Monday, July 14, 2014

Suddenly it is Raining (Kegan)

Well once again I am lost for thought of a greeting, oh well.

This week has been absolutely filled with very many opportunities to observe Chile and it´s people (I´ll explain in a sec)  and I have realized that I do not recall the last time I saw a street WITHOUT 2 to dozens of dogs roaming around,  plus the culture shock that my comp seems to be experiencing on a weekly basis has produced a couple comments on the cleanliness of streets in the U.S. in comparison to the "evidence" which these same dogs tend to leave literally everywhere.  Yes I just wrote a sentence about dogs and their poop.

The reason for which I say I have spent a larger amount of time observing Chile this week is because my comp and I have been blessed (or cursed, I am trying to decide which it was) to try a new form of proselyting here in Chile.  It is called the Stand, and consists of nylon "Questions of the Soul" (Like "Why am I here on the Earth?") that we can essentially (and painfuly) turn into a six-foot rectangular and colorful cube and stand next to, waiting for those who are searching for the answers to the questions we prayerfully decide to use that day.  It has been very interesting (and cold) every day to get to know the typre of people who DO come up to us, usually, however, their motives include much more humiliating us or "Bible bashing" with us than anything else, but there have been a few sincere and interested people who just happen to have contacted my comp and Elder Hall while I was in Interchanges.  It really has put a spin on the form of contacts we can do during those hours, however the Stand left our posession a few days ago and has been entrusted to two of the hardest working sisters in the mission for eight days before it once again rotates to another companionship.

As for investigators, this week we´ve only been able to retain two it seems like.  But one is the husband of a less active (which is basically just a waiting game) and the other is Italo, I´m going to focus on him to finish because we had one of the funniest lessons yesterday.

Italo is now planned to be baptized the 19th of this month, we will see him everyday to teach super short lessons because of his inability to pay attention.  Yesterday he was able to sit down for about five to ten seconds at a time before he would begin once again to run around, or, one time, lie on his back waving his arms and legs around, clearly very entertained, and saying "Hey look everybody,   I´m a Turtle!" It´s impossible not to love the kid.

Other than that I am not sure what else I could say to soak up your good time, so I will just explain the title (As if it were needed) and say that all our activities for today were basically cancelled as soon as it started to rain 

Okay Not really

Elder Enright

  Lame Exercise equipment that is literally all over Chile

Somebody´s birthday, from Right ( Victor, Hno Barraza, Hna Solange, Elder Marsh, The Birthday MAN!)

My Birthday cake, Thanks ELder Marsh!!!!

Elder Faught

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