Monday, August 4, 2014

Hey, just realized I never finished the subject for my last Email. . . (Rhys)

Guess that means I have a subject for this Email.

       This´ll have to be short due to time constraints and actually the thingamajig-fact-thingy that not a lot happened this week, just two things in particular that I want to talk about.

       The first is divisions. Early in the week, I went on divisions with one of our zone leaders (Elder Ovard). While on said divisions, it was about 8:00 and our plans had fallen through (not fun, especially at this hour), so we just decided to contact with the remaining time. At the first house that we clapped, salió un hombre and immediately let us in, greeting us and everything. He got us chairs told his kids to come meet us and introduce themselves and also asked if we wanted water. Before we could say yes or no, he decided that water wasn´t enough and sent his kids to buy soda (Even though had he asked if I wanted soda, I probably woulda' said no, not a fan, especially cause if you think that they carbonate soda in the states, you know nothing, it´s like straight up flavored gas here and hurts my stomach). Basically, Elias lives with his wife and two sons and his wife (turns out) got baptized years ago but right now they go to an Evangelical church, but probably the most carily perfect, candid camera-ish first lesson experience ever. They laughed at almost everything we said, light and hearty and whatever other cheesey tv family cliches you can think of, that´s them. They accepted the message super well, the only problem being that they´re quite committed to their church, but their intentions are true and clear and so we´ll just keep praying for them and after our lesson tonight see what goes down.

       Second, really cool stake activity involving missionaries going on splits for only about an hour with youth that are preparing to go on a mission. Basically we helped our zone leaders out in their area and ward (they get a fetchin´ward!!!) and lost almost a whole day due to travel, but it was way worth it and anyone at home now preparing for a mission, this would be a neat suggestion for a youth activity, forget suggestion, it´s a cool activity.

Well, that´s about it, here´s a photo I should have sent a little while ago of my birthday DeLorean. My twin may have gotten a package, but I doubt he got a DeLorean.

Elder Enright

Find the TMNT cup picture (for lunch I made bread early in the morning and saved it, during lunch, we chopped it all up and made french toast sticks, and I made syrup to dip it in, unfortunately it was all vanilla syrup, Maple doesn´t exist here.. . . . . That last part made me cry.)

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