Monday, July 28, 2014

Marshmallow!!!! (Kegan)

The title just happens to be the unofficial nickname of my padawan Elder Marsh and also one of the three highlights of this week.  

The first of these three highlights was just exactly a week ago when we spent our P-day playing soccer and football with a few kids and taking pictures with cool graffiti all in a court a few blocks from our apartment.

Second highlight would be the awesome Zone conference we had Elder Zeballos of the Seventy, during which President finally revealed our next study topics for our third time reading the Book of mormon as a mission, (We will be marking any mention of the heart, might, mind, strength, christlike atributes, and we were able to choose a final topic which I filled with Diligence, the study is based upon DyC section 4).  I do not have with me the Notes I took that day, but I can tell you that I learned (once again) a boatload of how to be a better missionary.

The third mentioned Highlight was Interchanges with Elder Montaño (from Colombia) this friday.  We ended up asking everyone in the street for references because of our fallen citas and finally teaching a super spiritual lesson to Hernan Madaryaga, the agnostic investigator we have been teaching (who IS progressing) and happens to be married to a less active and recently re-activatING member named Catalina.  (They also have a baby daughter named Catalina who seems very bothered by the fact that I have a fetching mole on my neck, what the heck is wrong with this world? IT¨S A MOLE, PEOPLE!!)

Padawan Marshmallow and I have begun to run every other day bright (actually it is very dark) and early in the morning.

To finish things up I should apologize for the absurdly short amount of time I ended up with, however, next week should be good seeing as we have seemed to discover an unknown part of our sector.

Please send Help I am trapped here in Chile... 

Love Elder Enright

Interchanges con Elder Montaño

Conferencia con el elder Zeballos

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