Monday, September 29, 2014

Of Phone Malfunctions and Baptisms (Bayley)

​So the weather here in TX is finally starting to cool down, meaning that for the first time this year when we walk out of the apartment at 6:30 in the morning, we don't immediately break into a sweat.  In fact, I even wore a scarf this past week.  We don't really have fall here in TX...but if we did, we could kind of maybe possibly be starting to see the beginning of it...a little bit.  It's wonderful.

Speaking of getting up at 6:30, a story for yall.

So missionaries are kind of like robots when it comes to the schedule - when the alarm goes off we are just programmed to roll out of bed, say our morning prayers, pull on our tennis shoes, rinse with Listerine (fact: I've probably gone through more Listerine than any other single product on my mission...with the exception perhaps of sticky notes) and head outside ready or not for another day.  So earlier this week, when our alarm went off, that's exactly what Sistah Stoff and I started to do, even though we were both feeling positively EXHAUSTED as if we'd only had like 3 hours of sleep.  Leaving the bedroom, I saw that our bathroom clock said that it was 1:25 rather than 6:25.  Confused I checked the phone again: 6:25.  I went out to the living room to check the kitchen clock: 1:25.  Upon pointing this out to Sister Stoff, she checked her watch which read 1:25 as well.  Not wanting to get up 5 hours earlier if not necessary, we decided to do all the troubleshooting we really know how to do with a cell phone and turned it off and back on again (works every time).  And tada!   It really was 1:25, not 6:25, so we kicked off our tennis shoes and went back to bed.  Why our cell phone randomly decided it was 6:30 when it wasn't on that particular day, I don't know, but I'm so glad we didn't go out and start exercising then, because the lack of sunrise partway through probably would've freaked us out into thinking it was the Second Coming or something like that, when really it was just a confused missionary phone.

We are still working hard with Diane and Aljae to prepare them for their joint baptism on the 11th.  I say "working hard" but not really - because they are just so prepared and so involved and the ward has been such a rockstar at integrating them both into Young Mens and Relief Society, respectively.  I love them both so much.  This past week in our lesson with Aljae we were discussing the priesthood, and he is so excited to receive the priesthood and be able to help bless and pass the sacrament.  And just yesterday in our lesson with Diane, she started to tear up as we discussed the blessings of the temple, and expressed how much she couldn't wait to be able to enter the House of the Lord.  With both of these two incredible children of God, they have been so loved by the people here that this ward is their family.  My testimony of the importance of member involvement in the work has been strengthened like tenfold.  I am so excited for their baptism, I just can't wait!
And speaking of baptisms, this past weekend I was able to go back to Pasadena to see Edward get baptized!  I found Edward several transfers ago with Sister Killian.  We were just riding our bikes and he was on the side of the road and we stopped and talked with him.  We would teach him in his autoshop, usually all sweating like crazy, and there he demonstrated a sincere love for His Savior, incredible knowledge of the Bible, and a deep desire to be closer to his Heavenly Father.  And now, several months later, he has been baptized.  I was so grateful to be able to go back to Pasadena - I absolutely LOVE that place and all the members and missionaries there - and in talking to Edward he just kept saying over and over again how happy he was and how this is the biggest blessing for him and thanking us over and over again for bringing the gospel into his life.  Yup, the church is true.  End of story.

This past week was also Sisters Conference here in THE Mission, and I presented a segment on being purpose driven missionaries.  I absolutely loved preparing for that presentation, because in doing so I spent a lot of time really focusing in on what it means to "come unto Christ," since our missionary purpose is to "invite other to come unto Christ."  Ultimately, to "come unto Christ" means to live the Plan of Salvation.  To learn of and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on earth, to take hold of the redeeming and enabling power of His infinite Atonement, and to return to live with him in a state of exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom.  And that really is the purpose of everything!  In all that we do, full time missionary or not, we should be helping those around us not just better their lives here on earth, but ultimately receive Celestial Glory.  And what's truly amazing about that to me, is that, according to Moses 1:39, that is God's purpose as well.  And so when we read that we can be "instruments in the hands of God," that is possible because we are all united in purpose - just as we saw that our Father, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are united in purpose, so are we expected to unite in purpose and live our lives to help bring about the immortality and eternal life of all mankind.  And that's kind of a big deal, everyone.  Don't let yourself be distracted by things of mortality, but keep your eyes focused on eternal matters.  That's really all that matters here, so don't lose sight of it for yourselves or for others.

Yall are amazing.  Thanks for your prayers and for your faith.  I hope yall are as STOKED for General Conference as Sister Stoff and I are (seriously, we have been counting down the days all transfer - its like Christmas except even better) and if you didn't catch Uchtdorf's talk at the women's broadcast from this past Sunday, repentance is available and you can listen to it at least twice because it's amazing.


Sister Bayley Enright

 Me and all my companions!  (Minus sister bolton :( ) From left to right: Sistah Stoff, Sistah Boam, Sistah Crump, moi, Sister Barton, Sistah Killian, and Sistah Johnson


 ​Edward's baptism!  Sistah K, me, Bro Ruiz, Edward, Sis Rogers and Sis Utley

​Random drawing at the church building.  Primary children are the best.

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