Monday, July 14, 2014

My Birthday (Rhys)

So. . . Hno. Soto didn't get baptized.

But, it´s not actually too bad. The thing is that we passed over all the baptismal questions with him a few days before he would actually do it with our zone leaders. Aaaaaaaand there was a glitch. question 4 (this is why we always do these little extra interviews before, to take care of anything that may not have come up before), because of the problem, we had to talk to our dearly beloved , brand new, Presidente Franco! We scheduled an interview with Prezzy and our investigator for Friday, okayed it with our zone leaders and everything, and took the train early on Friday morning to get there a little bit early. Not long after getting to the chapel, we greeted Hno. Soto who was chatting with some old friends of his in front of the chapel and everything was great.

Then we got a call from the Office. . .

Yeah, turns out that according to Prez´s secretary, he couldn´t do it then and we had to reschedule for Saturday (it was with the secretary that we had set the appointment with in the first place, which I thought was weird because p-day for the office elders is Friday and I was thinking that that was weird to set the appointment for their p-day, but he said at the time that that would work soooo. . . .). We did that and then had to inform Hno. Soto that he´d have to come back the next morning for the same thing. Basically we all got a little bit side-lined.

Fast forward to the next morning, same thing except that we wait in the plaza for a long time for Hno. Soto to show, even calling him and having him tell us that he´s just about to leave and be on his way. We get to within five minutes of the scheduled meeting, call again, and he´s changed his mind and feels a little too sick to leave.

WHAATT!!!! sidelined 2, the sequel.

Since then we rescheduled for this coming week right before transfers and I don´t care what I have to do, this fetchin´ interview is going to happen.

Easily the best part of the week was July 9th, Día de Independencía and my Birthday. My comp, Elder Smith decided that the lame tradition of mission birthdays being terrible had to stop, as he later informed me. I woke up late to Elder Smith playing Happy Birthday on the harmonica. He´d gotten up early and shut off the alarm to let me sleep in (until 6:40) and made french toast and bacon-esque meat. Later that day, being in the pensh early due to a game of Mundial which included Argentina, we made peanut butter pie and Elder Smith revealed that he'd  gotten me presents, including dried mango. So all in all, a pretty neat birthday.

Oh, also. After district meeting this last Tuesday, I got letters from my family with envelope-sendable presents, including a DeLorean. I would share pictures, but I can´t get this computer to recognize that it has my usb thingy plugged into it. Next week I guess.

Thanks for all of your emails, I don´t know half of you as well as I´d like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. :)

Elder Enright

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