Monday, September 15, 2014

Surgery Week! (Bayley)

So probably the biggest event this week (I wouldn't exactly call it a "highlight") was my surgery, which took place Thursday.  It was all very fast - I went to the doctor's on Wednesday and they made me go through the whole separation-from-your-companion-for-xrays trauma yet again, and the doctor came in and looked at it and asked if I wanted surgery (the other option, he said, would basically be to have a permanently dysfunctioning wrist for the rest of my life, but hey that was nice of him to preserve my agency in this particular circumstance) and when I agreed that yes, I guess surgery would be the best course of action, he went "great! well we need to do it tomorrow."  So yeah.  Good thing my mission president and his wife and also mission doctor and his wife were all out of state at a mission president seminar in Arizona.  That was well timed. (<-sarcasm).  But we had a fabulous member here who was willing to drive us into Houston and stay with Sis Stofferahn while I was being cut open and whatnot.  As far as I can tell the surgery went well, and I was adequately entertaining coming out of anesthesia.  After they wheeled me out and into recovery, I asked if Sister Stofferahn and Sister Elzinga (our member) could come back and once they got there I just started talking to them and talking to them and my machine kept beeping and going off and finally the nurse came back and told me I was talking too much and needed to stop and instead take deep breaths because my oxygen level was too low and was dropping.  According to Sister Stofferahn, I also kept complaining that the nurse wouldn't give me more juice (which was annoying, they wouldn't give me more because they said it would make me sick, which was ridiculous) and apparently I was being particularly sassy and rolling my eyes when they told me to do things.  All I know is that both my comp and Sis Elzinga were laughing really hard, so I'm glad I could entertain them.  Then they pumped me full of drugs and let me go, and after lunch at Jason's and a short nap on the way home, we were back to work teaching lessons and knocking doors.  But let me tell you, I don't think I've ever been so exhausted when I finally went to bed that night.  And then the next morning we presented at zone meeting, so there wasn't really any time to rest!  Except, on my bad, sometimes during lessons.  Yeah, oops.  That hydrocodone they gave me made me horribly sleepy, so no more of that after a day or two.  Can't be falling asleep in lessons or Relief Society...yeeeaaah.

But so yeah.  

Other than surgery and the accompanying awkward doctor's appointments, this week was wonderful.  We were exhausted, we were - at least in my case - on drugs, but we were working hard and we saw miracles.  For example, Aljae.  Aljae is SO amazing.  He called us earlier this week to tell us that he had been reading the Book of Mormon, specifically 2 Nephi 31, and while reading it had had the most amazing sensation come over his whole body, and he knew that it was the Spirit, that the Book of Mormon was true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  (As if that phone call on it's own wasn't enough, Sister Stofferahn made the whole thing even better because she thought that he had said he felt "Satan taking over his body" and so was like freaking out when I was all "oh that is so great!"  Yeah, speakerphone problems).  Aljae is just so incredible though, because he has such a powerful testimony of his own that he has received through diligently keeping commitments.  Yesterday after church he told us all about they had discussed priesthood duties in church, and how excited he was to receive the priesthood himself after his baptism.  I am so grateful for Aljae, and so grateful for the power of the Book of Mormon to invite to Spirit to testify of truth.

We also had such a special experience in the hospital, actually, with the nurse who put my IV in (and apparently I have really small veins, so that was nice to discover).  She was asking us about what we do (missionaries are so confusing to hospitals - we call each other sisters but we're not sisters, we're not from here but we're not students, we're employed by a church but actually employees...yeah, very confusing to everyone) and we were telling her about how we teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and so we started exchanging our favorite Bible verses and talking about much peace Christ brings.  By the time the IV was (painfully) in and before the nurse left, she thanked us for being the highlight of her whole day and bringing such light to her morning.  And it made me realize just how important it is that we, as representatives of Jesus Christ, are always doing what 2 Timothy 4:12 counsels us to do and being EXAMPLES of the believers.  At home, at work, in church, in surgery, EVERYWHERE.  Just as Sister Cook counseled our mission a little while ago, "we are the message." We are standing as witnesses of Christ at all times and in all things and in all places, and I'm not just talking about us full time missionaries.  There are few things as destructive as a covenanted follower of Christ acting contrary to the name he or she took upon themselves.  So where e'er thou art, act well thy part.  Make Christ proud as you carry His name.

Thank yall so much for all your prayers and efforts and help in the work of salvation.  Keep praying and reading and sharing Mormon Messages because those things are the BOMB.

Sister Enright

 ​Downtown Houston bright and early in the morning :)

​and post surgery at Jason's Deli, where I could have all the juice I wanted

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