Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Quidditch World Cup, and Baptism!! (Kegan)

I just want to thank you Elder Richardson for pointing out that we also pronounce 2nd wrong.

Anywhoooo, (I find myself saying that a lot here in Chilé and then I always have to tell my self that literally nobody understands that) Oh well, (That too)

Hello to everyone, and before you even mention it, like my brother Rhys has already had time to do, yes it is a Bummer that Chile lost to Brazil.

The events of that day actually make a super good story, but it will have to wait.

First I want to give a ¨report¨ on the beginning of the week.  For example, this Wednesday we had interviews with our Mission President in the Apartment. We had an awesome opportunity to talk with President about our work, I could specifically ask for help with training and leading a fetching district and they kindly gave us Dentyne gum and list of things we need to now clean (Hooray!! :/ ) before walking out the door.

A few good stories related to missionary work:

My companion has a nice Air Jordan backpack, which he receives daily compliments on, no joke, that consists of very little but a silver Air Jordan symbol (for those of you still trying to imagine, it´s the silhouette of Michael Jordan jumping very high and making a Slam dunk).  This symbol is actually very easy to distinguish, for most.  Hence the Compliments.  Earlier this week we were teaching Italo (Gator) and his Mother (Less Active) about prayer and the Book of Mormon, we are very happy with their progress as mother and son.  Just as we were finishing my Comp began to re-stuff his classy bag with his Scriptures and Italo´s mother notices the before-mentioned symbol.  Asking in a very impressed tone, she said to my companion,  ¨I love your backpack (Compliment No. 9) "Is that the Angel Moroni?¨  I had to bite my fist to stop from laughing as my companion tried to explain who Michael Jordan was and that he wasn´t Moroni to a slightly confused Hermana.

Before I tell this story I should describe my ward mission leader, Hno Jorquera, He makes amazing bread, used to be a boxer, and accompanies us almost literally everywhere should we need it regardless of most circumstances.  So of course just last night as I realized, looking at my Agenda, that I had forgotten to ask for the help of an Hermano to help us visit a less active Hermana I thought of Hno Jorquera.  Just as I expressed a little bit of my frustration at having made that mistake to my companion, I saw Elder Marsh´s look of utter amazement as he looked ahead and asked me, ¨Is that seriously Hno Jorquera¨  I whipped my head around and lo and behold, yes it was Hno Jorquera, My comp and I burst out laughing still unbelieving that it was as he got to us and handed My comp´s Agenda and Badge into Elder Marsh´s hands (He had previously left them behind).  We had to tell Hno Jorquera the whole thing because it was most obviously a miracle.

Third and finally, (That doesn´t make to sense seeing as I haven´t titled the others, but...) That story about the match between Chile and Brazil. During the near end of the game we were on our way to lunch and definitely noticed by the atmosphere of the neighborhood how close the match was becoming between the two countries.  As soon as we showed up it was made blatantly obvious that the family with whom we were about to have lunch were huge futbol fans. And other Ward members were visiting their house to watch the games because of the gigantic TV in their possession.  It doesn´t matter if I did eventually decide to sit with my back to the television, I pretty much knew every little detail of the game by the cheers, groans, and racist comments made by our accompanying members.  With all the excitement going around it actually was very sad when Chile lost, bouncing the ball off the pole of Brazil's Goal with a critical penalty shot. It was very hard to share a spiritual thought with the family afterwards and do contacts even later on, all of our sector was pretty depressed.

Finally, Danilo was Baptized this Sunday, you were all dearly missed, but it was very well done, and I am not building my self up in pride, the trick to a good Baptismal interview is really delegating responsibility and the ward did an amazing job.  The photo is included below, 

Please remember always that Miracles most certainly exist, and that you often times will be expected to be part of one just as Hno Jorquera was to us.

Love Elder Enright

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