Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Algunas Cosas (Rhys)

Guess who wrote me this past week!!! I don´t believe that everyone here knows who Jonatan G. is, but my family does (a convert to the branch in Reconquista that went in-active but one of my best buds from Reconquista). Well yeah, he wrote me a small letter that was given to me by my zone leaders. He reactivated himself and is preparing for the mission!!!!!
So that was super awesome to hear, I´ll be writing him back soon ( or more like sending the letter that I already wrote. . .soon), but for those of you who know him and talk with him on facebook (fam, that´s you, he told me so) could you let him know that I got the letter?? Thanks.
Other than that, we did lots of missionary wortk this week. That´s basically every week as a missionary, but I don't know how else to put it.

Oh, there´s this one kid that lives in our area, he has like 4 or 5 years and he always is happy to see us. What happened is that last transfer, with Elder Smith, we were clapping a house and only this little kitten came out and tried to climb the fence, and this one kid came up and started watching the cat with us. As missionaries, we can be very easily entertained, and so the three of us just kind of stood there for 2-3 minutes watching this little kitten climb the fence. . . and fall on it´s head. It was allright, but we had a good laugh about it afterwards and this one little kid was saying "¿¿recuerdas el gato?? ¿¿recuerdas??? ¡¡¡SE CAYO!!!"

SO the reason I´m explaining this is because it happened over a month ago, but everytime we passs this Barrio, the little kid will come out and follow us wanting to share memories of the falling cat. it´s pretty great.
As far as what type of work we´re actually doing, there are a few families that we´re helping reactivate and we´re teaching a family that came here from Buenos Aires hace un año. The Dad of the family swears that he was baptized here in Fontana when he had 12 years, but moved to Buenos Aires and lost contact with the church, Interesting, because if I´m right, the Church is bigger there than it is here. But that´s not important, he says that if we continue not being able to find his records, he´s willing to be baptized again. so we were teaching the family (the dad, Gustavo; the mom, Marina; and the kids, Eric and Gernan) and we had our branch mission leader present and at the end of the charla offered to help them get to church and everything (they already decided that they were going, walking was the plan) and as we left he (the mission leader) told us that he felt like he already knew Gustavo, like they had been friends before. He really felt like he knew him. FFFFFEEEEEEETTTTCCCHHH!!!!! Premortal-life-friendshiiiiiiiiip!!!! I´m sure of it. And Saturday night, Hermano Espinoza (said mission leader) passsed by in his auto to give Gustavo a white shirt and tie. so yeah, it was awesome to see them in church. Their kids are so well behaved.

Well, that´s all I got, sorry, no photos again because of the computer. at least I hope it´s the computer and not the converter. . . .  nah, I´m pretty positive it´s the stupid computer.

Elder Enright

P.S. don´t forget about General Conference. . . ya know. . . that thing.  Invite all your friends, relatives, neighbors and Mascotas. The real ugly thing is that there´s a partido entre River and Boca (two of the biggest Futbol teams in Argentina), Domingo en la tarde. I hope you all know which to watch, Conference or Futbol. . . . .

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