaaahhh..."
Us: "How'd it go?"
Cece: "Well ya know, it was kinda like telling your mom that you have a boyfriend and you're getting married. 'You know mom, we've been seeing each other for a while now'..."


Unfortunately, her parents didn't react that well and so the baptism has been postponed as we all pray for some hearts to be softened.

But in the meantime, we are also still working with Ethan and Ty.  Teaching them is seriously so much fun, because they always have the greatest responses to everything.  Like for example, this past week we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and all about the pre-mortal life, how we all lived as spirits with our Heavenly Father.  When we told them this, they were a little surprised, and Ethan then asked where Jesus was then, to which we responded that he was there with us, of course, and that he was our brother, at which Ethan reeled back as if he'd just been hit and exclaimed: "WHAT?  You're telling me that I lived with JESUS???!!"  Yes, yes that's exactly what we're saying.  I just love it, because a lot of these truths I've known all my life - like that we lived with God before, that we have a prophet on the earth, that we have the priesthood, that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came down to talk to a fourteen year old boy - and so it doesn't really occur to me all the time just what it would be like to hear these truths for the first time.  But for Ethan and Ty, this is all new, and they always react with such astonishment and "NO WAY" that it really makes me look back at these truths I sometime take for granted, and realize that yeah, these things *did* happen - and that's incredible!  We lived with God before - how amazing is that?!  We have his power and a prophet - just like Moses - on the earth today - CRAZY! And Joseph Smith at just fourteen saw Heavenly Father and Christ and in that moment restored to the earth the most accurate understanding of the nature of God.  Incredible.

Also this week I have been thinking a lot about how we can prepare ourselves for Celestial glory.  There is this talk by Brad Wilcox called "His Grace is Sufficient" which is basically my favorite and which I may or may not have a CD of that I listen to on repeat whenever we are in the car...yeah.  But anyways, in this talk he talks about how we are all going to be resurrected, that's already been done, and what's left for us to determine is how comfortable we will be in God's presence - that's what the three kingdoms are all about, because there are some people here on earth who are living their lives in such a way that - should they receive a place in the celestial kingdom - they would just be uncomfortable there.  So I was thinking, how could we possibly prepare ourselves to be comfortable there?  Well, by already putting ourselves as much in his presence *here* while we can.  We are not in his presence in the same way here as we will be in the celestial kingdom, not at all, but we can put ourselves as much in his presence as we can by being where he would be, doing what he would do, and getting to know him through his word and through prayer.  And when we have lived our lives in such a way that he was spiritually there all along, I think that we'll find that when we reach the Celestial Kingdom and find ourselves physically in his presence, we will be comfortable and at home because we have in reality been living in his presence all along.

Love yall, 
Sister Bayley Enright

 Me and my sisters - Sis Mcqueen, Sis Killian, Sis Mills, and moi

 Me and Trinity, my best friend who is basically exactly like my littlest sister, Fionn

Texas skies

My Birthday (Rhys)

So. . . Hno. Soto didn't get baptized.

But, it´s not actually too bad. The thing is that we passed over all the baptismal questions with him a few days before he would actually do it with our zone leaders. Aaaaaaaand there was a glitch. question 4 (this is why we always do these little extra interviews before, to take care of anything that may not have come up before), because of the problem, we had to talk to our dearly beloved , brand new, Presidente Franco! We scheduled an interview with Prezzy and our investigator for Friday, okayed it with our zone leaders and everything, and took the train early on Friday morning to get there a little bit early. Not long after getting to the chapel, we greeted Hno. Soto who was chatting with some old friends of his in front of the chapel and everything was great.

Then we got a call from the Office. . .

Yeah, turns out that according to Prez´s secretary, he couldn´t do it then and we had to reschedule for Saturday (it was with the secretary that we had set the appointment with in the first place, which I thought was weird because p-day for the office elders is Friday and I was thinking that that was weird to set the appointment for their p-day, but he said at the time that that would work soooo. . . .). We did that and then had to inform Hno. Soto that he´d have to come back the next morning for the same thing. Basically we all got a little bit side-lined.

Fast forward to the next morning, same thing except that we wait in the plaza for a long time for Hno. Soto to show, even calling him and having him tell us that he´s just about to leave and be on his way. We get to within five minutes of the scheduled meeting, call again, and he´s changed his mind and feels a little too sick to leave.

WHAATT!!!! sidelined 2, the sequel.

Since then we rescheduled for this coming week right before transfers and I don´t care what I have to do, this fetchin´ interview is going to happen.

Easily the best part of the week was July 9th, Día de Independencía and my Birthday. My comp, Elder Smith decided that the lame tradition of mission birthdays being terrible had to stop, as he later informed me. I woke up late to Elder Smith playing Happy Birthday on the harmonica. He´d gotten up early and shut off the alarm to let me sleep in (until 6:40) and made french toast and bacon-esque meat. Later that day, being in the pensh early due to a game of Mundial which included Argentina, we made peanut butter pie and Elder Smith revealed that he'd  gotten me presents, including dried mango. So all in all, a pretty neat birthday.

Oh, also. After district meeting this last Tuesday, I got letters from my family with envelope-sendable presents, including a DeLorean. I would share pictures, but I can´t get this computer to recognize that it has my usb thingy plugged into it. Next week I guess.

Thanks for all of your emails, I don´t know half of you as well as I´d like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. :)

Elder Enright

Monday, July 7, 2014

Éter 14:1 (Rhys)

First off, I´d like to point out a certain scripture that I´ve ran into a few times now, but only this past week really paid atention to. Ether 14:1 from the Book of Mormon, in which I realized that my Heavenly Father has sent "cursings" upon me many times in my life.
("And now there began to be a great curse upon all the land because of the iniquity of the people, in which, if a man should lay his tool or his sword upon his shelf, or upon the place whither he would keep it, behold, upon the morrow, he could not find it, so great was the curse upon the land.")

But, anyways. This past week, I got to meet my new MIssion President, President Franco!!! YYYAAAYYYYY!!! And we got to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States of America!!!! I have to distinguish the one for the US because this coming week, on the 9th of July, is the Día de Independencia de Argentina!!!! Y mi Cumple!!!! Wwweeeeeee!!!

SO basically, lots of excitement going on. On the Fourth of July, I´m not sure what you did, but me and my companion made delicious cheeseburgers for lunch (with caramelized onions on top, and even though the more people I meet it seems to be less and less common, lettuce and tomato were also on there) and due to shortage of time and laziness, we bought the pizza for dinner. Other than that, we pretty much walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, AND waaaaaalked (sing this last part like the pioneer children song)!!!

One of our investigators is getting ready to get baptized this next Saturday, He´s called Dolores (also random thought, on the way here to the Ciber, I saw a poster for what appears to be TFIOS movie titled Bajo la misma estrella, which means "underneath the same star." Is that just a Spanish thing that caused them to change it or did they actually change the movie title to that, because if they did for some reason that bugs me) and he´s pretty darn excited to get baptized. We found him our first day here, first asked him for directions because we were both new to the area. While walking to the barrio, he drove by us on his moto and we said hi again. AND, when we entered the Barrio, we saw him entering his house and just decided that that was it and we just straight up asked him why he thinks God sent us to him three times in about ten minutes. He loves that story.

Adolfo and Sara are still coming to church and want to be baptised, but not anytime soon,  they feel they should get to know all they can about the church first. I was baptised when I was eight!!! I had the knowledge I needed to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is exactly that and I got that through prayer. I love that they want to know things, but the thought that you need to know everything before getting baptised is a little frustrating, even I don´t know everything yet, and that´s saying something.

Basically, I have an awesome President, I have an awesome friend who is going to get baptised this Saturday, I have the best family in the World (thanks Mom and Dad for photos, I miss you all), and I think that the US deserves a moment of Silence for it´s loss of 2 - 1 contra Bélgica en Mundial. . .

. . . .

Elder Enright 

Of Trampolines and Baptist Preachers (Bayley)

My goodness gracious, and I thought *last* week was crazy.

Well how about we get going with story numero uno: trampolines
This last Monday was zone pday, which is the day that our whole zone, all roughly 27 missionaries, get together for our pday - which normally we do anyways or as often as we can seeing as the majority of our zone is pretty close-by, but on zone pday the difference is that we actually have like a planned activity.  And this last Monday, that was Jump World - an indoor trampoline park.  And let me tell you, there is nothing quite as entertaining to see as a bunch of missionaries at an indoor trampoline park.  Largely because, prior to our arrival, the majority of the patrons were like 6 and 7 year olds who were all showing us up with their jumping and flipping skills.  So then it was just a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds...and then also a bunch of 20-something year olds who were just jumping up and down laughing and acting like they'd never had this much fun in their entire lives.  And then of course we were all sitting down out of breath because we were there for a good hour and or so and none of us had had that intense of a workout in however long we've been out on our missions.  But it was a lot of fun.  Of course missionaries are generally a lot more easily entertained than normal people.

Story #2: the baptist preacher *dun dun DUN*
So this past week I went on exchanges again, this time with dear Sister Mills.  On Tuesday we had an appointment with their investigator, Louise, who called us that morning and asked us if it'd be okay if her pastor came by.  We of course agreed and said "oh of course that would be wonderful!" but then as soon as we hung up the phone Sister Mills exclaimed "NOT A PASTOR!"  Haha.  Now, being in the South, baptist preachers aren't exactly a rarity here, so all us missionaries have been properly trained to *not* Bible Bash but simply to bear sincere testimony and always remain a dignified representative of Jesus Christ.  But let me tell you, though I've had my fair share of run-ins with pastors, I've never had the opportunity to sit in on a "lesson" with one as we did that day.  We showed up to Louise's house at the same time as her pastor, and we proceeded to all sit down and exchange pleasantries before the pastor asked us what questions we had for him.  We replied that we didn't have any questions, but rather, as missionaries, we shared a series of short lessons and would love to share one with him.  He said that would be fine, but would it be okay if he said something first.  We agreed, and he launched into a full throttle attack against us.  We were informed all about how much we didn't believe in Christ, clearly didn't trust God, or love Him or feel His love, how much we were going to be condemned, and how much we had been brainwashed and confused and just needed to be saved.  And throughout all of it, whenever he gave us time to speak, we just calmly told him that that was not true, that we knew that what we said was true, and that we had not come to have our beliefs attacked and condemned, but that we had come out of love and a desire to share truths.  It didn't seems to make a difference at all, and by the time we left I felt like I had never been so insulted in my entire life.  However, the entire experience taught me something very powerful, and that is the reality and importance of a testimony.  No matter what he said, no matter what scriptures he whipped out or accusations he made, not a single one made me doubt or question the message I have been sharing day after day after day for a whole year, because I have that testimony - that sure knowledge that this gospel is true.  It was basically a Helaman 5:12 experience - and while all the hail and mighty storm was beating upon us, it had no power over us at all because Sister Mills and I were built on that rock, and both had those testimonies that this gospel is true.  And that's all that matters.  So bring on the baptist preachers.

Story #3: 4th of July
So despite the fact that I was in the most 'Merica of all America for the 4th of July, our celebration was relatively quiet.  We had a bi-district potluck lunch after District Meeting, which meant our meal consisted of an odd assortment of dishes from beef stroganoff to rice to M&M pancakes to caramel corn - but it worked, and it was delicious.  And then that night us sisters (so Sister McQueen and Mills, and Sister Killian and myself) went with a member, Alma, to Sylvan Beach in La Porte to watch fireworks.  It had been pouring rain all day, so we were a little worried the fireworks wouldn't happen, but what ended up happening was that they only delayed the start at approximately the time we had to be home.  Ha!  So we got some quality 4th of July time *waiting* for the fireworks, which then starting launching just as we got in our car to drive home.  But hey, FIREWORKS!  My favorite things ever.  I hope yall had as happy a 4th as I did.  My appreciation for this country has really grown stronger and stronger alongside my testimony of the restoration of the gospel - this place was prepared so that the gospel could be restored, so that truth could be on the earth once more.

Story #5: LaVenia
I just want to casually mention that LaVenia is like the most GOLDEN OF ALL GOLDENS EVER. She is so amazing.  We just met her last week and she already has read past Jacob in the Book of Mormon, has come to church - loved it - and attended a baptismal service, and agreed to live the Word of Wisdom and everything.  I cannot believe how prepared she is.  She is so excited for her baptism and is doing everything she can to be prepared for that day.  Such a testimony builder that there are people out there who God is preparing - we've just got to find them!  Or, in LaVenia's case, be there so they can find us!

Lastly, we got to meet our new mission president and his wife this week, President and Sister Drake.  And President Drake told us this story that I thought was super powerful.  He talked about how when he was younger he would go to the circus, and you would see these giant elephants with a little rope tied around their leg and tied to a little stake.  He told us that he one time asked his mom about this, because that rope and stake was so small, there was no way the elephant couldn't just pull it free if it wanted to.  And his mom told him that the reason that little rope and stake held the elephant was because when the elephant was little, they would tie it to the same rope and stake - except the elephant was smaller then, and it would tug and tug and tug and it would never break free, and so eventually, by the time the elephant was older and bigger, it would be tied to the same rope and stake that it could now break free of, but it never even bothered trying to escape because it thought it couldn't do it.  He compared that little elephant to us - and said that sometimes we as people put up these imaginary barriers in our minds, that keep us from reaching our goals, that tell us that we "can't do it" when in reality there is no barrier keeping us from achieving everything we want.  We just have to cast out our disbelief and pull against the rope - because it's really only there in our minds.

So yeah.  Pretty deep.  I'm so excited to get to work with President and Sister Drake, they are so amazing.

Anyways, I hope yall have a wonderful week.  Thanks for your prayers, for your emails, and for always being amazing wherever you are.

Sister Bayley Enright

My Official 20th Birthday Scripture: Alma 50:16 (Kegan)

(And thus ended the twentieth year.  Alma 50:16)

Unless the title didn´t give it away I am going to be 20 years old this Wednesday, so please forgive as many allusions to it as I might make, you can´t blame me for being excited, it´s allowed.  I should also give a super happy birthday to Dillon who I forgot to tell last p-day and to my brother Rhys in Argentina before I forget.

As for my week here in Chamiza things have gone super well and rough.  We have been teaching a nine year old kid with adhd named Italo, we have been doing our best to prepare him for the 13th when we have scheduled his baptism and every day just stresses me out more.  I absolutely love teaching him because it´s hilarious how little attention he can be paying for literally about 5 seconds.  He has one of the most honest desires to be Baptized and so we continue to work with that even if our lessons get stressful for the same reasons that they are hilarious.

This Saturday I TOTALLY got my birthday package that I will not speak too much of because I am a little unsure whether my twin brother in Argentina will be receiving one or not. Actually, whatever, it´s about time he learns that I AM the favorite twin.  My absolutely awesome package consisted of a good amount of North American goodies that can´t be found here in Chile or if they can are of lower quality *cough-Froot Loops-cough* The sour gummi Worms are almost all gone due to my perfect charity and goodwill towards church members (It´s so hard being so nice sometimes), I have also come to the realization that people here in Chile have absolutely no tolerance for sour candy (Okay, I shared at least with the Intention of showing goodwill, we'll just say it kind of backfired on some people)

My companion has begun to make fun of me for the amount of Star Wars "stuff" that are now in my possession.  My beloved birthday box amplified the number of reasons for such taunts by just a little.

As for the rest of the week, I was determined to sing the national anthem on Friday and we were able, finally, to sing at the doorway of the second counselor here in Chamiza, *Sniff* ´Murica  (Ether 2:12) ("Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.")

This has been a fairly haphazard email, but my Birthday is totally in two days and I am excited.

As for Danilo, he was confirmed yesterday and has happily been accepted to the ward.

And they all lived happily ever after


Love Elder Enright

 Awesome Chilean Barbeque for lunch yesterday (I did not get one of the Churi-pan, so look it up, they are amazing)

 Some of the birthday loot, including the traditional birthday poster decorated by siblings (PS... Kegan is correct that Rhys will not be getting a birthday 'package' from home, as the Argentina mission cannot receive anything that needs to go through customs.. however we did our best to send him anything we could reasonably mail in an envelope, including a smaller birthday poster).