Monday, August 25, 2014

Of Apostles and Lemurs (Bayley)

​So on Saturday morning, Quentin L. Cook came to visit THE mission.
Yes, Quentin L. Cook like Quorum-of-the-12-Apostles Elder Cook.

Yes, THE mission like Texas Houston East Mission.

It was amazing.

He came here this past weekend to attend the Orange Stake Conference, so his main "purpose" here wasn't the missionary visit, we were more just like a bonus feature, and as such we didn't get to spend too long with him - just long enough for us to all shake his hand, for his wife to lead us in singing "Hark All Ye Nations," and for us to hear a few particular pieces of apostolic counsel, including "You are the message."  So often as missionaries we refer to "our message," being the message of the restoration of course, but Elder Cook was sure to make us realize that who WE are, how WE act, what WE say, how WE appear, is just as much the message as anything else.  And this is true for everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a missionary badge pinned on our shirt or painted on our hearts - we are the message, people.

Probably the most amazing experience with Elder Cook, however, was he pronounced an apostolic blessing upon us.  The spirit was so strong, and I have never seen a group of almost 200 missionaries so silent and reverent as we all hung onto his every word.  As he spoke those words, the knowledge that he is an apostle of the Lord was reaffirmed to me, and to realize that I had the opportunity to shake the hand of such a special witness of Jesus Christ was truly amazing.  What a blessing to know that God has given us such apostles and prophets today.

Also, on a funny note, in his comments, Elder Cook referenced his former conference talk, and said "as you may or not remember from my conference address" - haha!  Yeah, just a general conference talk. No big deal.

In regards to the work here in Humble (hope you read that 'ere in umble') this week was an interesting one.  We were dropped by every single one of our investigators.  Every one of them!  And were left looking at a blank dry erase board wondering what had happened.  And so we hit the streets.  We went a'knocking and a'street contacting and a'referral asking and just basically the whole shebang.  We got sunburned and thirsty and sweaty and smelly, and we said prayer after prayer after prayer.  We got sniffed by some guy when we knocked on his door (he said that he smelled sincerity at least, so that's good).  We got free cookies from our wonderful bishop's wife.  Sister Bolton got kissed by a three year old.  I got scratched by a lemur (a less active in another area where I was on exchanges has a pet lemur which they got from an exotic pet market - because apparently that's a real thing).

Sometimes that's what missionary work is about - aside from the lemur thing, that was a little wild - and sometimes it can be hard and sometimes it can be discouraging, but what matters is that the Lord said the field is white.  The Lord said it's ready to harvest.  And the Lord always keeps his promises.  And so regardless of the lack of results we may feel we see now - we know that they are going to come.  "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come till heaven - but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ - THEY COME" (nothing like a Jeffrey R. Holland quote popping into your head to remind you that being a missionary is the greatest thing ever).

And though we still have a lot of work to do, we did see some miracles this week.  One family that we street contacted last week and then bugged like crazy (like missionaries do until you let us back in) finally let us in to teach them and we had an incredible lesson about Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel.  One kid whose door we knocked on (and who hasn't even heard a full lesson yet) came to church yesterday, and after church let out told us that he had really enjoyed himself, to his surprise, and less than 30 minutes after he left we received a phone call from a young woman who said she was friends with him, had heard about the church he had came to today, and wanted to learn more and come for herself.  If that's not an amazing tender mercy of the Lord, I don't know what is!

I hope yall have an AMAZING week.  Sister Bolton goes home on Saturday :( to go to BYU, and so I get to be half-hermana this weekend.  I consider it 1200% no okay that my time with Sister Bolton is being cut so short, but I am grateful for the time I had with her.

Love yall!

Sister Bayley Enright

    ​My mom and I at the Elder Cook conference

    A giant grasshopper we found that is roughly the size of my face

    The aforementioned guilty lemur

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