Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Good Martes everybody!

I´ll explain rapidly the reason why I am writing on Tuesday rather than Monday, even though the only people who probably do really care about what day of the week it is are my parents...

Okay, so this Monday we had an amazing zone conference with President Kähnlein, his wife, and his asistentes,(that may or may not be spelled in Spanish, I am unsure at this point)  so we moved P-day for our zone to Tuesday.  More on the conference later.

This week Elder Oldroyd and I had a blast working with Fransisco and Vicente (I should probably get a picture with them sometime) the two twin returned missionaries.  We were able to use their help to visit a good number of investigators who don´t happen to have a man older than 16 in the house (according to our mission´s rules, unless there IS someone of your same sex PRESENT in the home, you cannot enter).  Plus beyond only using them to enter houses, they both obtained a large amount of experience as missionaries in Mexico and Peru and we were able to utilize those same abilities to teach some interesting lessons to what occasionaly was a seemingly bored group of adolescents.

Speaking of that "group of  adolescents" their name is Familia Alvarez and the youngest son, Diego, is our investigator who will be baptized this weekend, as long as everything goes well.  I will keep you guys updated on what happens, he is 9 years old and is slightly attention deficient as all nine year olds are, so it makes it interesting teaching him.

This past Sunday, we saw a miracle.  We have been praying and fasting intensely that we might find someone that God has prepared.  Through the week it was rough getting anyone to listen to the best message in the world (*cough* that´s the Restoration we´re talking about people) but we continued searching, especially amongst those who we hadn´t taught in a while.  By the end of the week the results weren´t what we were expecting (But Diego DID Come With Us To Church, YAY!!)  In the second hour of church on sunday my comp and I entered the class late and I sat down next to a guy that I didn´t recognize.  When you are new to a ward, it´s a common occurence and you get use to getting to know the members poco por poco by just saying hi to EVERYONE inside the church on Sundays.  So I said hi.  The guy actually ended up being, Daniel, the friend of a member who said yes to her invitation to attend church.  He lives on our side of Placilla (TAKE THAT HERMANA MISSIONARIES!!) in a part that has been particularly dificult for us to work in.  I don´t belive we would have found him any other way and he is very excited to learn about the Church and read the Book of Mormon.  We are going to see him tomorrw in the Ward 18th of Sept Activity.  Two Miracles at once.

The conference (I´ll be brief) was one of the best I have been to, I know I´ve described what they are like before, but I am too lazy to search through old emails, so I´ll do it again.  Zone Conferences are meetings of one to several zones (which basically means at least 20-something missionaries) that get together to listen to what President, his wife, and everyone else who works in the office of the mission have to say.  Everyone who presents in these meeting search for a long time in prayer and fasting to know what the mission needs to be doing, and so we know we will see miracles for (according to what we learned this past Conference) being assertive, bold, faithful, and basically like Jesus Christ.  We also talked a lot about the converts we will (¿) create (?) 

And there was pizza.

It was a very good week and I am looking forward to the week of the 18th, lots of opportunities to find families and speak with raving drunk men, we´ll see how it goes.

Elder Enright

 Los Alfajores that President gifted us with for the Zone conference (Alfajores are some kind of popular chilean candy that is basically two cookies with caramel/manjar inbetween them and covered in chocolate)

My comp and Vicente crossing the Creepy Bridge, several nights ago

Elder Oldroyd and a family of investigators we found this week.

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