Monday, August 11, 2014

Rule Changes (Rhys)

Basically I`m low on time, but due to a few drastic rule changes and the excitement that they caused throughout the mission, they merit the first place on interesting things that happened.

Soooooooo. . .. Remember how we got a new mish prez just a little while a go? Well, said mission Prez announced a few rule changes this last tuesday that we were all informed of on Wednesday and so I`ll let yĆ ll know about them.

!. Four missionaries (siendo dos compaƱerismos) can eat together at the same Almuerzo , so we can all four go to the same member for lunch if the member so chooses to feed us all.

2. We can play SPORTS on P-day!!!!! before now, the rules allowed sportsish stuff, but just with your comp, and no futbol, and lots of other stuff too.

3. There are a few other ones that interest me way less than this second one that basically means that today our zone/district (we have a really small zone that is basically just a separate district) will be going to play something (do something) together, today being p-day and getting to do something means that today should be awesome.

Well, other than that, me and my  comp found lots of new people to teach this week, unfortunately not a lot of great stories or anyone who actually shows promise due to their lack of showing up to the second cita fija, that stinks.

One funny story. We met this one guy earlier in the week, who we thought was kind of. . . weird. We taught the lesson and he accepted the compromisos and as we left we just decided that he was weird and we`d deal with that. But as we walked away, about two cuadras from his house, got a text messsage that said, " Que lindo que son los dos" for those of you who don`t know Spanish, it was weird and meant that someone was hitting on two missionaries, doubly weird. Well the reason that he didn`t first spring to mind other than the obvious, is that the phone didn`t recognize the number, but soon afterwards, me di cuenta that we actually left our number behind, but forgot to get his, so it could actually be his number. We were trying to think of who else it could be (as missionaries, we leave our number with lots of people) we guessed that it had to be him, but we had no way of knowing until the second appointment. Well, next morning, got a text from the same number saying that he had to cancel the appointment and he actually confirmed that it was him, so case closed.

That`s all I got, sorry fam, but I have to go, I promise to write something just for you guys next week.

Love almost all of you (you know who you are)

Elder ENright

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