Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello from Humble! (Bayley)

So I am officially all settled in and mostly unpacked in my new area - HUMBLE TX!  Which, just to clarify, is pronounced "Umble."  The H is silent.  Welcome to Texas.

My new companion is Sister Michelle Bolton - she has been out for approximately forever and will actually be going home at the end of this transfer, which means...I get to kill her!  (*mission kill)  I didn't know if I'd get to kill anyone on my mission, so I'm kinda excited about that.  She is from Utah, has super curly hair, smiles ALL THE TIME, and is an incredible missionary.  We are an STL companionship, which is pretty exciting, and that means that we work with all the sisters in the Kingwood Zone, so we'll get to go on lots of exchanges!

Humble is wonderful, I've been here less than a week and already love it - for many reasons, such as the following:
- We get meals like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  True story.
- Our bishop has a Captain America case for his phone.
- There are SO MANY TREES - enough to keep the Lorax happy.
- There are at least two Coldstones and a Culvers just on the way to the church.
- Bush Intercontinental Airport is like RIGHT HERE, in our boundaries (ward boundaries, the elders' area though) which means there are GIGANTIC AIRPLANES flying like two feet above my head at all times. Basically.
- We've already had a baptism!

And of course many many more, and that list is only going to continue growing.

But that last little point - let me do some explaining there.

Booney (yup, Booney) is a gator the sisters found just a couple weeks ago (fun fact - the sister who I replaced here was none other than my mom - Sister Barton!) and who has been keeping all his commitments (reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, all that good stuff) but just hasn't been willing to make a solid baptismal commitment.  So Sister Bolton and I, in preparation for his lesson earlier this week, sat down and planned out a whole real deal lesson - one of those lessons where you whip out 2 Nephi 31:21 and give them the its-true-or-its-not all in schpiel.  And we get in there are start talking and he tells us that thinks he got an answer from God telling him to stick it out, that he is never going to be satisfied with a single church.  So we whip out some inspired questions and some silent help-me-discern prayers, and eventually he tells us that yes, he believes that this is all true, and yes, he agrees that maybe not being satisfied with the church doesn't mean it's not true, but that he will continue to learn forever - which is God's plan anyways - and yes, he believes this dream was an answer from God that this is the way.  So we asked him what the next step is, and with the help of some scriptures he admitted that it was baptism.  And so initially he was like "yeah sure" to a way far out date, but we were like "well Booney, you know this is true, right?" and he was all "yeah" so we asked him what he was waiting for, and he said "well this weekend works for me." 

So Booney got baptized on Saturday.

He is really so awesome - has SUCH an incredible testimony.  For example, he runs a custom guitar shop (I know pretty great right?) and after we taught him Sabbath Day (there was some crash-course-teaching to be done after the date was agreed on) he was like "so you mean I can't work like on repairs on Sunday?" and we were like "yup" and so then after his baptism he was like "ok I gotta go home and work" and we were all "work this late?" and he said "well yeah, I've only got four hours to the Sabbath don't I?"  And then also he called us randomly one evening and was like "can guys wear earrings?" and we told him no, and he said why not, and we said "because the prophet said so" and went "oh ok. Thanks."  Like I said, he's incredible.  So much faith and trust in the Lord, and desire to come closer to Him.

So that was definitely a wonderful way to start off a new area!  I am so excited for all the work that awaits me here.  God is always so good about putting us exactly where we are needed - not just regarding missionaries and their missions and their transfers, but regarding EVERYONE and their life and their friends and their circumstances - there is always a purpose greater than we think.

Love yall!
Sister Bayley Enright

​Some of my favorites - Sistah Killian, McQueen, me Sister Green, Sister Mills, and Rebecca

 ​Last pday! Sis Killian, me, Sis McQueen, Sis Mills, Elders Wilder and Nonu

 ​LaVenia in her new apartment (see last email)

 Moss Bluff District reunion at transfers!  My first district ever, and still my favorite - Elders Roundy, Gilbert, Brewer, and Weeks, Sistah Barton and me

 ​Me and Sis Christensen

 Me 'n Elder Wilder

 ​Me and my new comp - Sis Bolton!

 ​At Booney's baptism! Sis Bolton, Booney, Sis Barton (who came back for his baptism) and moi

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