Monday, July 21, 2014

Yes I am literally still writing to ALL of you (Kegan)

I am not going to extend too much the introduccion.

Hi yáll

This week has been the varied results of many, but what I feel like are not enough, efforts on my part and that of Elder Marsh.

At the end of this week we had the baptismal service of Italo which was simple but spiritual.  My favorite part (okay parts) were first when Elder Bessay, an Elder who has finished and is now "touring" his old sectors with his family, showed up at the door and agreed to attend the baptismal service, prolonging some planned member visits.  What was better, he plays the piano, so that was an extra perk.  Secondly, Italo, being a 9 year-old little kid with ADHD, wasn´t exactly expected to want to bear his testimony after his baptism, Sin Embargo, he totally did, and only got nervous and asked for his mom´s help halfway through.  Seriously though, it was super adorable and I have come to absolutely love Italo for everything he is and the most honest and simple desire he has had to become Baptized and receive the Preisthood (in a couple years more, but he is still jealous of his older brother).

Immediately after the baptismal service, we had to pass by Nicolas´s house to wish him a happy birthday (And ask him once more when he will turn his mission papers in, all of course in very good humor, QUE SE VAYA!) 

Thursday night (to jump backwards a little bit) We had a super spiritual lesson with Danilo. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I really cannot seem to find the words nor think of the way to describe the Spirit that was present in that room, guess you had to be there...

One weird quirk about Chile, we´ve been searching for service opportunities and recently found one with a young couple of members, we´ll be cutting their grass and throwing trash away, but it made me realize that they cut grass a lot differently in Chile, at least THIS part of Chile. Because in our service project as well as in past service projects, we cut the grass with a hoe and with a shovel making it a little bit messier and less relaxing.


Thank you all so much for your support and prayers

Love Elder Enright

  Nico Y Elder Enright

  Italo´s Baptism!  It was cold and dark outside, that explains the indoor photo

Italo´s twin baby nieces, Izidora y Catalina, they are fetching hilarious

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