Monday, August 18, 2014

Our gent Tina from ARGENTINA (Rhys)

I saw that my two other missionarysiblings/sons of Mosiah (sons and daughter *cough cough* of Mosiah, disculpen) did their own little punny titles about Chile and Humble, so I did my best.

       Well, first thing that happened this week, Tuesday, was a Multi Zone Conference where all the zones from Resistencia got together to listen to our beloved President Franco. The training was basically what we had heard from our Zone leaders the week before, but the spiritual thoughts and sandwiches and presence of/from President Franco made it a cool conference. After wardws, I went on divisions with our Zone leader, Elder Exstrom. (see pic below)

         Sidenote. While at the Zone conference, I got to see some other friends form the mission again and received two letters, one from my family and another superbly awesome princess birthday card from my "Humble" Sister/Fellow Missionary. Thanks a ton, Bayley for the "Hermana Enright" tag. Some other missionaries were a bit skeptical about me having a sister tag, but most of them appreciated it. The question now is which Elder tag do you want? the classic-missionary-pocket-tag? Or the pin one (they don`t do magnet ones in SUD America, sorry, but it`s the equivalent of the magnet one down south)?

        Anyway, cool divisions, including tacos the night of the divisions (also in the pic. . . kind of). 

        Me and my comp fasted Saturday night and Sunday morning to start our "Fast list" of things that we`re going to "fast" from  that keep the Spirit away from us (e.g. the little things like talk about movies, sing songs from home, etc.). An idea that he had and we`re executing it toge
ther as a companionship to try and be more mission minded.

       Now that i`m here in front of the computer, can`t think of a lot that happened this week. . . kind of normal. So I guess that`s it. I`ll try to have some good stories next time.

Elder Enright

P.S. Elder Exstrom is an Elder that not only came out at the same time as I did, but also visa waited in vegas - even though it was a different Zone - so we had plenty to talk about during divisions. that kind of sounds sinister, I promise it`s not.

Divisions and tacos with Elder Exstrom.

That`s our flag that we one at the multi zone conference for being "El Compañerismo mas Gringo que el Apple Pie"

So yeah, we won for being white. . .

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