Monday, September 1, 2014

75 blood suckers (Rhys)

Hi everyone, if you notice a depressed tone to this email, it´s due to the fact that Google Chrome doesn´t seem to work on the computer that I´m using and I´ve had to settle for internet explorer. . .*sigh*

Other than that, Transfers passed by this last week with the result that Elder Smith se fue and I get to stay here to recieve my new comp, Elder Correa, from Bolivia. Lots and lots of other changes were also made in the mission including the loss of my ZL Exstrom. Yes, President Franco shot him in front of everyone. Just another casualty of the mission.

To start off Elder Correa`s time here in Fontana, we had an exciting second night. Upon arriving to the pension, we discovered that we had left the back door wide open and the pensh was FILLED with Mosquitos. Literally hundreds of them. Just that night before planning, I killed 75 of them with the skill that only clapping every single door in Argentina will get you. Since then, the mosquitos continue to take huge losses.

This Sunday, we had one of the families that we are teaching come to church. Spencer (17), Lucila (19), Oriana (something around there), and the mom of Lucila and Spencer. Orina is the girlfriend of Spencer. So that was cool, they stayed for the whole three hours (doesn`t always happen here) and they seem to have thuroughly enjoyed it. The Branch did a pretty good job letting them feel welcome.

Other than that, the week was pretty normal, visiting lots of people, talking to lots of people, not much else to say.

ELder Enright

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