Monday, September 29, 2014


To sum up my week rapidly and effectively I should speak of several people no más.

The first of all being Diego and the Reyes Family.  We have been teaching Diego all of my time here in Placilla and this Saturday we had his Baptismal service.  Small, reverent, and planned 100% by my awesome ward mission leader (it was surprising not having to organize it all but at the same time very relaxing, okay not really, I was very stressed) However, despite the stress Diego finally entered the waters of baptism...and then didn´t want to get out.  After my companion had performed the ordinance, he promptly led Diego out of the Font but Diego stayed in the font for another 4 minutes floating peacfully on his back.  He apparently had never had the opportunity to enter a swimming pool before.

The next day, Sunday, he was Confirmed in sacrament meeting,  We were very happy to see Tony and Marlo arrive that same morning.  Tony and Marlo are from Peru.  Tony has been a member since 1992, but has been inactive most of his life, his nephew, Marlo, is not a member and has followed his uncle to Chile from Peru and now to the Church at the same time Tony is returning in order to reactivate himself.  Tony is a very cool and friendly guy.  Marlo is 17 and has impressed us with his spiritual sensibility.  That same day we taught them the Restoration and it may have been the best lesson on the Restoration I have been present in.  The highlight being Tony´s sudden realization that the Church was formed by Jesus Christ and Restored by Joseph Smith.  He exclaimed in awe that it all made sense now,  

Daniel, will be baptized between the two Sunday sessions this next sunday in the Stake center.  His interest is as strong as ever and he enjoyed our english classes a lot this past Friday, and I swear it wasn´t Just because we brought Sopapillas.
That´s one of the perks of serving in Chile, Sopapillas are like 20 cents a pop.
It was a fairly brief Email this week due to time limits,hope it sums it up nice for you 

Okay, even I know that was a lame finish.

Love Elder Enright 

Diego´s Baptism (  "It looks like a prison photo", I don´t know why they al look like that, we totally said SONRISA!)

Invitations to our English classes made by our Ward mission leader

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