Monday, July 21, 2014

Traslados (Rhys)

Well, traslados officially have come and gone, and I´m personally grateful to be able to stay another transfer with Elder Smith. Among other news. . . Claudio and Hno. Soto both got baptized last night

Yep, met with our mission president this week on the day of transfers and got that interview done! After which Pte. Franco let us know that Hno. Soto was very ready for Baptism and could be baptized whenever was convenient. Meanwhile, Hno. became best buddish with our president and afterwards was talking about how he was literally the greatest man he had ever met and that he had felt the spirit the whole time that he was in his presence.
And yes, when I say last night I mean that they got baptized last night, Sunday night, which is attached to an interesting story. Friday, after pretty much all of our plans had already been set and confirmed for the baptism, we received a call form our Branch President informing us that the baptism had to be cancelled and if we wanted to know why we had to come and talk to him in the chapel/rented-current-replacement-for-a-chapel. Kind of upset and wondering what the heck was going on, we headed at a faster pace to the chapel, wanting to get there and out and to the pensh before our absolute 9:30 curfew (9:00 is the curfew, but if absolutely necessary, 9:30). We got to the chapel at 9, having also received a call from our Ward Mission Leader that he had gotten a call from our BP cancelling the baptism with him as well. We waited while our BP was on the phone and he eventually let us in. He wanted to let us know that we had to cancel because he basically hadn´t been informed soon enough about the baptism (it is true that I was never really able to get a hold of him, even though I had called almost every day of the week so I had just let his family members know to remind him of something that we had been planning since Sunday. . .)   He also said that he thought that the member who was going to do the cake was unable but I had verified that that very morning. We settled with him for a baptism on Sunday. He wants to wait to the next sacrament meeting to give the Holy Ghost. There was more drama about that including Elder Smith and I having to be the middle men between our ZLs and our  BP, but I won´t go into that.
The Baptsim service went well, but we forgot to bring emergency towels and Claudio forgot to bring his towel so he was a little wet throughout the second half, poor Claudio. Basically it was little bit too much of a hassle and I'm just really glad that it all left well.
And I guess that´s all??
Elder ENright
 Photo. Me, Claudio, Hno. Gutierez/ex misionero, Hno. Soto, Elder Smith

 Me, Hermano Soto, Elder Smith

La pension

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