Monday, August 25, 2014

Fah, Tan Negro (Rhys)

Here in Argentina, "Fah" is what everyone usually says in place of "wow." "tan" means "so" as in "it`s so hot here right now," and you all know what negro means in spanish. and for some reason that´s the name of my area, Fontanegro, you´re welcome.

       The coolest thing that happened this week was the finding of our two coolest new investigators, so due to time constraints, that may very likely be the only story that I share.

       Their names are Silvia and Maria, Elder Smith and I contacted the house of Silvia and talked a little bit at the gate before she let us in and we started talking, soon enough, her sister that lives right next door came and sat down to talk as well. Silvia and Maria are both in their late 30s (por allĂ­) and were baptized Catholic when they were born (Who wasn´t?), they also used to go to an Evangelical church, before being wildly thrown off by what eventually they noticed to be a preacher guy that was just ripping people off and taking their money. So now they are very very very against Evangelical churches, and at first had quite a few questions about if they had to pay for the Book of Mormon, or at church, or us for teaching. I felt a little bit like I was a TV ad when I had to insist that it was "ffrrreeeeeEEEEE." They both kept marveling almost at the fact that Silvia let us in (that was the funny part, that Silvia was insisting the whole time that she always preferred to be fairly rude and "Echar afuera" the J-dubs or Evangelicals, lo que sea, and never let anyone pass to talk. They both decided that it was due to something "different" about us (besides being two good-looking gringos in sharp attire) and I wasn´t going to be the one to deny that we have the Holy Ghost on our side to make that difference. 
       The best part is the real interest that they have in the Book of Mormon, even Silvia, who has a hard time reading sometimes, will read and re-read a passage of the Book of Mormon to understand what it says. 

       Other than that, the best thing that happened was a five man (missionary, missionary, missionary, ex-missionary/consejero de rama, missionary) choir-ish thing that took place last night after the clean up of a branch activity (good attendance, considering the expectations). Brother Gutierez and us missionaries just kept flipping through the hymn books and sang whatever we liked for a good half hour, much to the entertainment of Hna. Gutierez. We weren`t great (except for Sufia, who CAN sing, fetchin´ New Zealanders), but it was a lot of fun.

Thanks for all the emails and considering that Transfers are two days away, I´lll let y`all know next week where I`m at.

Elder ENright

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