Monday, August 25, 2014

6.4 (Kegan)

Well hello everyone!

This last week might possibly have been my last in Chamiza, and of course was my last as a trainer to Elder Marsh, no matter what happens in these next changes his training is officially over, we finished yesterday watching about an hour and 20 minutes of The District to finalize in what felt like a very relaxed movie hour.

The rest of this week has not been too relaxed.

I don´t believe I will be able to record events in order of occurrence, but I will tell you what I can, I will probably have to write in order of "importance"

Just two days ago, as we were seated in the chapel with our Ward mission leader, a 6.4 earthquake struck this area of Chile (They told me at least that it was 6.4) and in the middle of the meeting about a quarter part of the ceiling came down primarily upon our Mission leader, Hno Jorquera. (See second attached photo, don´t worry, we took it AFTER the real earthquake). We scrambled pretty quickly for the doorway and stood under it for just a few seconds as the earthquake finished.  A later assessment of the damage was good for a lot of photos and a good many jokes on the poor Young Women of our ward, who it didn´t look like would be able to use their room again for a good long time. (see first attached photo)

Earlier in the week we had been able to help our ward mission leader in a service project digging holes in his yard to fit in the supports for his future bathroom.

Due to consistent effort we were able to have about 20 people present at our English class/how to make a gringo pie workshop (The result is photo number 3)

I have actually not done a very good job keeping track of this week.  

One very cool story has to do with an investigator we found this week named Javier, we had a very basic first lesson during which we were able to get to know him and commit him to read and pray.  In the next lesson he affirmed to us that he HAD received an answer from the holy ghost and we were able to help him recognize that answer, It was a super spiritual moment AND i WAS SUPER HAPPY TO BE ABLE TO BE WITH eLDER mARSH FOR THAT OOOps, Caps lock, (I´m low on time so I´ll leave it)

It was a very dispersed email, however, thank you all for praying for me and all missionaries, 
and I 100 % loved the earthquake, it was super fun

Love Elder Enright

YW's room after the earthquake


PB pie from English class



 Elderes Allinson and Choque

Bishopric of Chamiza

 Familia Jorquera

  Familia Sid Roa




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