Monday, September 1, 2014

Changes (goodbye Marshmallow) (Kegan)

I am really a very terrible person for not writing in my journal every night, I do write frequently, but not EVERY night.  It makes it hard for me to keep very good track of the week's events In order, so forgive me for mixing things up every once in a while.

This week was somewhat traumatic (I´m probably exaggerating, I am not sure I spelled that right) and so it might actually be super easy to give you guys the " lowdown" (never going to use that word again) on the week.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly weird, having been in Chamiza for 6 months already, everybody was sure I would be leaving, EVERYBODY, not a single person in the ward was merciful enough to tell me at least that anything could happen.  For that very reason, we spent those two days, Monday and Tuesday, visiting the people I would most miss and even then we missed a few.

The next day, the Zone leaders did no other than tell me to pack my bags and be at the center of Viña by 5:00 for the Changes meeting.

It was sad leaving Chamiza and especially sad leaving Elder Marsh, I was able to pray for the last time in the apartment before leaving with him, just as we were heading to drop our bags off with an Hno and head to lunch. Let's just say it was sad, okay?

Changes meeting at five (with a huge group of 27 new missionaries) was a blast and even though I was prepared to go to the North of our mission (A several hour long bus ride, for which I had filled my backpack with food) I remain very close to Viña in a city called Valparaiso (It's not just a city called Valparaiso, it´s VALPARAISO!) 

I started off very well with my new Companion, Elder Oldroyd (from Texas) and not too well with the sector.

On day one (okay, Thursday) at about 5.00 I started feeling pretty nauseous until it became unbearable stomach pain by the time we were due in the pension. We were visiting with members at the door and because it was late and we had to leave very soon we insisted on staying outside for only about five minutes even though they insisted we take Once with them (a very bad idea late at night, it is 80% certain you will arrive late if you have once with members).  Funnily enough, our insistence that we not enter and that I had to return soon to the pension because I felt very sick led them to believe I hadn´t made it to the bathroom on time and was at that time only waiting to change my pants.  Great start to getting to know the members.

In the pension my Zone leader suggested guzzling water, I followed his advice and we "tucked in".  Well, sort of, about 20 minutes later I had to rush to the bathroom and blew chunks.  It proceeded all through the night every hour and the next day was very miserable, half a cup of jello and one small bottle of Gatorade being all that I had to eat.  

I am 100% certain I would still be that way if my companion hadn´t giving me a blessing the night it began and if we had not continued working (with small naps in between) during the day.  I am very thankful to have been blessed to recover so quickly and to be with ELder Oldroyd here in Placilla, Valpo.

It was very sad to leave Chamiza even if it wasn´t abrupt.  It was a blessing to know the Ward, the Elders (especially Marshmallow) and to walk, talk and teach in the streets of Achupallas and Miraflores.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support and the in-bound and gigantic packages 

Elder Enright

 Familia Almonocid

 . Familia Parra Nilo

Familia Madaryaga

Familia Llanos

Familia Daza

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