Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baptisms! (Bayley)

This past week was crazy!  We had baptisms, we had transfers (but not here thank goodness!) we had missionary movie showings, and musical chairs.  And then we also had a Texas cold front so that I wore a hoodie this morning in morning exercise - ya hear that, a sweatshirt!  In Texas!  It's a beautiful thing.

But anyways, onto other things.

This past week the missionaries here in the Texas Houston East Mission had the privilege of watching Meet the Mormons - and as a matter of fact, we got to see it before it was even released theatrical.  Yup, a special VIP missionary viewing.  That doesn't happen all that often, you can be assured of that.  We watched it in a local chapel, and all snuck in whatever snacks we managed to forage from our apartments (one elder came with a giant bag of Cap'n Crunch) and were, as missionaries always are, the ideal audience - so media starved that everything in the movie was the absolute best thing we'd ever seen.  And for those of you who haven't seen the movie, it starts out with a bunch of clips from well known movies and shows portraying the Mormon image in pop culture - which included clips from South Park and the Simpsons.  So now of course we can all honestly attest to having watched South Park and the Simpsons in a chapel on our mission, at the direction of our mission president.  Haha.  But anyways, the movie was amazing - and I'm not saying that just because the only other movie I've seen in over a year is the 20 minute Restoration video the church puts out, because that's an incredible movie too (and it's also fun to quote in a group full of missionaries, since most of us know it verbatim by now.)  Meet the Mormons is just plain good.  

Then on Friday we had our monthly Zone Meeting, which we have been planning for for weeks now with the Zone Leaders.  It has been truly humbling to serve as a leader on the mission, and to be able to receive revelation for other missionaries which God has given me stewardship over, even for a short period of time.  With the Zone Leaders, we would kneel in prayer about commitments we should leave, topics that should be addressed, and just the needs of our missionaries over all - and he really does answer!  And with what?  Musical chairs.  Yup, that was the activity that Sister Stoff and I came up with to use for our session addressing selfishness.  It was a lot of fun - we played it at the beginning to demonstrate how, naturally, we tend to think of ourselves.  And though one elder *almost* ploughed over a senior sister, that was as close as we got to anyone being injured.

And then of course this weekend was Diane and Aljae's baptism.  And, of course, it was INCREDIBLE.  I absolutely LOVE baptisms.  There is something so special about seeing these people that you have come to love SO MUCH enter into that covenant with their Heavenly Father.  Both Aljae and Diane had family come to the service, and so Sister Stofferahn and I took the time after the baptisms (while people were getting changed) to share the Joseph Smith story, which is a surefire way to bring the Spirit.  It is my absolute favorite thing when you are sharing the Joseph Smith story and everything gets so completely STILL.  It's amazing.  And as soon as Sister Stofferahn finished reciting the Joseph Smith story, we all sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and with that my testimony of the restored gospel was just pressed even more firmly into my heart.  The whole service was beautiful, and we had a primary girl in our ward named Alicia sing "I Love to See the Temple" for the musical number, and little primary children singing is a no-brainer Spirit-cannon on it's own.  I am so excited for Diane and for Aljae and for their futures - God truly has led them here, and it's so amazing to get to look back and realize that you have been an instrument in His hands.  He really put us right where we needed to be to help bring these two children home to Him.

Though this past week was transfers, Sister Stoff and I are staying together, and we couldn't be more happy about it.  Both of us have birthdays this upcoming transfer, and so we are calling this the "Birthday Transfer," and are looking forward to all the miracles we know are waiting us in the streets of Humble.

Love yall!

Sister Bayley Enright

​Diane!!!  She has the cutest Southern accent - she's from Mississippi and is seriously one of my favorite people in Texas (along with so many others)

Aljae!  With his mom, Jeannette.  His hair didn't even get wet going under the water - seriously, his fro is waterproof.  He's getting the priesthood tonight, and we are so excited for him!!!

​Sistah Stofferahn, me, elders leftwich, sarchet, huhane, and roundy

Me and my mom!  She went home today :( sad day.

Pday adventures, with elders leftwich and sarchet

Pday adventures, with elders leftwich and sarchet

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