Monday, August 18, 2014

No Subject (Kegan)

Another week in Chamiza with Elder Marsh and we have happily (and a little less so) moved away from the months of freezing cold weather,however the change was made rapidly from such cold to such scalding heat. We were promised that the irregular heat of yesterday was indeed irregular, and I sure as heck hope it is that way, sweat doesn´t exactly make a suit smell GOOD, afterall.  The weather here in Chile, in spite of what many people try to tell me, seems to be a fair bit unpredictable.

My time is in reality running very short here in the mission, and I feel it slipping through my fingers every day. This is something My Companion, Elder Marsh(mallow) speaks very freely about, if not only to spite me. He is actually coming to meet the end of his training months on the mish, bummer really, his favorite part about morning studies are the videos and those tend to be primarily part of studies between Jedi Master and Padawan. Más allá que eso, no hay mucho de eso.

We have been using our time outdoors this week to really try and put a dent in the fences and doors we end up knocking.  A planned visit to a future investigator turned from disappointing to hilarious when the obviously uninterested future investigator led us to the second part of her house where her very old (and less active) mother in law lives.  Her mother in law welcomed us warmly and upon seeing my companion exclaimed happily, "Are you the Elder who´s going to be a Dad ?"

She was hard to understand so my comp had no Idea what she was saying until I could later translate when she closed the door and sat down.  She described to us several times that she has trouble remembering much. Yup, our future investigator had trapped us in the basement with her crazy mother in law.  But it was hilarious, because she wasn´t content asking once which Elder was going to be the Dad (Disclaimer:  I believe she was asking us because there is a returned missionary in our ward who is the first counselor and it appears that he is the "Elder" who is going to be a Dad)  The visit got weirder and weirder with sudden prayers given by the beloved sister, and she absolutely loved to repeat every word my comp read,  It was weird that neither her nor the hno that accompanied us ever said anything about the 7 minutes me and my comp spent laughing our butts off at the oddity of the situation.

Later today we are going to play futbol with the youth here in Chamiza, they have been excitedly reminding us all week. 

I am also out of time, but I still do thank you all for your responses and support.

Love ELder Enright

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