Monday, September 15, 2014

Transfer 10. Week. . .4, no, week 3 (Rhys)

So this is actually week 4 right now, meaning that last week was week 3, hence the mix up. But I`ll be talking about last week, so week three people.

       First off, thank you to everyone who continues to write me and send pictures, congratulations to my sister for going through surgery and getting to go out to eat in P-day attire (perhaps a more impressive achievement than the surgery). Though I haven`t had time yet to read the emails, I was able to pick up una tema. Erin, WHAT HOUSE IN CALIFORNIA??? 

 To start off the week, obviously we celebrated P-day,  our weekly holiday. We (me, my comp, ELder Allen - from Mesquite, Las Vegas - and ELder Burke) went to visit and hang out with some members who own a small little farm like place, and ate duck guiso. Tuesday was a super super super hot day and... yeah. Wednesday was interesting, this was the day that I first started feeling a little bit sick, but nothing serious. We spent a lot of time contacting and talking to people, we sat down and talked to a group of people known as "gitanos" or Gypsies. These are people that are pretty nomadic and don´t ever stay very long in one place, so at first I was thinking that we should just go and talking to them was a bad idea cause they aren´t going to be here for more than three days anyway, but I wanted to share something with them. It wasn´t till later that my comp and I both KNEW that we had to go and that it was a bad idea and just left a folleto and walked out. People living in busses makes me think of the muppets. . .

I still felt a little sick on tThursday, but My comp had it worse, however, we did some pretty good work and what not. Friday, I woke up with a sore throat that made it hard to talk, but the whole day was literally filled with citas, so that made it alright. Unfortunately, that also made it necessary for me to talk. I didn´t think much of it until the next morning. Saturday, I woke up without the ability to speak above a whisper, yep. That was fun. But even without being able to talk much, I did my best in our citas to talk so that it wasn´t just my comp, he´was a little intimidated by the thought of only him speaking in lessons. Same thing with Sunday, I woke up even worse, but got better after taking a few pills and acquiring honey from ELder Allen to help with the throat. Unfortunately, It had rained all night between Saturday and Sunday, meaning that not many members showed up to church and none of our investigators, we did however get to meet and teach a friend of one of our members. Well, I mean to say that Elder Correa taught her, in all of our lessons leading up to this one, I spoke very little, but tried to help, however, I felt the impression to be completely silent during this one lesson except for the testimony that I gave at the end. . . which no one heard. But that Charla in particular made me realize that me not being able to speak is God interfering with the training of Elder Correa. It`s not that he doesn`t talk much in charlas, we go back and forth great, but this past week we have been studying asking questions and listening and I think that me being silent really helped force my comp to really rely on the spirit during charlas to ask the right questions at the right time, it was great.

Well, it`s nice to be able to say a lot without having to talk, we´ll see how long this lasts and if everything goes well I´ll be talking soon. In the meanwhile, everyone here is making jokes that FINALLY Elder Enright can`t talk and everyone else can. ja ja         ja ja          ja ja. . . . .

Elder Enright

Me trying to hitch-hike to Reconquista (not really), this was taken while SMith was still my companion, that`s his backpack I`m borrowing.

ELder Allen, Elder Correa, Elder Burke, Sebastian, Alsitus, and then there are my knees. . . sorry.

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