Monday, September 22, 2014

Miracle Max-ed (Bayley)

First of all, an update on the wrist - it's healing!  This past week I got the cast taken off (when you get a metal plate put in, you don't really need all that time to let your bone heal because, well, because you kinda forced it together with metal) and man when they took that cast off...

it looked nasty.  True story.  All that iodine from surgery and lack of use, the thing looked fake!  Poor Sister Stofferahn was more than a little disgusted.  But the Doctor just had me do a few basic exercises like make a fist and try and turn my hand palm up (which made the gash open up and start bleeding everywhere, to which the Doctor went 'ah, very good!' which wasn't exactly what I thought, but whatever) and then he put a few bandages on a sent me home with some therapy exercises to do to get my hand back to normal, which is still a work in progress.  But now I have a pretty sick incision that makes me the most popular missionary in the ward to all the primary children, so that's a nice perk.

So that was definitely a highlight to the week.  Throughout this whole process, I really have seen the hand of the Lord very clearly defined - the whole healing process, the surgery, everything went far better than could've been expected, and the fact that I am sitting here today typing with both hands despite the fact that I broke my wrist three weeks ago is, to me, a miracle.  It was interesting, immediately after the incident I got a blessing from one of the elders, and he blessed me that I'd be able to continue to work and everything would be fine, and though perhaps in the moment of hearing such promises we may think YEAH RIGHT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE MY WRIST IS BROKEN, God is a God of miracles, and just because my wrist didn't just magically heal right then and there Bible-style, that doesn't mean that my rapid recovery and immediate access to medical assistance was not a miracle in itself.  What's more, this whole thing has really helped me appreciate things that I may have taken for granted before - like the strength in my left hand to push down the window button in the car (seriously though.  You'll all be happy to hear, though, that after several days of little strengthening exercises, I can not only roll down the window in the car, but also squeeze the toothpaste out the toothpaste tube.  It's kind of a big deal).

Anyways, some other highlights of the week included giving Aljae the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and his saying that he "just wished he'd known about all of this a long time ago," having Diane pray for the first time out loud (and in the prayer she thanked God for letting her know the Book of Mormon was true.  AHH!) and having the Elders' recent convert, Jarvis, open our Book of Mormon class with a prayer saying "Greetings.  This is Jarvis."  Convert and gator prayers are the best: FACT.

We also had leadership conference on Tuesday, which was all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and District Leaders.  It was incredible, I learned so much and received so much inspiration regarding myself, my area, and my sisters.  One of my favorite things shared was actually a quote by President Uchtdorf, in which he said that there are only two ways a companionship gets along: either they are both being humble, faithful, obedient, and strengthening each other to be their best, or they are both content doing wrong.  If a companionship is not getting along, it is because one is trying to do right and the other doesn't care, or is even trying to do wrong.  And I think this principle applies towards all relationships - whether it be with family, with friends, or with others, we should always be striving to have a loving relationship created by a joint desire to serve God and put him first.

We also had a pretty crazy miracle this week.  Sister Stofferahn and I got back from the doctor's appointment on Wednesday a little earlier than anticipated, and so had some time to walk around and knock on some doors.  While we were doing so, it started POURING rain, Texas style.  So we were positively SOAKED.  And as we were walking, sopping, back down the street, we saw two men standing under a pavilion and went up to contact them.  What proceeded to occur was one of the most awkward contacts of my mission, which concluded with both men just leaving and going back inside without even saying anything to us....yeah.  So we turned around and kept walking and at that exact moment a woman came out of the office next door.  (Look at that timing.  Coincidence?  I think NOT).  She saw us and called out "are yall Jehovah's Witnesses?"  to which we responded "nope!"  She then asked "Mormons?" and we were said yes she goes "Good, I need to talk to yall."  YEAH, that doesn't happen every day!  Turns out she works at a battered women's shelter and would like for us to have some sort of Bible study/prayer session with the women to help strengthen them and raise their spirits.  It was seriously such an amazing miracle to see the Lord putting us right there at that EXACT moment so that we could meet this woman and arrange to help so many of his daughters who are in desperate need.  There are few things as wonderful to experience as being the answer to someone else's prayer.

Whats more, yesterday was the primary program.  Sister Stofferahn and I were practically giddy we were so stoked for the best sacrament meeting of the year.  And as all the little primary children sang "I am a Child of God" I felt such a confirmation of God's love for not only all those little kids (including the little boy who kept crying that he wanted his mommy, and also the little boy who was too short so that as he sang his 'Follow the Prophet' solo all that could be seen was his hair sticking straight up above the podium) but EVERYONE.  

Love yall!  Thanks for all your prayers, especially with this wrist nonsense.  I have definitely seen them in our work.

Sister Enright

​Sister Walton and I at Leadership Conference

​Two arms again!

After getting soaked in the rain

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