Monday, August 11, 2014

Humbled in Humble (Bayley)

See what I did there?

There are many ways in which Humble has been humbling me (sorry but this pun is never going to get old).  For instance, last night at dinner I was told that I was fat by a little girl - so that was nice.  Thankfully my self esteem is not so fragile that a comment from a 3 year old was going to send me running from the room, but the worst part was that when her mom heard (actually her mom was the only one who heard at first - we didn't even know what the girl said until her mom loudly proclaimed that she could NOT call Sister Enright fat. Thanks, mom) she went and spanked the little girl in the other room and then came back and gave all her daughters a little lecture about how all girls were pretty and don't need to be the same size.  So that was awkward.  And then she was determined that the only reason I wasn't eating second and third helpings of everything was because of the recent revelation that I was fat, and so kept telling me not to listen to her daughter, that I was beautiful, and please keep eating more because obviously I need a lot of hot dogs.  So that was fun. 

But when I talk about being "humbled," I'm not just talking about having any smidgen of pride and self contentment crushed to a pulp by good honest Southerners and 3 year olds who don't mind telling you exactly what they think.  No, I'm referring more to the humbling experiences that come from seeing God's hand in His work.  The humility that is the realization of the reality of God and His mighty power, and the impossibility of this mission without His help and guidance.

For example.

Since I got to Humble, we've kinda been hurting for new people to teach.  So we've been praying and fasting and doing all we can to be obedient and diligent, trusting in the Lord that his promise that "the field is white" will be fulfilled.  So last week we contacted this guy outside of his house who told us that he actually has family who are members of our church, and that he has a Book of Mormon, and would love it if we came by to answer some questions he has.  So of course we went back, and he and his wife let us right in and started off the whole lesson with a question regarding baptisms for the dead.  Now generally, as missionaries, when someone brings that one up right off the bat we get a little tense and go into defense mode, prepared to pull out 1 Corinthians 15:29 and to explain that NO we do not dig up bodies.  But to our surprise, Ken (I forgot to mention his name is Ken, and his wife is Becky) was bringing it up for a very different reason than we generally get.  In fact, he loved the fact that our church practiced something that was very clearly in the Bible, though no other churches seemed to practice it, and he wanted to know if we could baptized some of his ancestors who have passed on.  


But wait it gets better.

Turns out, Ken and Becky went to the Houston temple open house.  They are Baptist, but don't agree with a large part of their church's teachings and practices, and believe in the Mormon beliefs of a living prophet, Christ's visit to the Americas, a lay ministry, no infant baptism, temples, the spirit world, "phases" of heaven, and what's more - they listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir like every day.  Seriously, this is real life.

The moral of the story is this: God *is* preparing people.  They are all around us.  Really, what is left up to us is how willing we are to prove ourselves worthy of their care.

One last story.

So we have this investigator, Pete, who is an older guy who is just hilarious and only a little bit crazy.  We love him so much, and his prayers are the best.  For example, the other day he prayed and told God he was really trying to do what was right, and God better believe it, and then just yesterday we were talking about his baptism and asked him if he would pray to know if God wanted him to be baptized.  To which he responded, with a shrug, "sure, but I already know what he's gonna say. 'Yes you go get baptized, now be quiet.'"  Haha!  There are SO many things I love about my mission, but one of my favorites hands down has got to be meeting the people out here - getting to meet and love so many of God's children I didn't even know existed before.

Love yall!  
Sister Bayley Enright

P.S. This past week I went on exchanges with Sister Kaelin, who is positively adorable and wonderful and who blew my mind by telling me that she lives like two doors down from Sister Elaine S. Dalton (and of course their families are good friends) and she regularly sees President Monson at church, as well as Elder Richard G Scott on occasion, and also one time she played the piano and sang at a luncheon for the Apostles.  Oh and also her YW group had Q&A time with Elder Bednar.  SERIOUSLY.  I was kind of freaking out on her and so she promised me that I can come and visit her in UT and she'll take me to meet Sis Dalton and maybe shake the Prophet's hand.  No big deal. #utahproblems

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