Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Not so Chilly in Chile (Kegan)

Yes I did

Yup, winter is ending here in Chile, it has, however, hardly been a winter.  Unless you count the week and a half we had of pure drizzling rain in June it has been pretty darn good weather for what supposedly was a Winter. Oh, well.

The winter months being left behind also meant for our Zone (even though yes, like I said, the winter months weren't THAT different) that we had to have an activity.  I included the photo we took as a zone after the Futbol matches last P-day,  The jerseys from the Chile selections that my comp has and mine from La U (Universidad de Chile) were both borrowed from Nico, yes we were being a little cheap.

My companion has happily been able to count "Dead Dog In The Street No. 2" off his "To See" list and we have spent a lot of time this week searching for less active families and for former investigators,  That part didn`t go too well.

Amid our search we were able to finally visit the Olivares Family again.  It has been about a month since the least less-active of the bunch left to study in the south and now that she has returned it seems as if yelling "Hola" outside their house DOES actually work. This time however we were able to get to know several more members of the family, there are after all 13 in total (11 kids!!!, some people are crazy) 

The highlight of the week was a highly spiritual and short lesson we had with our investigator, Hernan this past Friday.  Hno Jose was able to accompany us and actually did a whole lot of the teaching.  During the lesson Hernan opened up about the belief in God that since his childhood he seems to have lost, however, he is slowly accepting God back into his life.  As we read in 2 Nefi 28:30, God gives unto man line upon line, I have come to see this scripture from many different perspectives during the length of my mission.  I understand it in Hernan`s case to mean that with each amount of faith he is willing to newly put to trial, for example prayer, then God will give him the confidence and assurance he needs to take the next step towards sealing himself to his wife Catalina.  Even if these steps are small, they have all the significance in the world for him and his family.   It has been truly a blessing to be a part in the conversion of Hernan, and not only that but be more and more converted myself by the spirit I can feel teaching him.

It makes me understand the patience that God must have with all of us,

Well, I don`t have much time left, but just remember that I am PATIENTLY waiting all those packages and cookies I am sure are on their way.

Love Elder Enright

Before mentioned Zone activity.

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