Monday, September 8, 2014

Another short one because I'm still learning to type one-handed (Bayley)

So as many of you have already heard, I will be needing to get surgery on my wrist.  So that's grand.  It will actually be a huge blessing because it will mean I won't need to be in a hard cast for a long time, and I'll be able to quickly return to "almost full function," which is good enough for me right now, since the splint I've had on for a week now certainly doesn't enable *any* full function.  Or any function at all actually other than being a great conversation starter when contacting.  Transitioning from the broken wrist to the gospel isn't exactly the smoothest transition, but let me tell you, if my mission has taught me anything it has taught me how to relate anything and EVERYTHING back to the restoration of the gospel.

But something I've seen this week is just how great God is - which honestly is something we see every day, but it turns out that when you're out in the heat and humidity in a splint and sling and feeling kind of like this couldn't be worse *physically*, God makes sure that you are aware of all the spiritual blessings that surround you and make any physical ailment completely worth it.  Like for instance, remember Aljae?  Our awesome 17 year old investigator who told his Sunday School class yesterday all about his baptism?  Yeah, him.  Well, yesterday he started talking about how he wants to go on a mission, which would kind of be my favorite thing ever.

Another miracle of the week was Diane - a woman who referred herself on requesting a Book of Mormon.  You gotta love it when it's them finding you instead of the other way around.  Turns out that she has been in touch with an old friend who is a member living in Utah, who suggested she read the Book of Mormon and get in contact with missionaries.  And she did!  She is super amazing, has already committed to baptism and come to church and says that she feels like this is what God wants for her.  I have developed SUCH a strong testimony that God is really preparing people, and that there are those around us desperately seeking what we have!

So yeah, definitely a week of miracles.

Last thing.

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of feeding our spirits.  D&C 101:37 counsels us to "care for the life of the soul," and in a brilliant Mormon Message (Daily Bread: Pattern - if you haven't seen it yet, go and do) D. Todd Christofferson compares our need for daily spiritual nourishment to our need for daily physical nourishment.  And in watching in for like the billioneth time this last week, it just hit me really hard how true that is - how much our soul is both our physical and spiritual bodies, and that we cannot get away with feeding just one and neglecting the other.  Especially when you think about how much we are counseled that the "natural man is an enemy to God," and that a test of this life is for our spirits to have control over our bodies, not the other way around.  But if the only aspect of your soul that you are really feeding is your physical body, how can you possibly expect your spirit to have the strength it needs to help you fight temptation and weariness and opposition?  There is absolutely NO substitute for the spiritual strength that is built from daily spiritual nourishment through prayer and scripture reading.

So just read your scriptures and say your prayers.  Every day.  Ok?  Ok.

Thank yall so much for all your prayers and all you're doing.

Sister Enright

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