Monday, July 7, 2014

Éter 14:1 (Rhys)

First off, I´d like to point out a certain scripture that I´ve ran into a few times now, but only this past week really paid atention to. Ether 14:1 from the Book of Mormon, in which I realized that my Heavenly Father has sent "cursings" upon me many times in my life.
("And now there began to be a great curse upon all the land because of the iniquity of the people, in which, if a man should lay his tool or his sword upon his shelf, or upon the place whither he would keep it, behold, upon the morrow, he could not find it, so great was the curse upon the land.")

But, anyways. This past week, I got to meet my new MIssion President, President Franco!!! YYYAAAYYYYY!!! And we got to celebrate the Independence Day of the United States of America!!!! I have to distinguish the one for the US because this coming week, on the 9th of July, is the Día de Independencia de Argentina!!!! Y mi Cumple!!!! Wwweeeeeee!!!

SO basically, lots of excitement going on. On the Fourth of July, I´m not sure what you did, but me and my companion made delicious cheeseburgers for lunch (with caramelized onions on top, and even though the more people I meet it seems to be less and less common, lettuce and tomato were also on there) and due to shortage of time and laziness, we bought the pizza for dinner. Other than that, we pretty much walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, AND waaaaaalked (sing this last part like the pioneer children song)!!!

One of our investigators is getting ready to get baptized this next Saturday, He´s called Dolores (also random thought, on the way here to the Ciber, I saw a poster for what appears to be TFIOS movie titled Bajo la misma estrella, which means "underneath the same star." Is that just a Spanish thing that caused them to change it or did they actually change the movie title to that, because if they did for some reason that bugs me) and he´s pretty darn excited to get baptized. We found him our first day here, first asked him for directions because we were both new to the area. While walking to the barrio, he drove by us on his moto and we said hi again. AND, when we entered the Barrio, we saw him entering his house and just decided that that was it and we just straight up asked him why he thinks God sent us to him three times in about ten minutes. He loves that story.

Adolfo and Sara are still coming to church and want to be baptised, but not anytime soon,  they feel they should get to know all they can about the church first. I was baptised when I was eight!!! I had the knowledge I needed to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is exactly that and I got that through prayer. I love that they want to know things, but the thought that you need to know everything before getting baptised is a little frustrating, even I don´t know everything yet, and that´s saying something.

Basically, I have an awesome President, I have an awesome friend who is going to get baptised this Saturday, I have the best family in the World (thanks Mom and Dad for photos, I miss you all), and I think that the US deserves a moment of Silence for it´s loss of 2 - 1 contra Bélgica en Mundial. . .

. . . .

Elder Enright 

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