Monday, September 8, 2014

Miracle on Avenida Alvear (on sunday) (Rhys)

So, just last week after emailing, I had to fill out a survey thing that 90% of the mission supuestamente also had to fill out and the whole thing is supposed to be in preparation for the possible arrival of a general authority to the mission. Nothing has officially been announced by Pte. Franco, but I´m hoping to have and incoming General Authority soon.

       Aside from that, this week was filled with me and my comp trying hard to get members of our branch to charlas with our investigators, be they new or antiguo. In most cases, the cita ended up falling through and left us with time to talk to everyone we see/pass by in the street. Which led to some interesting contacts and lessons. One of said lessons was with a guy literally named Fruto-Sergio (sorry, this space bar has about a 70% percent actually-will-work-rate, I can get it to work better by really pounding it) who really seemed to have a sincere desire to change and come to church (didn´t come), but had a really hard time understanding and remembering what we told him, turns out he smoked a lot of drugs as a teenager and is still trying to stop. Kids, just say NO. A few minutes after said lesson, a lady named Mariela let us into her front yard to teach her and insisted that she never admitted missionaries or anyone like us to pass and didn´t know why, but she wanted to listen to us. We had a a pretty good lesson and even got her to say the closing prayer, which kind of made her cry a little bit. . . oops. But all in all a good lesson, the only problem was that she said that she wouldn´t be able to make it to church on Sunday, which then brings us to Sunday.

        On Sunday, none of the investigators that promised to come to church ever actually showed up, even when we passed by some of their homes. The miracle actually consists of two miracles. The first one being that Matias, the grandson of our recent Convert (Hno. Soto, who basically raised him), showed up at church, even though it´s been about two weeks since we talked to him, he said that he´d like to come to church, but never came and though we passed by his house several times, we never found him. But an invitation from his Grandpa got him to church and he loved it. As Sacrament meeting was starting, I was sitting next to Hno. Soto and Matias, and a woman walked in with her little 2 or 3 year old daughter that I at first didn´t recognize. Then when my comp looked at me and asked me if I recognized her too I felt bad because I then knew who it was, Mariela!! She just up and decided to come to church, looks like. they both liked it and we´ll be visiting them during the week.

        Sunday night(last night) we had a noche de Hogar with Claudio en la casa de Hermana Velasquez that was a huge success. We talked about and shared testimonies and played tuti-fruti. Also last night, really quick before bed, I made a pizza for me and Elder Correa, waking up and going on a run was a little harder to do with late night pizza in our stomachs, but it was worth it.

I have pictures to send, but none of the computers here seem to accept a usb so far. .. Sorry

Elder Enright

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