Monday, September 22, 2014

Bugs' Lives! (Kegan)

I have learned very recently and by experience that shoe powder is flamable and yet safe, making it a great and terrible tool to bring hard justice down upon small and large insects alike.

This week we have had several creepy crawlies (and however you´d describe that way that slugs move) help us understand the lack of airtight security in our humble pension.  I´ll include photos, but sadly it has been very hard to download videos onto GMAIL for that reason, I´ll have to ask you guys to be content with the photos.

But...beyond crispy insects, this week was fantastic in terms of la Obra.  One of the highlights being wednesday night when the Ward had it´s 18th of Sept party (short explanation, 4th of July for the States = 18th of Sept for Chile =minus fireworks + chilean-cowboy-kleenex-swinging dances) 

At said party we were able to not only enjoy time with one of our investigators and his family, but we also contacted a reference from a member then and there (Daniel), The food was also very delicious, I´ll try to find a way NOT to sound weird and still use that word.  

Daniel (whom we taught the next day) has been super receptive and we are preparing him to be Baptized next month.  After our Second visit we dropped in to verify how he was doing.  He blew us away by having read not only the Introduction that we had left him, but everything at the beginning of the Book of Mormon up until 1 Nefi 1 and had studied thuoroughly the pamphlet on the Restauration we had ALSO left.  He has been excited since the beginning and I consider myself blessed to havebeen able to teach him.

In just a short while it will be General Conference !!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!
Be there or be Square (and please invite friends)
Love Elder Enright

 El 18 de Septiembre 11 (okay, fine it was just yesterday, but it looks very cool)

 "I´m the only stick with EYES" Soooo. that thing was suddenly on our door one night, our neighbors warned us that they jump, bite and are poisonous.  My comp burned him to a crisp.

Sluggy the slug, also a victim to shoe powder spray and fire

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