Monday, August 4, 2014

Agosto...what else would I call it? (Kegan)

Oigan Chorros!!!

Ok, I´ll keep trying on the whole starter up thingy,

This week Elder Marsh (o sea, Padawan Marshmallow) and I have gotten to know a whole lot of new people, whether they ended up accepting our message, letting us pass by their house, actually WERE at their house, or even shook our hands (rather than, of course, walk right on by) is another question.  Sin embargo, Elder Marsh and I find some good ways to make things fun, at least I tell myself that, it is however true as well.

This week we also got to mark off something on my companion´s progress chart. Earlier this week was the, and I quote, "First time {Elder Marsh} had seen a dead dog lying in the middle of the street" There´s one for the diary. 

A good story for this week would be our two encounters with Alejandro, the first was in the street during a "desperate talk to everyone hour" (contacts).  He was super friendly and we laughed a lot together in the only 5 minutes we were talking to one another.  To finalize we organized an appointment for Friday and extended a small commitment to visit Later that Friday we arrived about two minutes early and just as we were about to shout a greeting in Spanish outside of his house (That´s how tracting normally works here as well) anywhoo, he showed right on time just before we shouted and he promptly let us inside.  He is single, happy, single, christian (without professing any one Religious belief) and single (it seems he wants to get married soon because he literally brought up that point more times than I just did). The lesson ended up going a little bit too long because when somebody is really listening we seem to enjoy teaching as much as we can.  However, he committed himself to read, pray, and (should he receive an answer ) be Baptized immediately. Can´t wait to see the guy again.

In later news, a guy we practically carried home two weeks ago while he was in a strongly and stupored drunken state became a new investigator that same day, however it does not seem very promising that he will progress because we had to explain that we were actually MORMON missionaries after he had spent a few minutes listing off the religions he did not like, among which was the Mormon church which he didn´t feel too strongly about and which I represent.

Later today Our zone is going to have what I am hoping to be an absolutely amazing activity playing Futbol and Eating delicious food.

Of course this doesn´t mean us missionaries always eat delicious food, all of you who have it within your power to provide the missionaries with delicious food, please do so, the alternative isn´t too pretty, (Alma 60:35)

Love Elder Enright
 Good Night Mr. Bean

  Marshmallow after a service activity

 Intercambios con Elder Valencia (Everyone here calls him Bruno Mars)

 Hno Daza (this man is freaking hilarious, nuff said, LA U!!!)

 This is from the zone activity we did with the stake a while ago, we left and did contacts and taught with youth in mission prep ages

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