Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello everybody, wherever you happen to be in the world (even though the large majority of you are most certainly in the States)

This past week in Placilla has surprisingly wet and cold, I feel as if I stepped suddenly from one part of the world (Chile) and into another (Another part of Chile that looks as rainy as Washington does).  So I wasn´t being that imaginative, but it WAS raining a whole lot. 

That meant I was able to put into use the Snow boots and rain coat I brought down here more than a year ago, however I still have not been able to find out a good way to use the boots nor the coat to keep my backpack from getting very wet.  I´m open to any ideas.

Seeing as I am somewhat new to this part of the mission, my wonderful companion Elder Oldroyd (Old-Droid/R2-D2) has been guiding me around what has been a very flat and rich area in comparison to those that came before it.

I have loved working with Elder Oldroyd, we had a good amount of success searching this week for new investigators and even for the ones we´ve got.

We started off the week with service, moving a literal mountain of wheel chairs from one lot to another.  There was totally a Bonus-Dead-Dog´s-Mandible underneath one of the last wheelchairs that we became stupidly excited about.  It´s very true that the miracles come after our work and faith. :)

We had an awesome lesson in the home of an elderly woman named Rosa who was slightly apprehensive (but not TOO much) at the start,  as she listened to our message she began to be very interested and at the end kneeled to pray with us.  It was a slightly awkward moment.  We hadn´t explained that we meant that she could pray OUT LOUD, and so she proceeded to pray in complete silence, we never interrupted her (evan though the small room required awkward and painful contortions of our knees to get the trick done) and as she finished praying tears came into her eyes.  She explained the relaxing and comforting feeling that had come over her even though she had been through a rough week.  My companion and I were super happy to explain to her the power of the spirit and leave with a commitment to read the Book of Mormon.

In fast and Testimony meeting I was able to briefly share the same story to our entire ward.  Placilla is full of many families in which not all are members, the hard part is that the majority of them live in another sector worked in by the two hermanas in our ward, the majority of the ward leaders also live there.  Stinking Hermanas

...and no I am not bitter about, nor are Elder Oldroyd and I encouraging a competetive spirit against the Hermanas, that would be ridiculous.

I guess in short I could put it like this. I know for a fact the Spirit will always testify to those who listen of the truth of the restoration, that moment repeated itself at least one other time this week and the Spirit without fail was there.

Thank you to everyone for your support, prayers, and missionary efforts where you are, remember the Spirit will ALWAYS testify of the truth, but he is not going to open our mouths for us.

Love ELder ENright

 Elder Oldroyd and ELder Enright (at Hermano Quintanilla´s, where we had service)

 Interchanges with ELder Larson

My comp thought my Sunglasses were awesome

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