Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day Casualties (Bayley)

So probably the best way to start this email off would be this:

Obviously, there is a lot happening in this picture that requires explanation:
First: my new companion!  Her name is Sister Stofferahn and she is from Ogden, UT and is positively adorable, and of course there is more to say there.
Second: My hair is quite curly!  I know, TX problems
Third: Sister Stofferahn has really long hair, I know.  She's basically Rapunzel.
Fourth: Yes, my fingernails are painted.  It's a big deal.
Fifth: Yes in fact that skirt *is* new - perks of killing a companion, they leave a lot of clothes behind.

And then also, yeah, I broke my wrist.

Oddly enough, everyone who sees my broken wrist jumps to one of two conclusions.  Either a) I fell off my bike (and if that was accurate, let's be honest, I totally would need to come up with a more exciting story than that) or b) I punched someone (and if that was accurate - why would I have used my left hand?  Come on people).  But in fact, no, I broke it playing floorball.  For those of you who don't know what floorball is, it is basically hockey except with no ice.  We were playing it on pday, and some guy rammed me from the front (he didn't know I was there, so it was an unintentional ramming, at least I think so) knocked me up into the air and I landed on my wrist.  So, pain.  Lots of pain.  And I grabbed the only other sister in the room who was sitting on the stage and was like "we need to go to the kitchen RIGHT NOW" and found some cold water to dunk it in and then it started swelling and swelling and swelling and I thought to myself, "hmm, this could be broken."  Two hours in urgent care later, I'm in a splint and sling and have an appointment tomorrow to get a cast put on for probably like a month.  Good thing I'm not in a particularly hot and humid mission where a cast could get really sweaty and smelly real fast.  Riiiiight.  But hey! It's my left wrist, so that is definitely a tender mercy.  Horribly inconvenient, but not nearly as much as the other wrist would've been.  My poor new comp though gets to have a gimp as a companion.  On the bright side, maybe we'll garner more sympathy points with the broken wrist and people will be more likely to let us in.  I'll have to let yall know.

But anyways, broken wrist on labor day aside (yeah, on labor day, which meant there were no pharmacies open and urgent care was the only place open, so good on me there) this past week was CRAZY!

To begin, on Saturday....Sister Bolton WENT HOME!  How crazy is that?!  Super crazy.  And so for the weekend I was with Hna Williams, tackling two areas.  Weirdest part about the whole thing was that we both had our own phones...and our own cars...even our own apartments.  So weird.  But it was a lot of fun.  Hna Williams is a BEAST missionary and I loved getting to work with her. Then of course on Tuesday we had transfers and Hna Williams and I went back to being normal companionships.

Also I am sorry if this email is shorter than usual (turns out typing with one hand instead of 2 is notably slower) but I do have a miracle story to share!

So we have this investigator named Aljae who we found knocking doors for approximately 12 hundred hours.  He came to church before we even taught him and absolutely ate up the Restoration lesson.  This past weekend he was away on vacation so we texted him just to see like how his pamphlet-reading was going, and he texted back that it was going quite well, and that he particularly "found the section on the restoration of the priesthood quite interesting."  To which we were all, "um, yeah, we agree."  Did I mention that Aljae is 17?  Well, yes, he is.  And last night he came to mutual and loved it and afterwards we taught him with a couple of the priests in our ward and we invited him to be baptized, which he agreed to really enthusiastically and texted us later thanking us so much for the lesson, and saying he was so excited to be baptized.  Such an incredible testimony to the fact that God is preparing people, and we really have to be willing to do anything and everything to qualify ourselves so we can be placed in their paths, or them in ours.

I love yall so much!  Such good things are happening in Humble, and all over the world, and I know it is because of yalls prayers and faith.  Pray hard, share your testimony, invite a friend to listen to conference (DO IT) and miracles will come.  

Sister Bayley Enright

​Transfer day reunions with some of my favorite people, the Maylins

​And the Arabies :)

​Annnnnd Sistah McQueen

 ​Our district - back row Sis Bolton, me, Hna Lockhart, Hna Williams, Sis McPherson, Sis Turpin, front row elders  Carlton, Taylor, Rice, and Sarchet

 me, the fabulous hnas, and Elder Sarchet

 ​last day with Sis Bolton :(

​texas skies :D

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